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Shop on V-Day! Spoil yourself with our editor’s picks

Our 5 top picks to enhance your life and looks.
It’s Valentines Day madness again and most of us get nothing or not what we want on this popular day. Flowers are wonderful, but only last a few days …and I know no Miami beach babe that gets excited over a box of chocolate.
No matter, if single or happily together with someone, V-day is a great day to take action and shop for what you really want and what really works. Here our picks.
1.) A little game changer for your daily routine. Heard about Calm? It’s a fantastic App that helps you get through your stressful days via delivering  the right components to relax you, help you sleep and even assist with your meditation.The 5 star rating in the App store is well deserved and it was named one of the best Apps of 2018. Give it a try and feel calm.

2.) We have been testing it for a while now and know that Supermodel Joanna Krupa is not just posing for this brand, but really using it. Of course, we can not expect to right away look over a decade younger like Krupa does, but we are impressed with the steady progress our skin has been making with Elphia. First there is that “wow” effect when you apply the peeling (feels like a light gel) and within seconds your dead skin comes off. No scrubbing, no redness, just smooth skin like a baby’s bum. Then you follow up with the serum; it is rich and really nourishes your skin with too many good ingredients to mention. Your skin will love you for this.

3.) When our hair gets thinner, we panic. And rightfully so. But in a jungle full of empty promises it is hard to find a good bang for your hard earned buck. Now one product from Germany has been making waves recently with an impressive amount of studies from top institutes and universities around the globe. Factor Hair (out in a “for him “ and a “for her” version) promises to regrow hair and it actually does. All that you need  is some patience and daily applying. And please no more shampoos and conditioners with silicon. How can anything good penetrate into your scalp, if you covered it with plastic before? Exactly….


4.) Katarina van Derham is one of those renaissance women that is a jack of all trades and master of several. The successful entrepreneur who runs several beauty lines, a magazine (Viva Glam Magazine) and several fashion websites started out as a hair and make up artist to the stars. Parallel she was highly requested as a model and always got bombarded with compliments on her own make up. Especially her Brigitte Bardot like lip looks.

Van Derham wanted to help women to find those lip colors that simply look great on anyone and desired to combine it with the right amount of staying power and shine. Et voila, the result is LA Splash Glamour Garden. The little collection of gorgeous fluid lipsticks is as divine as is the lovely box it comes with. A true self reward… Of course everyone of your girls will love you for a gift like this as well whenever, wherever.

5.) Last but not least something that presents itself as a shortcut  to having an overall happier life. We all have heard of the “Law of Attraction”. But asking the universe for what we want can be a long, tiring process in itself for many. While there is no gain without some pain, there is a way to speed up the good process. The highly praised book “Advanced Law Of Attraction Techniques”  by Eddie Coronado claims to be present the  fastest way to manifest your desires by implementing a Law of Attraction Action Plan. The book delivers very simple, smart mental exercises and solid advice that leads you to a better way to manifest and achieve what you want.



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