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SoulCycle X Target

By Gisel Habibnejad

Two amazing brands dedicated to improving lifestyles have come together to form a force to be reckoned with. SoulCycle, made popular by the many celebrities who swear by it, recently expanded to Miami and exposed us to the most uplifting and motivational cycling classes in the world. Everyone knows Target as the store you can always turn to when you need anything.

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-SoulCycle-Hoodie

Together, they formed SoulCycle X Target; the fitness clothing line is made up of SoulCycle’s signature colors and logo for men and women, and can only be purchased at one of the few pop-up stores throughout the country or on

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-SoulCycle-tank

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-SoulCycle-Tee

MSM Miami Shoot Magazine-SoulCycle-Sweatpant

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