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The Wines of Guado al Tasso

By Alyse Mier

Renowned winemaker Allegra Antinori led wine enthusiasts through a tasting as part of Wine Spectator’s Wine Seminar series, hosted annually during South Beach’s Wine and Food Festival.

From fruity whites to full structured reds, with notes of spice, the wines varied greatly in color, price and taste.

Antinori explained the rich history behind each of the five wines being sampled and described the complexity of the land in the Bolgheri region, where the wines are made. These challenges contribute directly to the unique qualities of each wine.

The Antinori family history is a narrative about devotion to wine making. It stretches 26 generations and is deeply rooted in the family’s legendary Guado al Tasso Estate in Tuscany.

Guests can account for how the Antinori’s commitment to tradition, passion and innovation has made them one of the leading producers of fine wine.

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