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One on One with Y100’s DJ Frankie P

Whether you are relaxing by the pool, laying on the beach or in dreaded bumper to bumper traffic on the Palmetto Expressway, you can count Y100’s DJ Frankie P to keep you entertained with good music and lots of laughs.  MSM recently caught up with DJ Frankie P to bring you insights on one of Miami’s most loved DJ’s.

What inspired you to pursue a career in radio?

I actually never intended to be on the radio I sort of just fell into it! A few weeks after graduating high school a friend of mine got me a job on a local radio station here in Miami (97.3 The Coast) working on the promotions team. I remember him saying, “this job is so easy! We drive around Miami, give away free stuff, and talk to people and you’re great with people!” Shortly after joining the promo team I started asking to shadow my boss who was the midday guy on the station and the rest is history. I fell in love, even though I was nervous to talk on a mic, I dedicated all my free time to practicing and learning how to be a personality. Early on I was inspired to be on air because of the art form that was being a personality. Now though I’m inspired by the love of our listeners. The moment someone says you put a smile on their face with something you said on air you become addicted to wanting to make people happy even if it’s just for a few seconds at a time. 

How long have you been in radio and how long with Y100?

In the industry, it’s been about 8 years but I’ve had my own night show now for 4 years! 2 of those at my dream job here at Y100 (this is where Drake’s Started From the Bottom starts playing). 

Outside of radio any news that you should make your listeners and followers aware of? 

Well I’m looking to get more involved with local charities. In previous years I always jumped at any opportunity to help out charities that helped those with breast cancer since my mom had it but I’m ready to expand and do more for my community. I also really want to get involved with the Wounded Warrior Project. Over the last year I kept having these amazing conversations with veterans and realized that so many haven’t been able to receive the adequate help they need so that’s definitely my next mission. When it comes to paying bills though I’m always going to be DJing at nightclubs and special events throughout South Florida! Finally, I’m really excited to have just started endorsing Body Armor Super Drink!

What are some of your goals for the new year?

Not get fired? Haha! No but seriously my goal every year is keep entertaining all of South Florida every evening and providing an escape from the craziness of the world (or just the Palmetto) even if it’s just for a few mins with good music and some laughs. 

Any pending possible gigs outside of radio?

Of course! While Y100 is where you can find me in the evenings Monday through Saturday I’m always bouncing around on weekends DJing at different clubs and private parties! Excited to say that I will be DJing at Hyde Miami at their Pool Party on February 3rd and at E11EVEN April 23rd. Other possible gigs are still in the works. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

Any upcoming events coming up with Y100?

Well we just had one of our biggest events before the new year, our Y 100 Jingle Ball presented by Capital One at the BB&T Center! It’s always exciting to see artists like Shawn Mendes, Khalid, and Marshmello but it’s even more exciting to see the looks on our listeners faces before, during, and after the show! Next big show will be probably be Mackapoolooza which we do every summer but in between that time we always invite listeners to our Southwest Sound Stage inside iHeart building whenever artist stop by to do small exclusive performances and meet and greats. Plus you pretty much always find me at every concert hooking it up with ticket upgrades before the show if you’re willing to embarrass yourself publicly for them.

When your not in the studio, where in South Florida do you enjoy spending time?

Even though I know absolutely nothing about sports I love going to Heat & Dolphins games! I mean let’s be honest most of are us are guilty of spending more time partying and socializing at games than we do actually watching (except for the die hard fans, props to you guys!) Aside from that I bounce around South Florida so much between appearances with Y100 and my DJ gigs that I really love spending time in my new apartment complex, Altis Pembroke Gardens. It’s like living at the FontaineBleau but in the suburbs without all the South Beach traffic (lol)

Where can your listeners/fans follow you on social media and where can people reach out to book you?

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People can follow me @itsFrankieP on all networks. For any bookings/features/etc. you can contact my management company Live Media Inc. at Davidlivemediainc@gmail.com.

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