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Sparkle & Shine Darling Opens in Miami Beach

By Justina Coronel Photography by April Belle Adrienne Bosh’s new boutique, Sparkle and Shine Darling, is like walking into every girl’s ultimate dream of glitter, glitz, glamour, and more. At 1665 Alton Road, Miami Beach, this new location is an event space and a lifestyle boutique as well. With gold accents and pops of pink dispersed everywhere, the store has the perfect touch of elegance and fun all dolled up into one. Adrienne came up with the idea after a birthday getaway with her girlfriends to Paris that her husband, Chris, arranged. Soaking up all the energy of the City of Lights, dressing up from head to toe, and being absolutely fabulous with her girlfriends, led to her inspiration of creating an environment that could empower every woman to feel fabulous, as well. The boutique has the lavish variety of accessories from clothing to purses to notebooks. Not only that, there is a backroom that can host events and special occasions. For now, it is decorated in the cutest tea party theme but it can be transformed into several other classy and glamorous options. Also, in the back, there will always be a photo booth to laugh and enjoy memories together. Adrienne wanted to create this concept in order for guests to enjoy and celebrate life because let’s face it, life is a big celebration. So pop the champagne, throw colorful confetti, and enjoy this new fabulous store that Adrienne has flourished. Sparkle and Shine Darling officially opens to the public on Monday, November 16th. For more information on Sparkle and Shine Darling, please visit