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The Illamasqua Haunting

Whether we like it or not, the eve of Halloween is upon us. Ghost and ghouls will soon emerge from lawyer’s offices and photography studios where they lurk during the day, and terrorize the streets in their most capable yet outlandish disguises, leaving their day job behind for the night. In order to prep for such a wicked, confection-craze fright-fest, they flood into the Illamasqua counter at Bloomingdales in the Aventura Mall by the numbers.

Illamasqua is a UK based make-up brand that has spread like an epidemic from the English Channel all the way to American shores, landing in homeland soil and bringing colorful individuality to cities like New York, New Jersey, Chicago and most recently, Miami. Every first Saturday of each month, the “movement” of a brand educates eager, make-up buffs on the ins and outs of proper application along with the use of each product (like their cruelty-free, synthetic brushes) by holding first-hand tutorials of tricks and tips to refine your once amateur beauty skills to expertise levels. In this week’s Beauty School Drop In class, the Illamasqua “creatives” schooled the “pupils” on how to make heads do a 360-degree turn while howling at the full moon light, or maybe just enjoying a signature Eyeball Martini at your best friend’s Monster Mania soiree, either way, Illamasqua has the “faces” that you need to be wearing on October’s most celebrated day of the dead.

Little Lolita – Good for guises like geishas or flappers.
Poison Ivy’s Evil Twin – Try this look for a playful peacock or a seductive serpent.
The Queen of Darkness – Although this look could go with just about anything, we recommend pairing it with a racy cat suit or a Wicked Witch from the Southeast number.





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