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Fashion Project Hosts Successful Four-Day Film Festival at Bal Harbour Shops

By Gisel Habibnejad Photography by World Red Eye Learning about the fashion industry firsthand often involves working hands-on, side-by-side veterans. However, sometimes it’s fun to sit back and watch classic movies as they take you on a virtual tour of fashion throughout the decades. Guests enjoyed this marvelous experience at Fashion Project’s four-day fashion film festival, Wearing Time: Returns, Recalls, Renewals. With films curated by Marketa Uhlirova of Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, who is co-founder of Fashion in Film, and Tim Gunning of the University of Chicago’s Department of Film and Media Studies, the collection features pop culture hits, underground films, and rare footage at the hands of the guests. “In film, not only can dress become a vehicle with which to travel through time, is can also measure time, set its rhythm. It allows us to wear time, even as time wears us out,” shared Marketa Uhlirova and Tom Gunning. For more information on Fashion Project, please visit

Fashion, MSM Online, Shows & Events

Bal Harbour Celebrates 50th Anniversary with FP04: The Anniversary

Photography by World Red Eye To celebrate Bal Harbour’s 50th anniversary, “Fashion Project” developed FP04: The Anniversary. The exhibition will be running until January 20th, 2016 and is made up of collections curated by Judith Clark. The collection will consist of “fifty years in fashion history from 1965, when Bal Harbour Shops launched, to the present, taking its cue from the unique incorporation of landscape into the design of the retail center.” The finale of FP04: The Anniversary will be taking place over the course of January 28th-31st with a four-day film festival, “50 + 50: A Century of Fashion.” The films were curated by Tom Gunning, professor of art history and cinema at the University of Chicago, and by Marketa Uhlirova, director of Fashion in Film, a research and education project based at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. The theme is fashion-based, telling the story of how fashion came about and where it is headed.  The importance of fashion should never be forgotten and through this event, attendees will relive the last 50 years of Bal Harbour Shops in preparation for the new groundbreaking moments that await us. For more information, please visit

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