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Psychic Matchmaker Urges Women To “Get Their Head Out Of Their Apps”

By Alyse Mier

Deborah Graham, better known as the Psychic Matchmaker from TLC, shared her advice on the challenges of dating in the digital age in her new book Get Your Head Out of Your Apps. Graham did a Q&A session with women and men during a happy hour at Books and Books about the importance of connecting with someone spiritually.

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“The premise of the book is to teach people how to communicate, teach people how to open up and follow my rule of three (three dates and three months of monogamy). What’s different about this book is that I teach you how to use that part of your brain that can connect with someone spiritually and use it to reach a higher frequency.”

Graham also shared her gift with some women who were looking for answers on where and how to find love in an age dominated by nonverbal communication and offered them sound advice on steps they needed to take on completing and getting in tune with themselves.

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