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Slow Food Hosts The 4th Annual “Snail of Approval” Tasting Party

By Justina Coronel

Calling all food connoisseurs and foodies!

Slow Food Miami is hosting the 4th Annual “Snail of Approval” Tasting Party on Friday, April 24th from 7-10 PM at the beautiful, green and serene, Miami Beach Botanical Garden.Slow Food Miami_Snail of Approval 2015

With more than 30 of Miami’s top chefs, this mouth-watering tasting party offers savory bites from South Florida’s farm-to-table best with hand-crafted cocktails and specialty wines. Guests are not only eating food that is filled with flavors that taste buds yearn for, but it also provides healthy and quality sustenance. This best-of-both world’s event is like every gluttonous-foodie’s dream. Can we get a “Kale Yeah!” 

On Miami’s “Freshest Night Out,” guests will be able to enjoy this authentic food provided by local growers and producers honoring and improving Miami’s food scene.

Two awards will be handed out to the line-up of chefs and local farms. One called the “Best Bite of the Night” is judged from local celebrities. The next award is in the hands of attendees for the “People’s Choice” award.

The host of this event, Slow Food Miami, is a national non-profit organization. Their mission is: dedicated to supporting good, clean and fair food for all and support our local communities from the ground up. Slow Food Miami presents this tasting party to point out food and drinks that contribute to the food and beverage quality, authenticity, and sustainability. But most importantly, this event plants a fresh new concept for the betterment of food, promotes green living, and hopes for the quality of good food to increase and spread.

Come enjoy this unforg‘edible’ night and make sure to bring your buds.

Your taste buds that is.


Price: Tickets will be $95 at the door, $85 in advance
Location: Miami Beach Botanical Garden, 2000 Convention Center Drive

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