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LuLu & LaLa: The Unstoppable Duo

By Justina Coronel Photography by Pulse Creative With spark, energy, charisma, personality, and passion, LuLu & LaLa are the twin sisters, or better known as “Las Gemelas LuLu & LaLa,” who have captivated the Latin market with their dancing, acting, hosting appearances, and now as the newest on-air talent for HITS 97.3. These Cuban-Salvadorian sisters were born in New Jersey in 1984 as Marissa and Marianela. “Most identical twins have a twin language. Our older sister’s name is Liliana and everyone calls her Lili. So within our twin language we heard Lili all the time and then LuLu decided to name Marissa, LaLa and LaLa decided to name Marianela, LuLu.” And the names LuLu & LaLa stuck. With 10 years of professional dancing and modeling experience, these two were also gifted with the act of hosting. In 2007, the dynamic duo was hired by Univision as correspondents in the reality show, Nuestra Belleza Latina. Following that, they were regular correspondents on Univision’s highest rated national television show, El Gordo y la Flaca. This continued with many events such as Premios Juventud, Premio Lo Nuestro 2010 and 2011, Latin Grammys 2011, and the auditions for Nuestra Belleza Latina. They completed an internship with the show E-Asylum as well, which allowed them to travel across the country for a year interviewing a variety of artists, such as Justin Timberlake, Halle Berry, and Robin Williams. These two have also been endorsed and have appeared in commercials by multiple clients such as Subway and McDonald’s. LuLu and LaLa have done all of this and more together, side-by-side. “The best thing about working together is that we have perfect chemistry with each other. We both know what we each wants and we know how to bring out the good in each other. We are best friends and we have each other’s back always.” Now, this bubbly pair is working with Cox Media’s station HITS 97.3 as their new hosts. “Hosting our own show together on HITS 97.3 is a dream come true! We are very close and we know each other so well that it just works out. The company we work for, Cox Media, is amazing and they really take care of you and really want to see their talent grow and expand so we are just very happy.” At times, it wasn’t the easiest path to get there, but these girls are beyond grateful for the opportunities they have been given. “We have worked hard and hustled hard to be where we are. Starting in this career is difficult and you don’t really get paid well at first. You are practically starving in the beginning. However, we always stuck by it. We wake up every morning happy to do what we love to do and unfortunately not many people can say that about their job. We’re so grateful.” The journey for these two has been adventurous and they have hustled hard to get to where they are. These energetic, full-of-life sisters will always be by each other’s sides no matter what the future holds. “We want it all. We want to continue working with Cox Media, we would like our own TV show, a one hit wonder on the radio (yes, we sing too), and to get married, have kids, and to know we will always be able to provide for our family. Dream big, be big!” With these two, anything is possible. For more information on LuLu and LaLa, please visit Click here to view this post in the MSM January/February 2016 digital issue