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Too Busy to Eat? Kabuto Has You Covered!

By Carissa Davis
Paul Clarke/London, Rick McCurry/NYC

Having trouble finding the time to enjoy your entire lunch break? Research shows that only one in five people actually take their full one hour lunch. The fashion and food industries have responded to this with the unveiling of the ultimate fashion accessory, a bag that makes your lunch for you while you’re on the go!

Research shows that only one in five people actually take their full one hour lunch break. Instant noodle makers, Kabuto Noodles has created the first ever handbag that contains a special insulated compartment for a pot, allowing the bag owner to eat lunch on the go and always do it in style. Most recently, the bag has made appearances this month at both New York and London fashion weeks.

Kabuto wanted to give professionals who have little time to purchase or prepare lunch, a chance to experience exceptional dining regardless of their location or amount of free time. The instructions are simple; Just add water, pop on the lid and go!

Kabuto Noodles CEO and founder, Crispin Busk said his product is perfect for professionals who are serious about both their work and style, “Kabuto Noodles are the perfect snack for those with a busy lifestyle so we wanted to create something stylish and practical for people to carry with them everywhere they go. Who wouldn’t want to eat noodles from their handbag?!”

The handbag also has very practical functions. It contains two compartments for everyday items including but not limited to sunglasses, keys, loose change and your wallet. The bag also comes with a set of chopsticks totally convenient for your on-the-go activities. Designer of the Kabuto bag, Lara Lindsay discussed her pride in the bag’s stylish yet convenient style, “It was important for us to create the ultimate accessory that not only tastes good but looks good too. Having put a lot of effort into the design of the bag we’re extremely pleased with the slick results, a bag with a functional interior and chic, stylish exterior. We’re hoping for the Kabuto bag to be a real talking point this season, with it’s contemporary design combining italian leather and canvas, it’s set to be a hit with fashionistas at this years London Fashion Week.”

The Kabuto bag’s appearances at New York and London fashion weeks have definitely created a serious buzz in the fashion world. Will you be trying this look?

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