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Spice Up Your Life!

By Justina Coronel

No, we aren’t singing about the Spice Girls’ pop hit single…

We are talking about adding some flavor into your world by visiting Seaspice Restaurant in Miami, the 300 seating seafood brasserie and waterfront lounge.

Seaspice embraces great sustenance quality with a blend of comfort food and new-cultured techniques as well. The venue has two wood burning ovens that cook at 1,000 degrees and specialize in its signature dish: seafood casseroles. From the delicacy of caviar, to fresh Florida stone crabs, to a juicy prime U.S. bone-in rib eye, Seaspice’s menu provides it all.

Inside Seaspice

The restaurant also hosts Saturday and Sunday brunch on the river from 11:30-3:00 p.m. that tends to pop off, just like the bottles of champagne.

The dining experience is held in a post-industrial warehouse presented with nautical touches of sophisticated décor. Located on the banks of the Miami River, Seaspice’s open terrace has a stunning waterfront view of South Florida’s downtown skyline. It offers several dining accommodations such as the interior main dining room and bar, the exterior courtyard, the outdoor bar, a covered patio, and the newest addition of Seaspice’s Modern Garden.


Modern Garden is a Crudo Bar that presents the freshest products and brings the stimulating concept of hot-stone cooking. Guests can order seared premium meats and seafood as it cooks on a 850-degree volcanic stone while it sizzles right at their table. This innovative concept adds to the flavorful atmosphere.

But Seaspice offers much more than its laid-back elegance and food-heaven galore, it is a place “where leisure becomes remarkable.” This feel good atmosphere is all about the vibrant ambiance and having the customers enjoy themselves. And don’t be surprised if you run into a few celebrity guests that love this energetic vibe too.

This extraordinary restaurant will definitely provide a little bit of spice… and everything nice.

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