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The Future of Brazilian Cuisine Comes to Mary Brickell Village: Porcao

Butcher Cut Hangar Steak
Butcher Cut Hangar Steak

The obvious gushing about mouth-watering Beef Cheek Pierogis or the thirst (and liver) quenching Margaret P.L. (a passion fruit and tequila infused cocktail brimmed with chili powder) is expected while boasting about your night spent at Mary Brickell Village’s newest addition to its restaurant rim of fire – Porcao. However, we’d like to think there’s more than meets the eye, or mouth, than just tasty pass-arounds.

Having just swung open its doors to the public this past Wednesday, the Brazilian farm-to-grill restaurant wants its prospective clientele to know something; it’s not your stereotypical “steak-house”. Sure, it’s got enough red meat stocked in its dry-aging room to make a tear roll off Gaga’s cheek. But instead of a connotation that usually shrills “overly-masculine” dining and the barbaric meat-tearing table manners that ensues, having a good time is highly encouraged.

Over the banter of double-dates and an over-due “girls-night-out”, Madonna and Exposé mash-ups chine through your eardrums, really making sure to emphasize on the whole “Saturday night get-down” vibe, even if it is just an average Tuesday night.

Technology plays a huge roll while putting food on Porcao’s many tables. Red, leather bound iPads serve as fine menu replacements. While double tapping and exercising the over-used likes of your index finger, guests are able to scroll through an infinite amount of pictures as hopeful digestive candidates. Not only do you get a very clear idea of what each plate is, but you’re also able to make a wish list of coveted dishes that hit your mmm bone. The iPad also has a wine-pairing feature, wherein the menu recommends a wine that complements each individual dish. Looks like the Rise of the Machines prophecy is in fact being fulfilled.

Once you stop scratching your head and make your selections from the user-friendly iPad, you’re regaled with some of Chef Jeff O’Neil’s homegrown offerings such as the Broiled Veal Marrow – a salty yet potent dish with the help of some horseradish crumbles, smeared along a crispity-crunchity crostini – and the cured salmon with mustard seed and cream paired with toast – promoting a tangy, citrus zest when combining the ingredients – to take the title of best apps. And for dinner, contenders like the oak charred sea bass on a bed of seared cranberry fois gras dumplings, topped with white onion, and the Wagyu Cap Steak with shallots (highly recommended with the potato pillows bedashed with truffle oil) serve as perfect instigators for some major eye-rolling action.

For more of this night-and-dine experience, head over to the 10,500 sq. ft. Brazilian enclave in the heart of Brickell for dinner, and (the soon-to-launch) lunch and brunch Monday–Sunday.

Richie Bag 'o Donuts
Richie Bag ‘o Donuts

Mary Brickell Village at 901 South Miami Avenue, Suite 101. (305) 779-2445;

– Nycole Sariol

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