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O Cinema: A Theater of Dreams

By Michèle Bigler Photography Courtesy of O Cinema It has been said that cinema has evolved into the modern book. Most of the classic novels we’ve all heard of or even read have come to life behind the screen in movie theaters and eventually made their way into our living rooms. Many of us can recollect fond memories of our first trip to the theater and the impressions of the big screen usually accompanied by popcorn, slushies or nachos. Cinema, like any art, can be classified into many different fields, however the most relevant is Hollywood Blockbusters vs. independent film. Although we won’t argue the quality of said genres, the lacking of smaller budget films in large venues is lamentable. Fortunately for South Florida film junkies looking to catch first-run independent, foreign, art and family films, they can opt to visit O Cinema for their alternative film needs.    With three locations that sprouted in Wynwood, Miami Beach and Miami Shores you can head over to the more intimate venues that don’t only offer unique screenings, but also attempt to involve the community with local artists by showcasing some of South Florida’s talent at their venues. Currently on display at the Wynwood location is the project 9TOPICS by Amalia Caputo and Marina Font, which takes a deeper look at the contemporary world and the way that we define our existence. Given that modernity is largely defined by a saturation of images and selfies, this project attempts to delineate the self through pictures that steer away from the selfie. 9TOPICS is a promising expo  encompassing 3000+ portrayals of public submissions that present a myriad of interpretations of the self to be exhibited until November 22, 2015. Evidently, O Cinema Miami is the perfect place for a date night or just an evening outside the box that is sure to culturally enrich any spectator and set a spellbinding train of thoughts into motion. For those interested, the following movies will be presented in November: Steve Jobs– yet another perspective into the life of one of the creators of our technologically engrossed modernity. Bridge of Spies– a film that zooms into the cold war through the candid eye of a scrupulous insurance lawyer sent on a mission to negotiate the exchange of three prisoners of war. The Prime Ministers: Soldiers and Peacemakers– an examination of Israeli and Egyptian relations as well as the events that surround the rescue of hostages in Entever in 1976. This documentary looks at the evolution of the tense political relations between Israel and its neighbors. Sufragette– a chronicle about the journey that a trio of women endured in order to advocate woman’s suffrage. La Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)- a showing of Britain’s Royal Opera House featuring a story of love, betrayal and forgiveness. Room– A riveting gaze into a mother’s relationship with her son. What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy– a series of conversations that done a frank insight into the lives of the sons of nazis. For more information, please visit