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Six Superb Valentines Day Gifts With High IQ

By Nadja Atwal
No, most girls don’t care for a tv promoted pj as a Valentines gift. And yes, a  teddy is cute, but should be only the accessory to the Valentines gift – not the main gift. And since most of us fashion lovers watch our figure, a box of chocolate is really not helpful. Guys are so smart and often also exceptionally creative at work – why then so many uninspired gifts? Send him the links to our gift tips. That should improve his cognitive ability to find the right thing for you. As for what to give your man on the day of love, there is a special gift tip in here that he ll never forget. And if you are single, just reward yourself – they always say we need to love ourselves first, so lets get spoiled!


For her : If he does not get this piece for you, reward yourself. The  heart hair barrette  (in copper or silver) from Copper Street Studios with red Swarovski crystals is the perfect hair accessories for those who like to tame their mane in a non-vanilla way. It’s handmade and the heart shape of this gorgeous and very functional  piece softly whispers “Oh how romantic”.


2.) For him and her : “Give” a wild animal. If your sweetheart is an animal lover, the symbolic species adoption from WWF is a romantic way to support global effort to protect wild animals and their habitats. It comes with an adoption certificate, photo of the animal and a matching 8 inch plush. Wanna bet this gift puts a smile on anyone with a heart for animals?


3.)  For her (even though he may not be able to keep his hands off it as well) : The Bellini Self Tanner set is a true breakthrough product and the only self tanner I publicly endorse, since it really turns me into a beach goddess. Developed by one of the best health product and cosmetic inventors in Europe, this perfect self tanner comes in spray form and with a matching spray-on exfoliator! They work as a team and give the most natural tan within 15 minutes. Plus it is full of anti-aging ingredients and moisturizers to keep skin soft and smooth. Pssst: it also smells devine. The product just hit the stores in Europe and we are told the brand can barely keep up with the orders. And how lovely that they offer a Valentines Day Special!


4.) For him:  If you feel your guy is less into “stuff” but more into experiences, give him something unforgettable. Guys love golf, so why not help him to amp up his game? Cloud Nine Livings motto is “Create a memory – give an experience,” so you may also consider (depending on his interests, your budget and location) a helicopter flight lesson, racing a Lamborghini or a wine tasting sail.


For her : Enough with those lingerie sets. Summer is coming and so is the next holiday trip to the beach. Oh, what to wear, what to wear to look cool by the pool ? What about a bikini that will catch all eyes when out and about and has the va-va-va-voom to seduce him in the bedroom …or any room? The Leather & Lace Collection by Monica Hansen Beachwear is true genius. And how thoughtful that the brand offers up to 75% on some of these sexy bestsellers especially for V- Day


For her : There is lipstick and there is the Glamour Garden LE Collection from Katarina Van Derham. Not only did all of Katarina’s longtime experience as a top make up artist go into this, but the box itself is a piece of art. And with 4 versatile, gorgeous colors in one package (the colors can of course be mixed), she will always have the matching color for every outfit, mood and occasion. Truly genius.

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