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Miami Real Estyle – The Real Deal with Bravo TV’s Chris Leavitt

By Gisel Habibnejad

When Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing Miami star, Chris Leavitt, is not busy breaking real estate records – he can be found relaxing in many of Miami’s luxurious spas. By perfecting the balancing act of work and play, he has become the essence of all that is Miami. His smart work ethic not only derives from drive and ambition, but it stems from his 20+ years of experience dating back to when his parents first invested in real estate which peaked his interest. Chris inspires many current and future real estate brokers who idolize him. MSM catches up with Chris Leavitt for a one-on-one interview:

chris1MSM: What about Miami do you love the most?

CL: I love the fact that I am watching it turn into a world-class city right before my eyes. The finest hotels, spas, and restaurants are opening up and also culture is moving into Miami like never before with new museums and parks.

MSM: In your opinion, what is the state of the Miami real estate economy?

CL: Booming with no sign of slowing down.

MSM: Tell us about the characteristics of your typical client.

CL: I tend to have clients who demand the finest things in life. My clients also require the absolute best customer service, and fortunately, that is my speciality.

MSM: Where do you find your clients or how do your clients find you?

CL: My client base is almost 100 percent word of mouth referrals.

MSM: In what Miami developments can we find some of your biggest listings?


MSM: Share with us what has been your most successful deal to date.

CL: My most successful deal to date is not necessarily the most expensive but one where I was able to sell a house in Palm Beach on a bet. The seller and I bet that I could sell it in 10 days and I did it. The seller told me it would take me at least 30 days and I did it in 10 days as I promised.

MSM: What is the approximate aggregate dollar value of all your listings today?

CL: Well over $200 million.

MSM: In 2013, it is said you sold over $120 million in real estate transactions. That’s a number that instills a lot of envy in the eyes of many agents on the street. What is it about your business approach that differs from the agent selling less than $5 million a year in transactions?

CL: I work smart. I know how to navigate away from people that will never buy or are unrealistic sellers, and focus on collaborating with clients that are focused on making a deal.

MSM: Do you feel your fashionable style plays a significant role in attracting the high net worth clients that surround you?

CL: It doesn’t hurt, but what attracts clients to me is my honesty, trustworthiness, and hustle.

MSM: In Bravo Tv’s Million Dollar Listing Miami, you carry yourself with great style. Do you shop with a personal wardrobe stylist or do you style yourself?

CL: Thank you. I do all of my own shopping and have a very discriminating taste when it comes to my personal style. I feel that my personal style reflects the high-end, luxury brand image of my clients and the fine homes I sell.

MSM: How do you celebrate on the day of closing of a multi-million dollar deal?

CL: Spa, spa and more spa!

Photographed by JUAN FERNANDO

Renderings Courtesy of BATH CLUB ESTATES 


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