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When Danger Knocks: Embracing New Norms of Protection in Everyday Life

When Danger Knocks: Embracing New Norms of Protection in Everyday Life By Diana Lammerts – Journalist, TV Host, and International Business Strategist  When the jet first set our wheels back on the ground, pulling up at Miami International Airport, the light was dazzling, the sounds dancing and sinuous as salsa. Sun-warmed air poured open the pine-scented windows of the plane, a watery light reflected from the sea as the jet backed out toward the gleaming skyline across Biscayne Bay. It was early morning, teetering on the nubile fringe of a rhetorical inquiry, but the question was palpably there in the air of my hometown: what happened to Daytona, Coconut Grove, Joe’s Stone Crab, and the party? What’s going on? In this city where sunrise ignites an azure chorus cacophony on the east coast, culminating in nighttime, the numbers tell another story. In the dazzling sun-splashed megaplex where the landscape swings from beach bottle tops to skyscrapers out to sea, crime is picking up – albeit a little too brazenly.   Miami is not alone: the United States is turning the counterclockwise to a certain, fomenting trouble. In New York City, in 2021, crime rates spiked by 30 per cent and counting. In Chicago, it’s a game of chicken, a contributive carjacking tale, with the streets turning into battlegrounds: 56 per cent increase in carjackings and 34 per cent murder. Here in Miami, our mosaic of cultures and parties, the odds have turned chilling – 1 in 34 of becoming a victim of violent or property crime, according to FBI data. Miami defies other parts of the Sunshine State; crime meters at 30 per cent higher than 86 percent of Florida’s incorporated municipalities.  The frontline of this battle is ushering in a wave of personal, bespoke defense, and at the vanguard is Viking Executive Protection Solutions, of which Roy Smith is the CEO. ‘The industry is stuck in the ’90s while other businesses have evolved,’ he says. ‘The time has come for a renewal, and for a more personal approach, disruptive to the market and a redefinition of executive protection and what should be expected and demanded of high-end personal protection in an increasingly volatile world. It should not be about the mindset of the bouncer of old, fighting and toughening up for Hollywood: this is all about providing a highly personalized, concierge type executive protection service, that fits itself to the client’s individual rhythms and requirements.’  Another internal guard is posted there to keep people from passing through. Roy Smith explains the philosophy behind modern executive protection: ‘What we’re talking about here is thinking outside the box. Modern Executive Protection combines sophisticated security protocols with the highest level of customer service. It seamlessly integrates emerging security threats with the comforts of a seamless, successful, and enjoyable client experience.’ These days, the stolid and uncommunicative bodyguard is passé, and the modern executive protection agent is just as comfortable operating from the shadows of a corporate boardroom as he is managing a thousand elements of risk at an A-List black-tie gala.  This story of escalating threat is not just emanating from boardrooms and penthouse suites. Everything around us – including where we live, the roads we drive on, and the public spaces we hold dear – is transforming into a threat space. Recent headline-grabbing incidents, such as the brutal assault of Lady Gaga’s dog walker, illustrates that visibility, wealth or standing do not make one immune to attack; they are likely inversely correlated with immunity.  In response, companies and individuals are increasingly seeing protective services not as a luxury but as vital insurance – a protection of personal freedom and peace of mind without which the executive may be mentally occupied by potential threats and preoccupied with safety rather than achieving success. The logic is straightforward: you get back more than you put in with executive protection not only by dealing effectively with the threats as they come but also via resilience in peace of mind, productivity and perhaps even the financial bottom line.   The story extends as far as the cars we ride in. Armormax, a pioneer in the auto bulletproofing business, reflects this same turn toward preemptive security. From bulletproof glass to armored vehicles, the technology and know-how are about getting in front of threats. Armormax’s founder and CEO Mark Burton has remarked upon the diversification of his client base, a diversification climbing across the socio-economic spectrum to include both political elites and ordinary civilians looking to level the playing field.  Founded originally to offer security for the world’s super-rich, the company subsequently started to offer services to a wider range, including private individuals looking for ways to protect themselves and their families. The cost of bulletproofing a vehicle can be anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands. To bulletproof the entirety of a vehicle could be as much as $90,000; to bulletproof only the windows can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on a host of technical factors and the mediums deployed.  Essentially, the message is clear: the paradigm of personal, family, community and corporate security is changing. Crime increases are alarming but they also spawn innovation in the protection services, which quickly moves many of those companies, like Viking and Armormax, forward. With new, innovative companies like these and others, the security industry is redefining itself and all of us. In short, when we are called upon to invest in our physical selves, it’s an investment in continued freedom and in the viability of our lives. Here in Miami, we’re at a crossroads, but we envision a future intending to lead the way, with determined preparation and the everyday actualization of the credo: when one spends money on security, we all do … together, more vigilant, harder headed and stronger than we’ve ever been. Social media LinkedIn: Instagram: @viking_eps Facebook: @vikingeps Website Viking:  LinkedIn: Facebook: @armormax Instagram: @armormax Website Armormax:

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Miami’s March to Summer: Crafting Your Beach-Ready Body with a Conscience

By Diana Lammerts  As the Miami sun starts heating up as summer approaches, our city’s residents sharpen their focus on achieving that coveted summer ‘beach body’. March marks not only the beginning of spring but also a crucial time for adjusting our focus towards wellness on both a physical and mental level. While our city is passionate about all things stylish — from fashion to music and more — it is easy to see that, for many, aesthetic heralds performance. The Unseen Hazard Hiding in Your Workout Wardrobe While Miami’s fitness enthusiasts diligently work towards their summer body goals, a silent adversary might be undermining their efforts. This adversary isn’t a lack of motivation or the wrong workout plan but something far less expected: our workout clothes. Recent studies, including those by the Center for Center for Environmental Health (CEH) and findings in the journal Environmental Science & Technology,, have revealed a troubling truth. The very sportswear we rely on might be compromising our health, with chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA)—linked to severe health conditions such as breast and prostate cancer, metabolic disorders, and heart disease—leeching from the fabric into our skin. The Price of Our Fitness Fashion In a city celebrated for its fashion-forward ethos, the appeal of affordable, stylish sportswear is undeniable. However, the hidden costs of these choices often extend far beyond our wallets, implicating us in global issues of unfair labor practices and environmental degradation. “I couldn’t find actually the items which really fit my lifestyle and the design approach,” reflects Rafi Ahmed, the founder of MOROTAI, on his motivation to start a brand that stands as a beacon for sustainable fashion. This stark reminder challenges us to consider the broader implications of our purchasing decisions, influencing not just our health but the wellbeing of workers and ecosystems worldwide. Embracing Sustainability and Ethical Choices in Miami MOROTAI started in Germany, has expanded to Asia, and now the US. It’s philosophy: harmonizing style, functionality, and ethical responsibility. This echoes Miami’s own ethos of vibrancy and sustainability. As we prepare for summer, let’s look beyond the aesthetics of our workout gear to its impact on our health and the planet. Choosing brands that prioritize ethical production and sustainability can steer us towards a more conscious lifestyle, aligning our fitness goals with our values. Moreover, Ahmed’s journey from the inception of MOROTAI to its expansion into global markets serves as an inspiration for Miami’s entrepreneurs and leaders. “If you have the right product, you don’t need to buy like 10 or 15 different shirts,” Ahmed states, advocating for a shift from fast fashion to durable, sustainable choices. His story reminds us that success doesn’t have to come at the expense of our health, ethical standards, or the environment. His vision also convinced the judges on the German version of Shark Tank.  Miami’s Path Forward As we move closer to June, let’s not only focus on sculpting our bodies but also on making mindful choices about our workout gear. It’s a call to action for all of us, from beach-goers to boardroom leaders, to choose options that benefit not just ourselves but our community and the planet. This season, Miami has the opportunity to lead by example, demonstrating that our commitment to fitness can also reflect our dedication to a healthier, more sustainable future.

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6th & 7th of March 2024 – Miami Beach Convention Center The world’s largest business show is back for 2024, expanding into the US and arriving at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The 2024 edition takes place on the 6th & 7th of March and is set to be an unmissable event with 300 exhibitors, live panel debates, speed networking and over 150 seminars and interactive masterclasses covering everything you need to know to start or grow your business! Hear from experts from some of the biggest companies in the world who will be offering you the best tips, tricks, and advice to get yourself off the ground and running a profitable business. The Business Show hosts keynotes from thriving entrepreneurs and industry giants; you won’t get this experience anywhere else. This year, Netflix’s star of Selling Sunset and Realtor, Maya Vander, keynotes and shares her success story. You can also expect to attend sessions hosted by experts at Google, IBM, and PepsiCo. Make the most of this incredible opportunity to find out first-hand how to drive your organisation’s growth. The insightful seminars also cover a range of topics and industries so you will no doubt find something of relevance to your career goals and needs. Spanning two days, The Business Show is a buzzing hub with an electric and entrepreneurial atmosphere. The event provides you with a wealth of information, contacts, and resources. You won’t find the same opportunities for your business anywhere else, so make sure you get involved, meet the exhibitors, listen to the speakers, build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, and revolutionise the way you do business! There is also a series of interactive masterclasses taking place at the Miami event from such organisations as The Leadership & Growth Hub, DREAMS Business Resources, Circle Strategies, and Kevin Anderson & Associates. You can access all of them for free with your ticket, you just need to ensure that you sign up for your spot on the website. This will provide participants with an incredible opportunity to hear from experts about industry insights in a close-quarters environment. At The Leadership & Growth Hub masterclass, you will find a sanctuary for visionaries committed to innovation and accelerating their business growth. The DREAMS Business Resources masterclass will help you with your business finances, saving you time and money while also eliminating risks. The Circle Strategies sessions will help you become a balanced leader and manage your relationships, health, hobbies, and business growth. Finally, the Kevin Anderson & Associates masterclass will help you learn insider secrets and powerful strategies to boost visibility, authority, and brand recognition. You won’t want to miss out on these incredibly insightful sessions. Sign up today to avoid disappointment! One of the most popular show features across the globe is the speed networking area. This is a corporate take on speed dating where you can have one-minute mini-meetings with a partner. This is a chance to practice and perfect your elevator pitch. After one minute, your time is up and you move on to the next partner. Offering you a great opportunity to form lucrative new business connections and grow your contact list, you can sign up for masterclasses via the event website. When you visit The Business Show, your free ticket also gives you access to co-located shows The B2B Marketing Expo, The Sales Innovation Expo, and Going Global Live. The B2B Marketing Expo is the leading event for marketing solutions and innovation, providing business, sales, and marketing professionals with everything they need to thrive.Going Global Live helps you to expand your business, set up overseas operations, and make your brand a world-renowned name. So what are you waiting for? You will have unlimited access to The Business Show and co-located events with your completely FREE ticket. To register and guarantee your place, simply head over to The Business Show now. Follow us on social media! Twitter: @TBS_US Instagram: @thebusinessshowus Facebook: The Business Show US LinkedIn: @The Business Show US Marketing & Press Enquiries: 

