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‘Pillow Talk’ With Sleeping Expert Dr. Adam Zuber

A good night sleep is essential to health. So what to blame, if you are not getting the satisfying great rest you deserve? If we believe the latest wave of commercials and articles on that topic: Blame it on your pillow! Sadly the pillow industry is a jungle full of false claims that often shatters the consumers’ high hopes. We sat down with top board certified neurologist and sleeping expert Dr. Adam Zuber.   MSM: Finding the right pillow seems to be a big deal these days … Does the right pillow really make such a big difference? AZ: The right pillow makes all the difference in the world, as sleeping is the major part of our life and is where our mind, body and soul rests and recuperates. Without the right pillow one can have restless sleep, restless sleep makes us cranky, less productive and ineffective during the day.  People who snore are restless sleepers no matter how much time they spend in bed, their sleep is non restorative.  Pillows are what make sleep better and the proper positioning provides optimal sleeping position. MSM: Can the wrong pillow cause harm? AZ: For the longest time we used to have thin one inch high pillows, as once seen in President Lincoln’s bedroom in the White house.  Then once we got TV and computers in our bedrooms pillows turned from two to four to king size and extra puffed pillows, but these are effective only to use for leaning on and watching TV, using computers and facetiming not particularly for sleep.  The wrong pillow can cause you to snore, aggravate sleep apnea, cause neck pain, make headaches worse, make your blood pressure high, increase chances of stroke and heart attack and complications of pregnancy.  Wrong pillows can lead you to have crooked faces and wrinkle and age faster. MSM: Is that why so many people feel compelled to invent a new one? AZ: The pillows in the market have not been working and we as humans have been making use of whats available.  None of the pillows have had any medically proven science behind them. Till this point, pillows have only been there for us to lean on and provide a soft place to rest our head but not provide all the benefits that the Sona Pillow® Classic and the Sona Pillow® O model provide.  The first time a pillow was shown to be beneficial for us was when I invented and propagated the Sona Pillow® which uses Sona Positioning® and prevents snoring and sleep apnea.  Since then a lot of pillows have made claims but with no real credible science behind it.       MSM: You are a top neurologist and sleep expert, what made you invent your own pillow?  AZ: As a fellowship trained Board Certified Neurologist and Sleep Specialist working at Neurology Associates of Scottsdale Arizona my expertise and experience in the field lead me to design the Super pillow the only pillow to be ever approved by the FDA for use in snoring and sleep apnea and proven medically effective for the same.  After the ongoing success of the Sona Pillow® I designed the remarkable Sona Pillows® which are perfectly comfortable and instantly effective and usable.  I am the director of multiple sleep labs and I saw first hand the struggles of people suffering from poor sleep, lack of sleep, sleep apnea, stroke, heart diseases and snoring.  I did sleep studies everyday to check what was wrong with people while sleeping and frequently started them on the horrid CPAP.  I wanted to make a pillow that not only helped peoples sleep issues but had multiple other benefits.  The Sona Pillow® Classic and Sona Pillow® O model helps with side sleeping, wrinkle prevention, consolidating sleep, neck pain, snoring and having restful sleep.     MSM: What sets it apart from the competition? What are the benefits? Both the Pillows, the Sona Pillow® Classic and the Sona Pillow® O model, are unique, patented and contain breakthrough technology which remarkably improve sleep. I feel this needs to be shouted from the top of the highest mountain to get the word out there about these revolutionary pillows.  These pillows position the user in a side sleeping position with the head facing downwards, this is a trademarked position used only by these pillows. This patented position moves the jaw forward because of gravity, as you are using the pillow on your side with the head in a downwards facing inclined position thus preventing the jaw from moving backwards and avoiding the obstruction of the throat that causes snoring, sleep apnea and related consequences. The Sona Pillow® was made specifically to deal with sleep apnea, snoring and the sleep disturbances that happen when one is sleeping.  The Sona Pillow® Classic consists of a triangular top for placing the head on either inclined side and moves the jaw forward.  The lower part of the inclines has recess for your arms to extend easily under your head.  This not only helps you to sleep better and prevent snoring and sleep apnea but also avoids the arm from falling asleep under your head.  The pillow is high grade cotton with polyfiberfill and both the pillow and the case is washable, hypoallergenic and mold resistant. The Sona Pillow® O model, is the updated iteration of the Sona Pillow® and is circular in shape with a mushroom top and a raised base.  The pillow is instantly comfortable and can be used on your side or on your back.  This pillow has all the benefits of the Sona Pillow® and more.  The pillow is made of specialized memory foam with a patented shape and cover which prevents wrinkles and creases on the face, this is the only pillow which prevents wrinkles and is an age defying pillow. This is achieved because normal pillows have covers which crease and leaves marks on the users face, also the fillings of crushed memory foam and lumpy materials cause the creases on users faces. This is prevented by using the patented Sona Pillow® O model. This pillow also has