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Safe Travels with Savvy Travelers

By Gisel Habibnejad

The holiday are coming up, which usually means traveling with loved ones. Some of these travels require air transportation and airlines enforce a strict travel code through which our beauty essentials usually suffer. Sometimes, we have to leave behind important products vital to our beauty regimen. Savvy Travelers relieves us of most of these pains by creating one-time use, disposable products that are also airline friendly.

Recently launched at Nordstrom earlier this month, the brand was created by Tina Aldatz and Margie Floris in partnership with the department store. The specialized items are made in California and can be used as on-the-go products, not just for travel. Each 6-pack box is $10.

“Whether you are buying Savvy Travelers products as a stocking stuffer for a friend or loved one, or if you need the products yourself to ease packing during holiday travels, Savvy Travelers aims to make your holidays healthier and easier,” shares Margie.

Here are four products you won’t want to travel without:

1. Take Offz
A facial cleanser and moisturizer in one—that doesn’t need any water!

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Take Offz-Savvy Travelers

2. In the Klear
Glass cleaner. This includes eyeglasses, phones, smart devices, and much more.

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Savvy Travelers-In the Klear

3. No Sweat
Antiperspirant sheets that are so light and take up little to no space.

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Savvy Travelers-No Sweat

4. Speak Eazy
Mouthwash in a wipe—easy, breezy, fresh!

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-Savvy Travelers-Speak Eazy

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