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The Festival of Trees: Shed a Leaf for Interior Architecture

By Michèle Bigler

Unearth by Strang Architecture sponsored by FLOS USA

With Halloween around the corner, the holiday season has officially kicked off and you know what that means, time to take out your calendar and mark the most noteworthy events of the season. It’s a difficult time because you’ll be forced to pick and choose from a long list of momentous happenings, but not to worry, MSM has scanned some of them for you and will be providing you with the ultimate culture guide for the season. To kick off the myriad of events we’ve hand picked the 29th Festival of Trees a yearly fundraising in honor of the students at the Interior Architecture Department at FIU. 

November 19th marks the 29th fundraiser in which all profits go to the Department of Interior Architecture (9th best in the United States). Those of you looking to succor the Arts and assist South Florida in escalating its artistic flourishing, this is the place for you to give back to the academic community. Head over to the iconic Moore Building for innovative tree designs donned by local designers and maybe bid on one while you’re there or just gawk at the pieces and the protagonist of the edifice: an interwoven installation by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Her attempt to connect each floor symbolically suggests a transgression of borders that hits close to home in Miami and resembles a hypnotizing concrete grapevine. 

Themes in the past have been known to “both compliment and contradict our period” and always “attempt to bring in what concerns our world today” according to previous attendees. Start your holiday season by spectating the work of and mingling with the best designers in South Florida, relishing spectacular cuisine and sipping a few liquid infusions.

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