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Miami Means Business and Stephanie Saunders Means Business In Miami

Interview by Nadja Atwal  Stephanie Saunders’ calendar is full. Business meetings, speaking engagements, her own podcast, Charity board Zoom calls, photo shoots and being hands-on with her multiple businesses, of which she runs some together with her husband. It was not the fact that she has been doing so many things and well, but the way she communicates her philosophies and goals on social media that grabbed the attention of Forbes magazine. The result? She was named among the top 10 influencers of 2020 – above, yes, you read correctly –  Elon Musk.  We met Stephanie for an exclusive interview and picked up some influencer tips while learning more about her. First of all congratulations on being named as one of the top influencers by Forbes magazine! What do you think made you stand out from so many other successful Influencers?  To be honest being named on a list of the top 10 influencers for 2020 was a shocking and humbling moment. I really feel the contributor’s message was about using influence for good and that’s what I try to do. You know when an influencer is just selling a product or service or truly trying to help solve a problem by giving you a solution.  You are very strong on LinkedIn, but you also take great care of your instagram and lately have been moderating lots of rooms on Clubhouse. Tell us about your social media strategy.  LinkedIn has been a massive resource for me and my businesses as well as supporting my sales team. The reason LinkedIn has been such a prevalent space for everyday contact and endgame to growth has been so fast for us is because you can literally filter your target audiences by business category and find those that will resonate most with your business tips – and that is a huge when it comes to social media marketing and influence. What I’ve realized since utilizing social media for influencer style marketing though is that – you just be on all platforms. With that said each platform has its own voice. For me LinkedIn is the best over all for our style of business education content related to property, investing, non-profits, and personal business success. But Instagram is wonderful for a visual portrayal of your life where people can find out more about you personally, your interests, your travel spots and of course what you eat – which are important for people to feel more connected to you on a different level. Clubhouse has been a great place to start relationships in real time and then bring these people into your sphere after making connections on a new level with this audio only playground.  What do you say to people who feel social media is not getting them desired results?   I’m quite literally “mind blown” when I hear people speak poorly about those successfully utilizing social media for marketing themselves and their brands. And by brands I’m not referring to products – I’m referring to business empires. People who are unable to understand the importance of having a digital footprint on social media platforms will get left behind as we move into more and more technology friendly lifestyles.. When I changed from consumer to creator I immediately had been doors opening for me and my businesses. If you’re already utilizing social media and not having success, my best recommendation would be to access the platform you’re using and its preferred content style. It’s very possible you’re speaking the wrong content style language and just need to add a layer in the correct direction.   You have several businesses. Tell us about them and how a typical business day in your life looks like:  Yes! I am constantly trying to grow and each business venture is a new layer to my entrepreneurial life. When I was in corporate I represented banks and funds during the foreclosure crisis – at the time consumers were certainly in the loosing seat & investors gained in their positioning. When I left I started an investment fund of my own where I buy and manage Multifamily properties but I also teamed up with a public adjusting firm, United claims specialists, where we help property owners large and small protect their investments – I also married the founder so this will be my life’s passion. I am a real estate fanatic, but my work is deeply routed in servant leadership – I like to help people, which is why I started the Suskind foundation – where we are focused on supporting people and communities who have been affected by natural disasters and economic hardship. I also have a marketing firm founded in 2020 called S2 Marketing where we support founders who are looking to get online to utilize social media marketing the way I do. It is a very straight forward approach of dissecting the brands mission and directive. My days consist of lots of managing my wonderful leaders and Sale’s team’s at United claims specialists and S2 Marketing. Overseeing their community outreach and marketing strategy and continuing Ed program we offer and hosting the s2 show while always looking for places the Suskind foundation can contribute. It can be difficult to wear so many hats.  Philanthropy plays a vital role in your life. Tell us about the charity you are involved in:  In addition to my foundation I am also a Trustee at JWF Broward, which is a Jewish Woman’s Foundation focused on supporting Women and girls in Israel. I’m very passionate about supporting Israel in any way I can. I am also on the broad of directors at Miami Girls foundation – where successful women have a place to support each other and show other women they can achieve anything they desire through the powerful circles available to them. What new ways of fundraising are you exploring ? Clubhouse has been a really amazing place to ignite new forms of recognition. For fundraising we are looking to bring JWF on to the

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Brands that I love by Karen Huggins

