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“Kicking Back” with Miami Dolphins’ Jarvis Landry

By Zachary Davita Photography by Nisso Studios Known on the field for his explosive kick returns, miraculous one handed catches and for setting the Dolphins’ rookie record for most receptions last year, the Dolphins’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry has emerged as a multitalented player for both his team and in the NFL. Never satisfied, Jarvis looks to build upon his first season success. “Individually, I just continue to be consistent, continue to try and make plays, and help use my energy on those plays to feed the guys around me,” explains Jarvis. He went on to talk about the Dolphins working hard each and every day at practice and, despite the tough spot the team is in, they are going to “kick it back into gear and turn it in the right direction.” Throughout Jarvis’ career, he credits his success to the mentoring his coaches provided along the way. “[They] allowed me to better myself and pick up habits that some guys wouldn’t have coming into the league.” This allowed Jarvis to have a “pro outburst” right out of the gate, which some other rookie receivers never discover. Just like his nickname, Juice, which he earned for his intense energy during practices as well as games, off the field Jarvis likes to wear his passion literally on his sleeve. “Fashion came from my brother. Just having him be in my life from a young age, he was always a big collector of shoes, clothes and when I was young I always wanted to be like him. But fashion is always something that I took to heart, you know, and it’s grown over the years.” Jarvis has worked with brands such as Destined for Greatness and Ethika, but for him fashion is an outlet, a unique way to express himself. Besides fashion, Jarvis likes to kick back, listen to some country/blues as well as strum the guitar himself. “I started at a young age, but when I got to the NFL, a guy on our team always played the guitar in the locker room. He inspired me to pick it up again.” His love for music comes from its historic past and he thoroughly enjoys putting a country spin on such modern artists as The Weeknd and Drake while playing his guitar. “My favorite Drake song to play has to be ‘Fall for Your Type.’” The continued hype around Jarvis Landry has built to a fever pitch in South Beach. In a recent article from the Miami New Times, Jarvis was mentioned as becoming the possible Dwyane Wade of the Miami Dolphins, something he considers to be a great honor. “You know I’ve been here for two years, Dwyane’s been here all his career, so just to be mentioned with a guy like that, it means a lot.” Jarvis again credited his coaches and all teams he’s been on that allowed him to further his success, but “we still have room to grow.” Recently he hosted the Jarvis Landry GiveBack Mentoring session, which gave him an opportunity to be a positive athletic role model, something he never had. “Being in the position that I’m in, being able to inspire young people and allow them not to make the same mistakes that I made… for me that’s the most important thing about giving back to the community.” Jarvis hopes to instill good advice on the young Miami community. Jarvis has looked up to such wide receivers as Larry Fitzgerald, Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens. “Having the opportunity to watch some of those guys live their legacy…on and off the field gave me the blueprint on what not to do and what to do.” With that blueprint, Jarvis was inspired to be the person and player that he is today. Jarvis Landry is young, creative, humble, driven and emulates his nickname Juice both on and off the field. His love and passion for the game could propel him to be mentioned with the very names that drove him to pursue a football life. Follow Jarvis Landry on Twitter: @God_Son80 & Instagram: @v.royalty.s Click here to view this post in MSM’s November/December 2015 digital issue