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Coconut Grove Welcomes a New Dining Experience: 33

By Justina Coronel Coconut Grove has just been sprinkled with a bit more flavor. A new refreshing dining experience, called 33, opened its doors on Saturday, December 5th, 2015. This Peruvian influenced theme will give guests true quality of delicious flavors with no more than six ingredients, as “attention to taste” is Chef Sebastian Fernandez’s key ingredient to his own success. The menu will even change depending on availability, which will bring a variety not only to the menu but also to the palate. Chef Fernandez and his wife, Leslie, transformed the place into more of an open and inviting space for guests to enjoy. Walking in, guests will be able to notice the large illuminating sign behind the bar titled ‘SED,’ meaning thirsty in Spanish; the bar itself was even designed by Fernandez using reclaimed wood from pallets and copper. To Fernandez, the name ‘33’ means more than the grove’s zip code, which is ‘33133’, but more a sense of belief, in which he truly believes that the number is lucky. But, the food that Fernandez provided is more than just luck. His touch in coordinating flavors together is a special skill providing guests a pure tour of Peruvian flavors and the use of international techniques and influences. Two dishes include classics such as the causa limena and the ceviche de corvina. The causa limena incorporated purple potato, fresh ahi tuna, avocado, and aji Amarillo sauce. The standard Peruvian dish, the ceviche, had lime, ginger, cilantro, red onions, and aji Amarillo for a bit of a kick. The plates are meant to share in order for guests to try all the different types of tastes flourished into the recipes. Make sure to attend 33 because after tasting these Peruvian dishes, you will truly feel lucky. 33 is located at 3195 Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove