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Miami Beach Goddess Guide

  Looking your best on the beach means a fabulous tan, a dashing outfit and “ I’m loving life” attitude. After talking to some of our favorite celebs and one of America’s top beauty experts, plus some serious self-testing, here are our 5 steps to make you shine on the beach. 1 ) GOLD The moment the sun visibly kissed your skin, (yellow) gold is the metal that compliments your skin the best. So put on that necklace, have fun with a belly chain or simply sport some golden hoop earrings to channel your inner JLO. Swimwear designer Monica Hansen bedazzled her models with gorgeous little gold accessories from ear to toe. We can’t get enough of it! If you like statement pieces, check Lea Blacks accessories  ( her bestseller, the butterfly gold cuff, is a must have).   2.) EXFOLIATE To get and keep an even tan that glows. Scrubbing aggravates the already sensitive sun-exposed summer skin. Elphia delivers the dreamboat we have been waiting for: You apply the gel-like lotion and while softly rubbing it in, the dead skin comes right of  – within seconds. Yes, seconds. Even beach bunnies with sensitive skin love it and the result is smooth skin that is ready for more fun in the sun. It’s anti-aging ingredients also help keeping your skin healthy and happy. Our August covergirl Joanna Krupa is a fan, she told us. “My skin is very sensitive, so I needed something that is non-irritating while still showing real results. “ And yes, we too love what it does for our skin. Especially when following up with the serum that is loaded with great nutrients.   3.) BLOCK Dr. Garth Fisher is often called ” the Kardashian’s beauty doc” but has been world famous as a plastic surgeon for over 2 decades already.  We gave him a call about his new beauty breakthrough product DOCBLOCK and learned a few things :“Sun exposure doesn’t just create wrinkles or negatively affects pigmentation”, says Fisher. ” It also affects the skin’s elasticity, means it can lead to skin sagging. So it’s essential to protect your skin at all times.” And since a true sun goddess doesn’t like any sun block residue on her skin, nor a load of chemicals (that we sadly find in most known sunscreens), Fisher delivers also on that front. “Our product has a unique blend of ingredients, so it’s actually good for your skin, plus it’s very blendable, so you feel comfortable using it as a daily moisturizer.” So no chalkiness, no white cast. And given that it has the perfect SPF 55 and works well as a make up base, it is no wonder this product is so loved by photographers and models for beach shoots.    4.) ENHANCE & EXTEND  ….your golden color.  Bellini is a bestselling, anti-aging self-tanner from Europe that works in record time. After 15 minutes you already see the first result, which intensifies over the next 24 hours, yet always looks natural. On top of that it’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients and smells divine.   5.) YELLOW ….is the color that can make you look ill when you are tan-less and gorgeously vital after a few days in the sun. It’s the color of this season (and the next), so go and get your sunny one-piece or bikini and enjoy the good vibes that come with it.

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Travel Talk with Lea Black

If Miami had a queen, it would be Lea Black. Smart, regal, powerful, classy and (luckily we live in America) stylish! Our favorite renaissance woman shines with IQ and EQ – so obviously we cared for her take on traveling and caught up with her just before she took off on a trip to LA … Lea Black:  Travel is usually stressful for most people. Some people love the travel part and others just love the getting there part. I’m the just get there girl. The airports, airplanes, preparation, scheduling, packing, carting the luggage around part is not something I enjoy, in fact I dread it.  But what is more exciting than being somewhere fabulous on a trip, especially a luxury trip? So, for me I like to keep it simple and basic. Travel light. Take things that are easily interchangeable, mix and match, comfortable yet chic. Items that don’t need a lot of fuss, that would be the ironing or steaming thing.  So here’s my plan… For clothes, a little black dress, a pair of black slacks, a pair of jeans, some casually elegant tops and shoes that will go with any of it, like a pair of basic pumps for night, platforms for day and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you have a basic blazer that goes with everything that’s an easy upgrade from a casual look, especially when you add the jewelry and a scarf. Add your undies and pj’s and you’re all set.  Depending on the length of travel, I may take a couple of extra slacks or tops, but always things that I can mix and match which will make for several outfits. Pack a few scarfs that go with everything, a day handbag and a night handbag, and maybe a clutch. A gorgeous scarf worn in an elegant style will make any outfit highly styled. Sometimes I take or wear a belt.  For accessories, sunglasses, perhaps a hat that packs well and the entire wardrobe will fit in a carry bag. The night hand bag will fit in the day bag and I carry that on the plane in my tote bag along with any cash or jewelry and identification. If traveling internationally convert a few dollars into local currency in advance so when you arrive you have cab fare, tipping or any miscellaneous items you might want to pick up on the way to the hotel.  Add a stunning pair of sunglasses and you’re all set.  Don’t laugh, but if I’ve used items I know I won’t use again for the duration, like things that need cleaning or items I’ve purchased along the way, I fold/ pack them nicely and put in a small box I have the concierge at the hotel provide when I check in and the day before I leave I have my pre paid ground Fedex label ready to put on the box and drop it off at the concierge, usually to arrive about two days after I’m home. This lightens my return luggage and allows a little extra space for any last minute purchases.  I’ve found if I roll items verses fold them in my carry on, they’re far less wrinkled and usually don’t require much steaming. But if they do, the quick easy remedy is to put on a clothes hanger and hang in the bathroom and turn on the hot water in the shower and the wrinkles steam right out. For jewelry, and yes, I’m an addict. I only take the Fine jewelry that I can wear unless it’s a long trip. And if I do take a few extra small pieces they are usually safety pinned inside my bra or on my person, (I have been known to wear two watches at once on a plane, hidden under long sleeves or a necklace and pearls, hidden under a scarf). But be aware of what might set the security alarm off and if a concern put in a small bag inside your handbag and as soon as I get through security, I head to the restroom with my secret jewelry plan. My jewelry is safer on  me than in my handbag. And if I have to exit in a hurry, I won’t need to try to grab my jewelry while exiting the plane. In addition I usually pack a few pieces of fashion jewelry, depending where I’m going and length of trip I may just wear or carry mostly fashion/ costume pieces. Earrings, necklace or pearls and cuff, is all you need if you wear a ring and keep it on. Never ever take off a ring to wash your hands. Only take it off to put away or to clean.  And the second I get to the hotel- I lock my good pieces in the room safe unless I’m wearing them. When I book my hotel, I require three things: a no smoking room, a tub, and a secure safe. Other than that I just try to go with the flow.  Cosmetics and toiletries;  I have pre packed at all times in a small clear bag the basics, a new unwrapped tooth brush and tooth paste. My daily skin care routine that is about a three – minute regime a night and a one-two minute regime every morning. I of course use the LeaBlackBeauty facial wash every morning and every night. Followed by the LeaBlack serum day and night. I use the LeaBlack Intensive Moisturizer Lotion under my make up in the morning and the Lea Black Beauty Intensive Moisture Creme at night. This keeps my skin completely hydrated and keeps my skin and pores clean. To help keep the pores small and unclogged and my skin buffed and with a glow, I use the LeaBlackBeauty Exfoliator. This is my Miracle Secret that I use two to three times a week to scrub off the old cells and deep cleanse the pores. That’s my daily skincare regime quick and easy – 5

