The missing link in music: The IDA Program

Photo courtesy of IDA Program

By Sandra Mateu

“When preparation and opportunity collide success happens,” said Award Winning Producer Rudy Perez.  An initiative born during a regular day of auditions from the minds of music legends Rudy Perez and David Frangioni. In a time where independent artists are taking the reins of their careers using multiple platforms and innumerable tools available by current technology. In a label-less world where there is a big gap of professional guidance and longtime experience. The final moment of realization took place and the missing link of today’s music industry came to life: The IDA Program (Inspire & Develop Artists Educational Program).

“Rudy and I have joined forces to develop the artists of tomorrow. It’s truly profound to me how passionate and visionary Rudy Perez really is as a producer, songwriter and now in the development of artists. It’s inspiring to see someone of his magnitude that nurturing to the world,” said David Frangioni.

IDA is a top notch package of everything an artist needs to become successful in the industry. With the invaluable guidance of professionals of the caliber of Billboard Magazine’s 2010 “Producer of the Decade” Rudy Perez, 3 year vocal coach of “The X Factor” TV show Mark Hudson, the Pioneer in music technology David Frangioni and Multi-Grammy winner Jon Secada. It includes an incredible curriculum of activities such as songwriting, improvement of your craft, music production, vocal coaching, stage performance, choreography, refining your image and even personal studio sessions.

This program was born July 1st, 2012. It just finished its first session and it is in the works of becoming the next big reality show. The pilot took place in Miami Beach with an amazing group of 16 artists that took the journey of a lifetime in a boot camp where coaching is a non-stop process.

“Artist development has been declining and no one is really doing anything for these talented kids,” Rudy Perez. This educational package offers top of the line mentors that are vital to a musician’s career. “Imagine having access to people of this quality. It is truly invaluable,” David Frangioni.

“We had a goal and it turned out to be much bigger and much more challenging …to transform a becoming artist to their highest level in 7 days. These kids found talent they were not even aware of!” Rudy Perez.

Every member of IDA comes out of the program with a recorded song produced and co-written by an elite team of leaders. “This is a tremendous opportunity. This opens a lot of doors. Imagine showing up with a great song written by Mark Hudson to an audition,” Rudy Perez.

“If you are prepared, when an opportunity like IDA comes around, success is not that far away,” Rudy Perez.

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