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Emily Estefan

By Gisel Habibnejad Photographed by Natalia De La Guardia The crowd roars as Gloria Estefan introduces her daughter, Emily Estefan, to the stage at the Miami Beach 100 Concert. Her debut performance of her song, “I Just Want It To Be Over,” was a success as the audience went wild. Performing live in front of 30,000 people is nerve-racking for most, but for Emily she felt right at home. She has been touring with her family ever since she could remember, so the limelight is no stranger to her. However, now she is coming to her own with her debut album, Take Whatever You Want, and its first single titled “F#ck To Be.” The song and music video, directed by Gloria, explain the struggle of what society expects her to be and act versus who she truly is. “There are two POVs in the video, it is either what I see or what the mirror sees. It is me against the mirror. The mirror being expectations that I carry of myself, or what people expect me to be. I’m combatting the mirror,” says Emily. Emily has exciting changes coming in the next few years with the release of her highly anticipated forthcoming album sometime this year, and graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Contemporary Songwriting and Production and a minor in Philosophy the following year. For more information on Emily Estefan, please visit Click here to view this post in the MSM January/February 2016 digital issue