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Own a Wardrobe that Compliments your Complexion

By:  Sandra Mateu

Looking your best is a combination of style, shape, and color. The importance of color cannot be understood unless we compare its effect in our wardrobe. When someone compliments how well a certain shade looks on you, it is most likely because that hue belongs to your color wheel. You may not know which colors belong to your wheel, but you will certainly know when a shade flatters your look. The colors of your wheel are determined by your complexion. Your skin and hair color dictate which hues to use and which to avoid. Knowing which colors flatter your skin tone is essential, particularly, on special occasions where you want to look your best. From picking which shirt to wear to your dream job interview, to picking the perfect cream or white dress for your wedding day, color selection is crucial for your overall appearance.

To accomplish a successful look, fashion trends and seasons need to be subjected to your color wheel. There is no purpose on using something that just came out of the runway if it does not compliment you. In today’s world there is a diverse mix of races with many combinations of skin and hair colors. Nevertheless, most of them can be grouped in two simple categories: warm and cool skin colors. Warm skin colors have olive undertones. This type of skin can get tanned when exposed to the sun. It is usually accompanied by natural red, brown, or black hair. Celebrities that resemble warm skin tones are Eva Mendez, Jennifer Aniston, and Halle Berry accordingly. Cool skin colors have white undertones. This skin is very pale. It usually turns red at sun exposure and it is naturally accompanied by natural yellow, red, or black hair. Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan, and Courteney Cox are part of this group respectively.

If you are still in doubt try this test. First wear a camel color top. Then, change that top for a white one. People who look better in camel belong to the warm colors’ group, while people who look better in white belong to the cool colors’ group. The warm skin group has a color wheel composed of earth tone hues such as brown, camel, orange, olive green, mustard yellow, burgundy, and plum. Cool skin people should use blue based colors such as pastels, blue, green, yellow, light gray, white, and black. There are universal colors that both groups can use such as teal, bright red, regular pink, and eggplant. If your favorites hues do not belong to your color wheel it does not mean you cannot use them. Instead of wearing your favorite shade as your main color in the outfit, combine it with another color that belongs to your wheel. Colors have powerful effects on your overall appearance. Knowing which colors make you look best is very beneficial. By wearing colors that go with your complexion you accomplish a great look that is unbeatably and naturally gracious.

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