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This Oil has more Nutrients than Fish Oil!

By: Ingrid Macher

I’ve made it very clear in the past how much I love fish oil. It was the only fish-type oil I was use to and took it religiously. That is, until I heard about the awesomeness of cod liver oil. Many people think the two are the same, and in some aspects they are, but while they are both great for you, cod liver oil has some extra benefits that I love.

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make my siblings and I take cod liver oil. I hated it at the time, like I hated most things that were good for me (like most kids), but now that I’m an adult, I can appreciate it. In my country, cod liver oil is called Emulsion de Scott, which is a liquid form of the oil (different to the pill form most people are used to from regular fish oil). Now-a-days, they make cod liver oil in both a pill and the liquid. I love the liquid because I can just add it to my daily protein shakes and juices in the mornings. If you don’t like to swallow pills, the liquid version is for you.

Cod liver oil is from the liver of the cod fish (you probably could have guessed that). While both oils contain the healthy omega-3 fatty acids our bodies ache for, cod liver oil also has an abundance of vitamins that regular fish oils don’t offer, at least not as much. These vitamins have a lot to do with your weight loss, so listen up.

Cod liver oil has been in my family for generations because I now make my kids take cod liver oil too.  So don’t miss out on these great benefits that this amazing ingredient can bring to your body, not only help you to improve your health, but actually help you to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Vitamin D

Cod Liver canhelp you in your weight loss goals for many reasons. The largest reason however is the high amounts of vitamin D. We Floridians don’t exactly lack vitamin D, but it can be a hard vitamin to come by if you’re not able to get much sunlight. You normally absorb vitamin D through your skin from sunlight, but if that’s not an option for you, don’t fret, I still have a solution for you- cod liver oil.
What the vitamin D does is boost your body’s testosterone levels. Now don’t freak out, this doesn’t mean you’re going to grow hair on your face. It just means that you’ll be able to increase lean muscle and decrease fat.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Cod liver oil, like fish oil, has a very high content of omega 3 fatty acids, something essential to your weight loss success. A lot of people think they should stay away from all fat in order to lose weight – that just isn’t true.
Omega 3 not only helps decrease your body fat, but it specifically helps you lose fat in your stomach… Where can I sign up? Omega 3’s also have anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve arthritis symptoms, relieve asthma effects, reduce your daily stress, help prevent allergies and improve brain function capabilities. So should you be consuming healthy fats? The answer is undoubtedly yes!

Vitamin A

Think of this as even more benefit for the outside of your body. Although vitamin A helps improve and maintain your immune system (which is something we all want and need) and prevents viral and bacterial infections and illnesses, it does a lot for the outside of your body as well. Vitamin A helps strengthen your eyesight and improves your skin to have a healthy glow.

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