GAROTA Garota is an online store based in the heart of Los Angeles and was created to provide women the latest fashion trends but if we have to describe Garota in one phrase we could say: it is a dream come true. Garota was born as Carolina Silvas’ dream. Carolina is an engineer but devoted her life to her true passion which is Fashion becoming a recognized fashion blogger, entrepreneur and Garota Co Founder/Creative Director. The brand was originally born in Venezuela. Carolina started her own business when she was only 20 years old and kept growing it for eight years. She currently has three stores in Miami. Today, Garota ventures to new projects with the mission to reach people from all over the world bringing style, good taste, creativity and most of all, work done with love. CRYSTALDUST If you have a jewelry box full of the latest trends in jewelry you need to check Crystaldust. Crystaldust is a fun and risky Venezuelan jewelry brand that represents the particular style and taste of its CEO and designer, Esmeralda C Doganiero. All its pieces are handmade in Colombia and India with the most select raw materials. Esmeralda began with her designs as an entrepreneurial project for the university and today she has positioned herself as one of the most recognized new accessory designers in Venezuela and Florida. CrystalDust is admired on social media not only for its designs but also for its way of promoting the creativity and talent of its followers, always encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting more and more followers to feel inspired to start their own business. Esmeralda is passionate about her designs and wants each woman who uses them to feel special and confident. CRISTALINA SWIMWEAR Founded in 2014 on a random Thursday night over a few glasses of wine, Cristalina Swimwear has been successful by understanding the changing and evolving world of swimwear and meeting the demands of todays’ women by providing a unique, out-of-the-ordinary beach look. From swimsuits to cover ups, you can find over 75 swimwear and resort brands from all over the world crafted with love using patterns, textures, and quality fabrics. The roots of their success stem from being a provider of a variety of accessories and gift items such as bags, jewelry, and activewear to be able to provide the full look for every special day in the sun, sand, and water. Cristalina Swimwear has built an incredible community of women making them feel confident, feminine and empowered. They partner with brands and fashion influencers to create exclusive pieces, capsule collections and limited edition styles.  SHARON OSP If we have to talk about an example of perseverance, determination and discipline, let’s talk about Sharon Ospina. Sharon Ospina is an acclaimed Venezuelan fashion designer, featured in Vogue British and other iconic industry publications. The beginning of it for Sharon was not easy but her perseverance always accompanied her, leading to her success. From an early age (9 years), she learned the basic principles of sewing with her grandmother, coming from a family dedicated to fashion and entrepreneurship. At the age of 19, she, Sharon, came to the USA and she began her career in this country participating in fashion bazaars with casual pieces and she was climbing two years later to haute couture pieces. Today she is a recognized haute couture designer worldwide making unique pieces created for the most vibrant, fun, and fearless women.   MICHELE LOPRIORE In 1986 Michele Lopriore opened his first store in Piazza Cadorna in Milan bringing the essence of a product with highly qualified handcraft and valuable materials, carefully selected to combine style, elegance and comfort for the cosmopolitan, open and charismatic woman. Michele Lopriore is a product made entirely in Italy; thirty years of work experience guarantee the quality and reliability of the brand always maintaining a natural inclination to merge the trend of the season with class. Today Michele Lopriore is joined by his son Mike and Giada. Determination and passion have led Lopriore family to open nine more stores in Lombardy and even beyond national borders (Brickell City Centre store in Miami is one of them).

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René Caovilla Opens New Boutique at Bal Harbour Shops

Photo Credit: Courtesy of René Caovilla René Caovilla is proud to announce the opening of its new boutique at Bal Harbour Shops in Florida. The new opening represents a further step in René Caovilla international growth. Designed by the Italian architect duo Bonelli Radovic of m2atelier – popular for their distinctive approach to style and interiors – the new boutique encompasses over 1,200 square feet and blends modern elegance with sophisticated creativity. Integrating the brands heritage, elegance, and innovation, the boutique reflects the concept of new Caovilla spaces with additional novelty elements such as an external and internal golden wall finish, characterized by a refined hand-crafted layout. Additional store elements include a grey carpet floor with silk effect, golden galvanic details, fabric with reflections and pink velvet. The main stylistic innovation is found in the desire to create a golden envelope to evoke the Venetian origins of the brand. The space wants to be seductive, modern, and young. The large oval pink velvet sofa with a soft shape is part of the desire to create an enveloping and feminine space. The Caovilla logo is the main focal point of those looking at the boutique from the outside and is the first contact of the customer entering the boutique. The new boutique houses the latest René Caovilla Spring/Summer 2021 Collection in addition exclusive colorways of iconic Caovilla styles that were specially designed for this boutique. The René Caovilla boutique at Bal Harbour Shops will officially open its doors on Monday, November 9th and is located at 9700 Collins Avenue; Bal Harbour, FL 33154 and will be open from 11:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Saturday, and from 12:00pm to 6:00pm Sunday. About René Caovilla Synonymous with handcrafted elegance at its finest, the Maison René Caovilla has been making “works of art otherwise known as Shoes” for over eight decades. Founded in Venice in 1934 by Edoardo Caovilla, the brand is regarded as having set the benchmark for excellence in the luxury footwear industry. By melding artisan skills with innovative techniques, tradition with research, Caovilla has been working on quality and details since the very beginning. Each René Caovilla shoe is bound to become a timeless piece that won’t fail to keep its allure intact.

