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The New Year Standard Procedure

By Gisel Habibnejad

With the New Year comes new resolutions. The most common of all is health and fitness related; however, rarely do people stay true to it all year long. You can make this year different by searching for fun and unique ideas. The Standard Spa Miami has health and fitness activities that will make you not want to stray away from your goals.

Just as fitness is important to you, it is just as important to The Standard Spa Miami. They want to ensure you enjoy your workouts with a unique experience. Paddle Board your way to a better body with their exclusive stand up session that strengthens your core and builds balance. The spa also provides various options for yoga classes. H2-Om is a class inspired by a different international or national instructor each week. Known as “meditation in motion,” Power Vinyasa burns calories while remaining in a relaxation state-of-mind. In addition, the hotel also offers one-on-one fitness classes to ensure you receive personal and customized sessions.

Pedicure_Room 004
Building the right nutrition regimen takes your fitness levels to the next step. The Standard Spa Miami encourages a nutritional balance with its Combination Cures and Health Workshops. The Nutrition and Cooking features explore new and inventive ways to change-up your daily meals inspired by international dishes. Soak your body with sweet orange and milk warm compressions to soften your skin with the Vitamin Wrap.

Everyone knows massage and spa time is just as important as fitness, right? Relaxation and skin stimulants do contribute to good health. With your choice between three different types of mud formulas, the Mud Lounge consists of applying mud all over your body infused with algae that will tighten pores, expel blotchiness, clear toxins, and tone your skin. Afterwards, you can lounge on their bayside terrace as the mud sits in and works its magic. The Standard Scrub begins with a full-length bathtub dip to soften your skin and open your pores followed by a full-body scrub down using gingergrass and bamboo grass for exfoliation. Then, finish off with a “head-to-toe-rock-your-body” cleansing. One of the popular spa attractions is the Solar Circle. The spacious, green area allows for alone time with a good book, exercise, picnic, or just relaxation with friends.

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A special experience offered by The Standard Spa Miami is their Hamam feature. Defined as the “spreader of warmth,” it slowly raises your body temperature, allowing for de-stressing of body tensions and soreness. The segments to further your Hamam experience includes dipping into the Hamam bath, which can be filled with your choice of bath salts. The DIY Hamam Bar allows clients to enjoy Hamam their own way and own enjoyment. The Hamam White Clay Detox consists of combining Hamam with the Mud Lounge. To add bellystones to your bath, try the Turkish Hamam Rub and Scrub.

After your workout and spa treatments, what better way to end the day than with a manicure and pedicure? The Standard Spa Miami uses special and earth-friendly chemicals to treat your hands and feet to a healthy revival.

Photography Courtesy of THE STANDARD MIAMI SPA

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