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5 of the Most Inspiring European Hotels

By Nadja Atwal What better to do in the new travel year than discovering a new European city or revisiting a city and falling in love with it all over again by exploring new sites and places there? Yes, but it all starts with picking the right hotel. With these unique hotels, we feel right away a bit more alive, happy and inspired to discover more… 1. The Propeller Island Hotel, Berlin Have you ever slept in a flying bed? Or in a lion cage? Lars Stroschen, a top German artist who is making waves with his talent around the globe, makes it possible and enjoyable for you – unless you suffer from claustrophobia and book the crypt room where the beds are coffins – no, I’m not joking. In his Propeller Island Hotel, 30 totally unique rooms range from interesting to simply outrageous (like the upside down room) and make for a trip you will always remember. The website of the hotel is worth a visit with photos of each room ready for reviewing. Want to bet you will have a hard picking just one favorite? For more information, please visit 2. May Fair Hotel, London London is always calling and the May Fair Hotel may be the answer to all that a distinguished traveler could ask for. It instantly makes you say “wow” when you enter. The elegant modern interior, the sleek spacious bar and restaurant where at lunch time almost every man is dressed in a Bond-like suit and the Cigar Room where both gorgeous men and women enjoy their Monte Christo equally. The rooms and suites bedazzle you with seductive, rich colors plus high-end woods and crafting. Last but not least: there is a casino! The Palm Beach Casino is tucked away on the lobby level. Elegant and just big enough – with all you need for your own “Casino Royal” experience. For more information, please visit 3. Jaz in the City Hotel, Amsterdam Everyone loves Amsterdam. And the brand new Jaz in the City Hotel is one more reason to love it. Check-in and checkout can conveniently be done via smartphone (the room key is also obsolete); your phone can handle it all – safe and fast. The perfect mix of fashion and music meet coziness makes each room your wannabe home. Gorgeous wall paintings, perfect lighting, and the most comfortable bedding that makes you want to stay in bed all day. Since we all like to stay in shape while traveling but don’t necessarily want to leave the room for it, the Jaz came up with a solution and created a simple but very effective Yoga kit for each room (fun alone or with your +1). For more information, please visit 4. Saint James Hotel, Paris Private entrance with impeccable green lawns? Check. A chateau with all the romantic aspects we associate with it? Check. Gourmet restaurant? Check. Spacious rooms and a top-rated superb spa? You can have it all and yes, in Paris. Sounds too good to be true, but the gorgeous Saint James Hotel is that unique find. In addition, the 48 rooms of the only chateau-hotel in Paris seduce you with chic style and first class comfort. Romantic and sexy, just like Paris itself – guaranteed as the perfect place for creating memorable moments. For more information, please visit 5. Abitart Hotel, Rome The saying goes “All roads lead to Rome…” Well, sooner or later you simply have to visit. And this city doesn’t just overwhelm you with an endless list of must-sees, it is also wooing you with too many gorgeous hotels to choose from. Yet, the Abitart Hotel sticks out, and already the name tells the story of the hotel’s philosophy: “Art should be part of our daily lives. Art nurtures the human spirit.” And the entire interior delivers accordingly, including and especially the rooms: every one is a piece of art in itself delivering both tranquility and inspiration. For more information, please visit