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The Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One (SOBEWFF®) is teaming up with Constellation Culinary Group to offer a one stop, no shop Thanksgiving Table To-Go this holiday season. Imagery: Brustman Carinno Impress guests with one of three conveniently prepared dinner packages specially curated by the SOBEWFF® team in collaboration with Constellation Culinary Group Executive Chef Aaron Janus. All dishes come fully cooked with reheating instructions, and include the option to purchase a festive flower arrangement from Anthology Co. for an additional $60. In line with SOBEWFF® and its mission to give back, 100 percent of the net proceeds will benefit the Festival’s efforts to aid the local hospitality industry during the continued regrowth and recovery phase. In addition, for every 25 packages sold, SOBEWFF® will donate a holiday family meal to a local member of the United States Bartenders’ Guild impacted by the pandemic. Each Thanksgiving dinner package includes entrée(s), two salads, a choice of three side dishes, bread, accompaniments, two dessert(s), wine from La Crema, Aqua Panna®Natural Spring Water, S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, and a canister of illy Classico Ground Drip Coffee. Additionally, à la carte dishes are available for purchase. See pricing and further details below: SOBEWFF® Thanksgiving Table To-Go Option #1 (2 guests) | $150 Entrée: Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast SOBEWFF® Thanksgiving Table To-Go Option #2 (4-6 guests) | $375 Entrée: 20-Pound Herb-Roasted Turkey SOBEWFF® Thanksgiving Table To-Go Option #3 (8-10 guests) | $675 Entrée: 20-Pound Herb-Roasted Turkey and Braised Short Ribs Side dish options include Mac & Cheese, Charred Brussels Sprouts, Sautéed Green Beans Almondine, Pommes Purée, Parmesan Creamed Spinach, Classic Rustic Stuffing, Creamed Cauliflower, Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Casserole. Dessert options include twists on classics such as Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie Crostata, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Nutella Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake and chef Hedy Goldsmith’s Bread Pudding. Orders will be available for purchase beginning Thursday, November 5 thru Friday, November 20 at SGWS Wynwood (2105 N. Miami Avenue) will serve as the drive-thru contactless pick-up location on Wednesday, November 25 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday, November 26 from 9 a.m. to noon. The pick-up location will also serve as a drop-off point for the FIU Food Pantry, where purchasers of the SOBEWFF® Thanksgiving Table To-Go are encouraged to drop-off pantry and toiletry items for FIU students facing food insecurities.

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By Nadja Atwal In for the long haul or just a quick trip? Here is how to prepare … I guess we can already predict the words of the year for 2020: “Corona” and “Lockdown” will be in the top 5 for sure, no matter what happens next. Are you counting down the days until you fly to somewhere near or far (wherever they let you in without quarantine) or take that train to “anywhere but home”? Of course we love our own city, but too much of a good thing is also in the “too much “ category. While booking our trips most of us experience that new mix of positive excitement and volatile fear of the unknown. As a result we roam the net in search of gadgets and tools to keep us safer (from the virus). “People are looking very much for things like the perfect mask and sanitizers and that is all useful, but strengthening your immune system is also a vital key to staying healthy,” says medical doctor Stefanie Seyda who has been researching and working on immune supporting formulas. If you read about beneficial supplements on that front, Vitamin C and Zinc have been touted as must haves and must takes . Am I overlooking something? “ Indeed,” says Seyda “Vitamin D, folate and vitamin A and vitamin B6 and B12 have shown clear immune boosting effects in recent studies.” If you are looking for that new discovery that is being (rightfully)  hyped as a great inner shield against the virus, Seyda refers to the recent studies on resveratrol. Yes, that resveratrol that has been already touted as a great anti-aging agent which is being found in grapes and even red wine? “ Yes,” says Seyda, “but please, don’t let this knowledge lead you to the next wine bar now or fill your cellar with red wine. Alcohol intake is lowering your immune response. So stick to a good supplement for real benefits of Resveratrol”. Now as for new must have travel items: if you book a flight or train ride, you think about face masks. Especially for longer flights make sure it is not just protecting you but very breathable, as you may face many hours of wearing it. For a reusable option with a Vogue-ish fashion statement, check out En Avance, the multi-brand concept store showcasing global designers came to the Miami Design District in 2006 and has taken it by storm. Also remember that the virus can enter through the eyes and sadly too often does in places that many people share. So no matter what mask you choose, it should be worn with either a face shield or protective glasses that also protect the corner of your eyes – no just the front. For ladies the My Face Shield by Miami based fashion label Touchdolls is a great option and has a more colorful version for kids. When you board a plane, have the sanitizing wipes ready to give your arm rests and the tray ! A good disinfecting wipe down, unless you carry a tray cover like Airplane Pockets (which won the NTA ’s ” best travel accessory of the year award” 2019) A must have is a disposable seat cover like the disposable ones from Seet Cuvers are a steady companion in frequent flyer travel bags now. If you’d rather choose a reusable product, opt for the washable (and truly gorgeous) ones by NiceSeats Wherever this summer will take you, staying healthy and happy requires: staying safe.