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Interview: Miami Power Woman, Lea Black

Interview by Nadja Atwal / Photography by Greg Lotus They say “It takes one to know one.” Therefore, we asked successful business woman and political commentator Nadja Atwal (who made headlines first after she was named sexiest power woman by a top US magazine) to interview one of Miami’s most prominent power women: Lea Black. Power some galore! Black became known to a large audience on the show “The Real House Wives of Miami” where to many she was the stand out class act, the one real lady with smarts and calmness in a pool of vanity and madness. Like our former cover model Joanna Krupa, she was already a success story before she joined the show and has managed to diversify her career by building her brand, becoming a bestselling book author and making her charity one where actual A-listers line up. And all the while making family life work as a devoted mom and wife. 1. Most viewers thought you were the voice of wisdom on The Real Housewives of Miami…What did you take away from your time on the show and the high dosage of female drama? Any new lessons learned? I learned some people will do anything for attention and it’s best to stay away from people that have nothing to lose. Drama and conflict can be interesting when it’s organic and based on fact with good intentions meant for true resolution. But when it gets dark, or it’s fabricated, it’s not interesting or entertaining. 2. Your tag line for Season 2 of RHOM was “I can deal with a lot of things but I can’t deal with stupid.” How did it come to that… too many run ins with incapable people? Yes! I even put it on pillows and a cosmetic bag that we sell at I realized that when dealing with smart people that have something to gain and something to lose you can usually come to agreement or agree to disagree, and at least have stimulating conversations.  But people that think any means justify an end or that are stupid enough to say and do anything not thinking about long term damage are just not worth being around and in their crossfire. Smart people make life easier even when you disagree. Stupid people are short sighted and too stupid to even consider collateral damage and consequences. Trying to reason with stupid is a waste of time. I never want to be the smartest person in the room. I want to be around people smarter than me to learn from them and evolve. 3. As power women we are easily pushed in the corner of  being harsh even dudish and the label “bitch” comes easily into play. Yet you look very feminine, and are a loving mother and wife. Do people feel confused about you and how would you describe yourself? I think for the most part I am misunderstood. People don’t really know me they just think they do. And what I think of myself is far more important to me than what others think of me. I know I’m fair, honest, have integrity, keep my word and try to do the right thing. People can interpret my actions and words however they want to and twist them to suit their preconceived ideas of me but I don’t compromise who I am and what I believe to expose who others are. They usually do a good job of that on their own. I’m a pretty down to earth jeans and tee shirt simple girl that enjoys the good life but I’m not beholden to it or defined by it. I know the difference between being and doing, and that gives me peace of mind.   4. On twitter you are very outspoken about politics. Even though I could not disagree more with you on our president elect, I always enjoy your tweets and applaud you for your outspoken attitude. Now how are you dealing with friends and biz friends who like you very much but also like our newly elected president?  People have different political beliefs for different reasons. I’ve always fought for the underdog. Many times I feel I fight harder for them than they fight for themselves. I don’t believe a guy who has been as self serving as Trump has been for 70 years all of a sudden cares about the underprivileged and middle class. He pushes all of my buttons. Even if I agreed with him on policy his behavior disturbs me and I don’t trust him. He’s said too many things that in my opinion denigrate the office of the President and how we are perceived in the world. I’m truly hoping the people that favor him aren’t disappointed. Many Americans want the same thing and just have different ways of getting there. Then there are the haters and haters are gonna hate. Period the end. So I just ignore them and don’t have them in my life. 5. As a business woman you built a respectable little empire already. Skincare, handbags…how and why did this all start? I started my business in the 1980’s. I created some beauty products that I really believed in and still believe in today. Along with top chemists I created Sudden Youth, a non surgical face lift kit that tones, firms, tightens, lifts and has lasting results. I’ve built a worldwide organization of sales reps that wanted to be able to earn income based on their accomplishments rather than what someone was willing to pay them. Many of them became very high powered business people earning large incomes today based on the training and entrepreneurial skills we taught them over the years. I’ve used Sudden Youth since the first jar and I still use it today along with customers I’ve cultivated over the years. Ten facials for $95 is unquestionably the best skincare for the best price that I’ve ever known of. I now sell it online at along with affordable handbags and fashion jewelry. And we export. It’s a

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