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Profile Picture Do’s & Don’ts For Men & Women

Dating App Advice from the Founders of MiCrush: Sonya Kreizman & Natasha Nova


Dear men, if you are looking for that perfect girl to crush you on MiCrush, then follow these 5 tips to create the most swipe-worthy profile!

DON’T post a picture of you and another girl. Is that your girlfriend? Was it your girlfriend? We get it, you have pretty girl friends.
DO post a picture with your mom, this makes us want to swipe to the right fast!
DON’T post a picture of you with other guys. Which one are you? Your friend is hot, can you introduce me to him instead?
DO post an action shot! It’s sexy to see a guy doing sports!
DON’T post mirror selfies, especially shirtless in a bathroom. That’s just creepy.

Dear ladies, we’ve seen way too many bad dating profile pictures! Follow these 5 tips to get the right guy to swipe your profile to the right! Remember, your profile pictures should be all about showing the best you!

DON’T post a picture of you and a group of girlfriends. You wouldn’t want a guy to swipe right just so you can introduce him to your beautiful friend, now would you?
DO post a full-body image! Guys are onto you if all you upload is pictures from the waist up and of your face. Be proud of your body and show it off!
DON’T post pictures with your ex-boyfriend or some random guy. If those pictures get automatically imported from Facebook, remove and replace immediately!
DO post pictures of your radiant and beautiful smile! Look happy and positive, Mr. Right is going to crush you soon!
DON’T post pictures of you with too many drinks at a party or looking scantily clad. You might attract the wrong type if he suspects you are a party girl!

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