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On the Rise and Never on the Fence : Cathy Areu

Interviewed by Nadja Atwal Cathy Areu is one of those people you must like ….even when you disagree with her. She carries herself well with that witty intellect and sassy charm. The daughter of Cuban immigrants grew up in Miami, graduated with honors from Miami Killian High School got her B.A. degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL and received an M.S. in English Education from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. No wonder she landed that gig as a contributing editor for the Washington Post Magazine. The vibrant go-getter is also the founder of CATALINA magazine a top read magazine catering to the Latin demographic. It is also worth noting that she is one of PressReader’s international publishers. She has become a famous liberal commentator on TV – debating even the strongest conservative voices – including Sean Hannity. But as we mentioned, even when one disagrees with her, one can’t help but to like her, as she is okay, if you don’t see things her way. She simply wants to open your eyes to another point of view. On top of that, few Corona experiences were as highly publicized as hers (more in our interview, but we can already reveal, it was no picnic for Cathy). Now she is planning a whole new move: juggling wolves and swimming with sharks – aka…? Just read on. We spoke with her exclusively amid the post-Covid-19 opening of Miami.  You wear many hats. We see you as a passionate liberal political commentator on TV, then you also run a magazine. Tell us about your work.  I’m like most people in the media industry these days. I have to appear on more than one media platform to get my message heard. I started as a staff writer for my college newspaper, The Florida Flambeau, at Florida State University. And, eventually, like most print journalists, I went on to discuss my writing on national cable news channels.In the middle of it all, I made a life-changing decision, sold my car and moved to New York to create a company (catalina) and become an advocate for Latinas in the United States (my own demographic). I wanted to break stereotypes, and I have had to wear many hats to do it. You were to my knowledge the first prominent Floridian face of Corona. A sentence that stuck out to me was when you said “the virus finds your weakness” which is so individual. Tell us more about that and about your experience.   When the pandemic started, I was in South Florida in quarantine with my family, but I was still working. So when COVID 19 hit me, it hit me hard. I was sitting in front of bright stab lights when a painful migraine came out of nowhere. This was followed by the worst five days of my life! Even though my condition was considered mild to moderate, I experienced the worst headaches; my vision turned blurry for days; I couldn’t taste; my throat was sore; and I had chills and stomach and body aches. … All these symptoms are something I’ve experienced before at one point or another in the past, but not as painful and relentless. It’s like Covid gathered up all these weaknesses and threw them on me all at once.  I wasn’t sure if I contracted COVID-19 because, at the time, the only three symptoms listed were fever, cough and shortness of breath — and I experienced none of those! But my doctor here in South Florida broke the news: I was infected with coronavirus. Many weeks later, the CDC finally added some of the symptoms I had to their site, and it looks like the media continues to add new symptoms and findings everyday.  I believe my doctor here in Florida was the first to call it, “My Corona,” and I was the first one to consciously feel and say that coronavirus attacked me in a personal way. It zoned in on my worst weaknesses: migraines and headaches (non stop for 5 straight days). You have asthma but the virus seemed to ignore that…..? Weird, right? This asthmatic didn’t experience shortness of breath until day 5. That’s when my asthma started to bother me a little bit. I panicked  But, It turned out to be the final day of all my symptoms. I was finally able to go outside again for a run a few days after that. So refreshing. You have two daughters who also went through the virus – how have you communicated the whole Corona crises to them and how have they been dealing with it? I’ve been completely honest and transparent with them about it.  They know the media industry, and we talk about news every day. The coronavirus  was just another news topic, and they trusted me with the whole thing. They adjusted to quarantine quicker than I did, so there wasn’t a crisis in the house — it was more of an adjustment period of like three days. Like, creating a solid schedule for both of them and me really made everything about quarantine hassle-free.  But the kids didn’t understand the importance of my self-isolation, so they busted through my bedroom door and wanted to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek to “help me feel better” … so yeah, they got the virus too. Both of them were ill at the same time, with a quick fever, but otherwise, they had different symptoms from me and each other. They may not be indestructible or made of rubber, but my two girls did feel a lot better in just two days. You are in NY and Miami and said you got the virus in Miami. How did it happen? I have offices in South Florida and New York City, so I’m back and forth all the time. I was in Miami when my symptoms started though. But I’ve heard symptoms can appear up to 14 days after being exposed. So, first

