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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Dreaming Tree

By Gisel Habibnejad

Who knew that wine and music could have so much in common? The Dave Matthews Band and Steve Reeder have proven this to be the perfect recipe to successful winemaking. The world knows Dave through his professional career as a musician, most may be surprised to find winemaking at the top of his resume. Through his own winery in Virginia, Dave became familiar with the wine- making process where his love continued to grow since 2000. When he decided to take his talents to California, he knew he could not go wrong with Steve Reeder. Living in Sonoma for about twenty years, Steve has been a veteran winemaker for quite some time.

Consumers will be happy to know, the grapes are grown pesticide-free, but the eco-friendly process does not end there. The labels are made with 100% recycled kraft brown paper and unbleached ink, the cork closure contains natural resources, and the wine bottles are a quarter pound lighter than the average wine bottle and are manufactured with clean-burning natural gas. With this in mind, The Dreaming Tree reminds its wine drinkers to recycle the bottle with the cork included!

dreamerWhen it comes to choosing a distinctive flavor, The Dreaming Tree wines have it covered. Ideal for seafood lovers, the Chardonnay is flavored using fresh pear and white peaches; it also pairs perfectly with goat cheese and mushroom pizza, herb-roasted chicken, or stone fruit, ricotta, and arugula salad. For the spicy food enthusiast, the Everyday White Wine will hit the spot with its fresh floral, citrus, and ripe honey- suckle to create an impeccable blend of fruit flavors; along with spicy foods, its food pairings include shellfish, crab, or lobster. As for the red wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon combines aromas of blackberry, chart, and dry herbs with a hint of vanilla; recommended pairings are lamb or rich lentil salad. The Crush Red Blend will enrich the flavors of Vietnamese-style grilled ribs and rice when paired together; flavors include caramel oak with a mix of berries.

The Dreaming Tree proves to be the perfect selection for the Fall season, whether it is a romantic picnic, Sunday brunch, football tailgate, quiet dinner, or even for that signature fall dish of baked apple crisps.



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