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Soaring High with Apexluxe

By Gisel Habibnejad 

Established in 2010, Apexluxe has stayed true to its name and reputation by providing luxurious ground transportation, accompanied with impeccable concierge services. After first gaining a stellar reputation in ground transportation and concierge services, the company grew their legacy 4 years later by expanding to private air transportation. Founded by Diego Piedrahita, Tatiana Osma, and later joined by Leo Osma, each individual boasts impressive credentials. Diego served as a Commercial Vice President of one of the largest trust firms in South America and played an integral role in the development of a startup limousine company in South Florida. Tatiana operated as a travel agent of one of South Florida’s most prestigious agencies and for the past 9 years has been focusing on private aviation as a broker and building relationships with major accounts worldwide. Leo has 6 years of corporate experience in commercial program development and asset marketing, plus a three-year background in startup and entrepreneurial environments. With a combined 20 years industry experience in travel, aviation, transportation, and customer service, it is no wonder Apexluxe has achieved such high-flying success.

apexlux1MSM: Who is Apexluxe and do you have a motto?

AL: Apexluxe is a reliable and resourceful personal assistant that our clients can trust for EVERY request worldwide; we are luxury lifestyle 24/7. Our motto is “Apexluxe, Redefining Luxury Services.”

MSM: What is the meaning behind the name “Apexluxe?”

AL: Apex means “the highest point” and luxe stands for “luxury.” Thus, Apexluxe is the “highest point in luxury services.”

MSM: What type of clientele do you cater to?

AL: We cater to V.I.P., executives, artists, athletes – anyone who requires private aviation, executive ground transportation, and an overall luxury experience with our concierge services.

MSM: What sets you apart from the competition?

AL: Attention to detail and a customer centric experience are what separate Apexluxe from operating as more than just a trip-by-trip basis charter company. Apexluxe concentrates on relationship building, which enables trust and confidence in our clients through our ability to deliver an end-to-end cycle of luxury services.

MSM: What is your approach to a successful relationship with a client?

AL: Apexluxe builds clientele relationships through an end-to- end luxury logistical process. We establish strong bonds with our clients, which allows us to determine trends, preferences, and continuous requirements to ultimately not just meet but exceed expectations of our clients’ luxury experience.

MSM: What are the benefits from using Apexluxe?

AL: Our clients can count on the most upscale customer service at all times, because we provide tailored services to accomplish every detailed requirement.

MSM: What are the typical demands your clientele require when chartering an aircraft?

AL: Clients request a specific type of plane and a specific type of catering. Our options range in anything food-wise; we have imported specific foods and beverages from the designated countries at our clients’ request. Some charters do not require a flight attendant; however, our client may call for it so we will make sure to hire one for that particular trip. In addition, we take care of the hotel reservations, ground transportation, and a wide range of concierge services. That’s what makes our services different; we make all requirements a reality for our clientele.

MSM: What type of vehicles does your ground transportation fleet include?

AL: Our top of the line vehicles range from Cadillac Escalades, Mercedes Benz S550, and others if needed.

MSM: What kind of training do your drivers have and what alternative services are they capable of performing?

AL: We proudly say that our team is a group of service-oriented personnel due to our long invested hours of personalized customer service training. Alternative services include, but are not limited to: assisting with restaurant and event reservations, running errands for our clients, and always relying on our concierge desk for specific requests.

MSM: How does Apexluxe achieve each concierge request?

AL: We have a worldwide network in place for each individual request such as restaurants, events, hotels, private clubs, and more.

MSM: What is next for Apexluxe?

AL: We will continue to build our portfolio to fulfill the very dynamic and exclusive luxury market. The Apexluxe team’s primary goal is to build upon client rapport – for new or existing relationships – that will organically foster unforgettable experiences to our clientele.

Photography by IMANI OGDEN



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