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Being Great at Doing Good

  Interviewed by Nadja Atwal / Cover by Sean Pavone – Shutterstock During this unusual time in Miami we have been overwhelmed with new realities and news, of which most were sadly not positive – even though Florida has handled the crises better than most states. Naturally we are gravitating to messages of hope, help and encouragement. And unless we feel totally helpless, we desire to help others and often turn to charities for that matter. In a pool full of selfless service, several organizations stick out during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Blue Card is one of them… one that has earned lots of recognition and media attention lately. We sat down with the Executive Director Masha Pearl for an exclusive interview in order to learn more… You are all over the (good) news right now and your work has gotten the praise of many – including governors; what makes your efforts so remarkable in your view? The mission of The Blue Card is incredibly unique – we are the only national organization in the United States with the sole mission of aiding needy Holocaust survivors. We are a trusted agency with a strong service and operational performance history. In April 2019, we received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest and most-utilized independent evaluator of charities. We are recognized with the Best in America Seal of Excellence from The Independent Charities of America. Furthermore, we are certified by the Better Business Bureau as having met all BBB standards and have been awarded the BBB Charitable Giving Alliance Seal and was named as one of the best Jewish charities since 2012. It is safe to say our work is unduplicated by any other agency and we are always reinventing ourselves to provide financial support through a number of carefully designed programs as survivors’ needs very greatly from person to person. Many people don’t know that there are currently tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors in the United States with a third living either at or below the federal poverty level. Last but not least we cater very much to the places where we are the most needed, like Miami-Dade. What a record! Now, in times like these have you noticed that people are acting less selfish and are motivated more to help others? Yes, tough times bring people together and makes one realize the importance of human connection. Giving back boosts happiness and “feel good” hormones. During such difficult times, those more fortunate want to give back and foster a connection with a Holocaust survivor. Now is a perfect opportunity to improve a survivor’s life and The Blue Card has created the following programs to do so. As an example, to combat isolation, The Blue Card is supporting survivors by undertaking a tribute video message program, giving volunteers the opportunity to submit a brief video to survivors: These videos, family and pet friendly, are a simple, yet meaningful way to remind survivors that they are cared for. We have received an overwhelming response from our support network and countless number of video messages have been distributed to survivors. The increase in for mental health support has been dominating the news as people feel lonely and overwhelmed and yes, we addressed that issue by providing culturally sensitive and language-friendly therapy sessions via telephone. These sessions and other opportunities for connection for our survivors is especially crucial at this time. What are you focusing on? Volunteers have been ordering and delivering groceries, as well as basic essentials for survivors during the crisis. We have come to rely heavily on Amazon, FreshDirect and other providers which allow for quick deliveries with no contact to ensure safety. Andy Cohen hosted your last event. tell us about your collaboration with him? Andy Cohen was a pleasure to work with. He graciously hosted The Blue Card’s 2019 Annual Benefit Gala and was so kind to have made a personal donation and promote us on his Sirius XM radio show and even invited our staff to his show on Bravo network: “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen”. He was very charming and charismatic, and everyone absolutely loved him! At the gala, we honored our Young Professionals and when presented with their awards on stage, Andy was kind enough to take a selfie with the group. Which other celebrities or notable people have supported your efforts ? There is a wide range … from politicians like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer to actors like Michael Douglas, Cynthia Nixon to top journalists and authors like Ronan Farrow and Rita Cosby. How can people in Miami help your efforts best? For the last 5+ years we have been partnering with the JFCS of South Florida to co-sponsor a team to participate in the Miami Marathon. “The Blue Card JFCS” Team participated in a Marathon to raise tens of thousands of dollars to benefit survivors in the Miami-Dade area. This critical funding allows us to provide much needed support through a number of various programs. The Blue Card has many prominent donors and a Board member, Benjamin Jaffe, based in Florida who serve as ambassadors for our time sensitive mission. Social Media: TheBlueCard/ TheBlueCard bluecard1934/

