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Amp Up Your Workouts

By Alyse Mier You’ve already got your sneakers and gym membership. All you seem to be missing to take your workouts to the next level are the right gadgets. These five gadgets will help you better optimize and track your progress, so you can meet your personal fitness goals. 1. Bragi Dash Smart Earphones The world’s first completely wireless smart earphone gives you the freedom of movement. These headphones play more than just music. It measures your body’s vitals and movements to provide you with personalized, extensive fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring. This nifty little gadget also doubles as a Bluetooth headset that promises to give you crisp and clear voice quality. Even with all the amazing features this little gadget has to offer the innovators at Bragi have made it easy to use. You can preorder these earphones that are sure to change your exercising experience at for $300. 2. SmartMat Yoga Mat Nothing beats attending a yoga class after a long week, yet it’s not always so easy to make time for it. However, SmartMat Yoga Mat brings a personal yoga instructor right to your very home. The yoga mat is embedded with sensors that track your body’s heat map and feeds that information to the accompanying app. Your yoga instructor will help you perfect your pose and achieve your perfect balance. After your guided class you can review your score and other stats on the app. Pre-order your yoga mat today through for the special price of $297. 3. Hidrate Spark We have mastered ways to track almost every aspect of our lives: sleep, exercise, heart rate. Yet, one thing we have not mastered is keeping track of our water intake. Hidrate Spark has revolutionized how we consume water. This smart water bottle connects to our phone via Bluetooth and tracks how much water we’ve drank in a day. The app can also connect to your fitness trackers and help you reach your daily water goals based on your workouts. If you forget to drink water, the bottle will glow as a friendly reminder that you have a goal to reach. There is no excuse to not stay hydrated. Order yours today at for $59.95. 4. Lumafit The Lumafit is the perfect to companion to have for your workout, whether at home or at the gym. From sit-up’s to push ups Lumafit senses what workout you’re doing, tracks your EKG, sets and reps while giving you interactive feedback to ensure you reach your fitness goals. The unique design is extremely lightweight and securely wraps around your ear ensuring that it will stay on even through the most rigorous of exercises. Cash in on the early bird offer today at and buy yours for $129. 5. Fossil Q Dreamer and Reveler Famed watchmaker Fossil recently launched a line of wearables that are unlike all the others. These smart bracelets are similar to your standard fitness trackers in that they track your daily activities, connect to an app and alert you when you receive a text or call. However, their sleek design is what makes them so unique. The Q Reveler, designed for men, is available in silver with a brown band, or black with a black band. The Q dreamer, designed for women, is available in silver or gold with eight different band options. Fossil is leading the way in the future of elegant fitness trackers. Visit to buy your tracker for $125.