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Food Network UK Star, Andy Bates, Brings a British Gastropub to Miami

By Justina Coronel Photography by Alex McKenzie Photography The Arts and Entertainment District has been known for its live musical performances, outdoor movie nights, and creative events to get the community involved. In November, the project A&Eats: The Search for Miami’s Next Great Restaurant Concept, which is a community-driven contest, put together a live cook-off competition for a winner to open up the next big thing in their area. With more than 60 submissions, 4,000 online votes, and 30 plus semifinalists, The Avenue was a people’s choice and ultimate winner. The Avenue, a British gastropub concept, will open up in the fall on the ground floor of the Filling Station Lofts to take over Miami’s taste buds. The Food Network UK star, Andy Bates, is the mastermind and chef in construing these mouth-watering British pub food classics that are perfectly paired with American craft beers. As a starter, guests can enjoy the Welsh Rarebit, which is ‘deviled’ cheddar cheese and beer placed on toasted sourdough paired with a light and crisp beer. Another dish called the Scotch Egg has a soft boiled egg wrapped in sausage that is breaded and fried. Besides having the classic recipe of fish and chips, The Avenue will also have a British favorite, the Pie and Mash, which is a beef, ale, and bone marrow pie with a side of mash and peas. To top it off, a delicious dessert option will include a Sticky Toffee Pudding, which is a date and treacle sponge with condensed milk ice cream. With hearty meals and brews, The Avenue will have a down-to-earth atmosphere and will be the newest hot spot in the upcoming Arts and Entertainment District.