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From the big game to big yachts, Miami furthers its allure as a destination for world-class events as the 32nd Annual Miami Yacht Show pulls into port Presidents’ Day Weekend with over 400 extraordinary and uniquely designed new and pre-owned yachts on display, including 15 spectacular, must-see new debuts.   Renowned as Magic City’s premier luxury yachting event, the Miami Yacht Show and its Superyacht Miami site showcase superyachts from the world’s foremost custom boat builders across three marina sites, transforming Downtown Miami’s waterfront into a yachting enclave.   The 2020 show will unveil some of the year’s most striking and luxurious new yachts, including the U.S. debut of SilverYachts’ 278-foot BOLD, the show’s largest superyacht; the world debut of Hatteras Yacht’s highly anticipated GT65; and the world debut of Monte Carlo Yachts’ MCY 70 Skylounge, the first model of the new MCY Collection, among others (full list below). Azimut Yachts will also showcase 18 yachts, including three U.S. debuts – the Azimut 78, Azimut S8 and Azimut Grande 32 Metri – as well as the world premiere of the Azimut Verve 47.   Expanding its international portfolio, which includes luxury yacht builders and brokers from over 32 countries, the Miami Yacht Show will welcome yachts from new exhibitors this year, including Australia’s largest luxury boat builder Riviera Yachts; Dubai-based Majesty Yachts, and Taiwanese shipyard Horizon Yachts. Italian shipyard Invictus Yacht is also making its U.S. debut at the Miami Yacht Show, introducing Invictus Yacht USA and the U.S. debut of its GT370 model at its first American boat show.   Miami Yacht Show’s Superyacht Miami, located on Island Gardens Deep Harbour Marina on Watson Island, which can accommodate yachts up to 400 feet, will be transformed into an exclusive destination displaying show-stopping mega yachts such as BOLD; 248-foot BELLA VITA by Lurssen; 163-foot MISS MONEYPENNY V by Overmarine; 164-foot HOSPITALITY by Westport Yachts; 161-foot HUNTER by Trinity Yachts; and 154-foot USHER by Delta Marine.   Other superyachts displayed at the Miami Yacht Show will include the 163-foot THUNDER YACHT by Oceanfast; the 100-foot RUTLI E by Benetti; and the 100-foot Mb3 by Hargrave. Miami entrepreneurs Norman Braman and David Grutman will also showcase their yachts at the show, including Braman’s 175-foot KISSES and Grutman’s 81-foot GROOT, which has hosted many of Hollywood’s most recognizable celebs. With more than 15 new yachts at this year’s show; here is a small look at what’s debuting:  BOLD | SilverYachts | U.S. Debut BOLD is the fifth, largest and most recent superyacht by Australia’s premier luxury yacht builder SILVERYACHTS, harnessing the world’s leading fuel efficiency, and technical supremacy, defined by her predecessors. Working in collaboration with renowned yacht designer, Espen Øino, Silver Yachts showcases the unique flexibility of their efficient platforms. BOLD reveals aggressive styling, expansive interior and exterior spaces. 48 Wallytender X| Ferretti Group & Wally | World Debut Hot on the heels of the world debut of the exciting new 48 Wallytender this autumn, Wally with Ferretti Group will reveal at the upcoming Miami Yacht Show the first unit of a new, fully powered outboard version of the cutting-edge Wally day cruiser. Combined with a dependable hull design and a light carbon fiber construction from the in-house experts at Wally and Ferretti Group, the result is impressive: high top speeds and very low consumptions for extended range. Preliminary sea trials have indicated maximum speeds in excess of 55 knots and a cruising speed of 40 knots with a range of 320nm. Azimut 78 | Azimut Yachts | U.S. Debut At 23.60 meters in length (77 feet) and with a beam of 5.75 meters, the Azimut 78 is bringing futuristic design and ultra-modern technology as the new flagship in the Azimut Yachts Flybridge Collection. The ultra-innovative Azimut 78 is part of the Carbon-Tech generation and the first Flybridge to be fitted with three Volvo IPS propulsion units. Alberto Mancini, who designed the sleek, futuristic exteriors, and Achille Salvagni, the creator of the sophisticated interior design, took up and won the challenge thrown down by the Shipyard to achieve the perfect balance between ever more dynamic lines and ever larger volumes. The yacht’s layout offers the utmost comfort and privacy, with the clear separation of crew and guest flows, and a highly versatile day area to meet the needs of contemporary owners. Azimut Grande 32 Metri | Azimut Yachts | U.S. Debut The Azimut Grande 32 Metri is avant-garde in every sense, not least because of the multiple unprecedented solutions that establish its right to a prominent position as one of the world’s most advanced and modern superyachts, or the advanced naval platform that is packed with technology: the combination of Carbon Tech, D2P® hull and wave piercer (which increases the length at the waterline by 1.8 meters), results in peerless consumption efficiency. For tickets and official site:

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Fall Outfit Ideas with Karen Huggins

  By Karen Huggins / @Karenhuggins_blog Christmas is around the corner and many of us are running around making plans and buying gifts. It is always a good time to share a few gorgeous fall pieces that are perfect for fall outfit ideas. I hope you like them ! Black Jumpsuit and strass earrings are always a good idea. A black or white jumpsuit is a basic that could be worn in the summer with flat sandals or in the fall with high heels, strass earrings and a blazer or coat.  Osklen Jumpsuit / @osklen Sometimes we have many options in our closet that is difficult to come up with an outfit. When you are in doubt, select a basic like a black mini dress, add a classic pair of boots and a cute or statement cardigan. This outfit will make you look stylish.  Geegeebae Cardigan / @shopgeegeebae On a daily basis we want to look casual and effortless chic, right? But what about those days when we feel bold and what to make a statement?  Mixing patterns is perfect for those days. Last week in Miami was Art Basel week. It is an art fair staged annually in Miami Beach, selling the works of established and emerging artists. Everything is not about art during Art Basel, there are also many parties and fashion events. It was the perfect excuse to wear bold outfits like this one:  Geegeebae Coat / @shopgeegeebae  After a busy Art Basel week my plans are to have a casual brunch with friends and walk with Teddy and my husband. What do you think about this outfit, casual and cute, right?  Macy’s Ralph Lauren Shorts / @macys @ralphlauren outfit  Coffee with friends is always a good idea. My favorite place to go for a coffee is the Miami Design District: Designer stores and coffee places such as Pura Vida and OTL. Macy’s Ralph Lauren Coat with Vanessa / @macys @ralphlauren @karenhuggins_blog and @vanessarosetilley We can’t forget that Fall in Miami is also the Gala season. I had the opportunity to meet Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka designers and enjoyed a beautiful presentation of their new collection. It was a dream come true, I felt like a princess for one day with their gorgeous dresses.  Gown Badgley Mischka, Mark Badgley and James Mischka / @badgleymischka designers  This was the second outfit, perfect for Art Basel: lots of sparkling and statement boots. Ready to be seen at Art Basel LOL.  Jacket and pants Badgley Mischka / @badgleymischka outfits @karenhuggins_blog and @vanessarosetilley  We can’t forget animal print, it was the main attraction at the catwalks this year. If you also want to start with the mixing prints trend but want to be safe at the same time, this outfit could be a good idea (mixing same color prints):  Good American outfit / @goodamerican  Besides Galas, parties and events; I also work from 9 to 5 so I can’t forget the office outfits (I need to afford clothing and trips ?). This Escada suit is the perfect option to look great at the office. Escada Suit / @escadaofficial 

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