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What is your position within the show Top Recruiter?

I am the Creator & Executive Producer of the show.

What is the show Top Recruiter about?

Top Recruiter is a reality series – where 6 recruiters come together and take on a series of challenges based on the job market. We aim to showcase the process of what happens behind the scenes of a recruiters job. Through that process, we want to give job seekers some insight and tricks of the trade so they may implement some in their job hunting endeavors. Plus there’s great drama between these huge personalities.

What category does Top Recruiter fall under in reality TV, is it a planned or a followed story?

I am a big fan of the “unexpected”! This is the reason why we have no script on set. As the executive producer, I read the human behavior on set and develop the day’s filming format.

How did you come up with the idea of Top Recruiter?

The idea of Top Recruiter was born in the dawn of the recession. We realized then, like many people did, that things were about to change- quickly. We also realized that while many people were losing their jobs and homes, there were other opportunities as a direct result of this recession. We knew that many people simply did not have the inside knowledge that a recruiter has. We wanted to deliver this information in a way that was entertaining so that people would watch and learn and hopefully apply the information to their situation and thrive. There was so much doom and gloom hovering over us as a country that we really felt something should be done. I have always had a passion for film, I just took my two passions and married them.

What’s the process of casting your stars?

1. The single most important characteristic is knowledge base. For us, we want the show to be credible. We want to educate and only people with real expertise can really do that, right?

2. Secondly, this is a show – and shows need to be entertaining to keep any attention by the viewer. So we look for bold personalities who don’t cringe at the sight of a camera. They simply need to be comfortable in front of the camera, not everyone can do that.

3. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence!!

What job markets do Top Recruiters target?

EVERY Industry.

What are your Top Recruiters competing for amongst each other?

The “reputation” of being the world’s best. Every winner has seen a tremendous elevation in their career and personal brand.

Once a winner is selected what is the Grand Prize?

A dinner with me. Did I just say that?! Seriously, they win something pretty – Job Security They really could work at any Fortune 500 company if they wanted to. Just as long as they still perform to their abilities.

Has Top Recruiter Miami achieved the success you were hoping for?

We couldn’t be happier with the achievements of Top Recruiter. We set out to help a very important industry at a very important time in our country’s history. We feel that we helped shed some light on how to get ourselves out of a rut. There have been a number of publications that have been written about the show, and in them, I find the meaning of success.

What inspires you the most in making your business decisions?

As I turn 40 years old, I want to work on projects that make sense in 2 areas. One, it needs to “move” me. I need to be “turned” on. There needs to be a “risk” factor. Secondly, it needs to make sense financially. Since I will be working 95% of the time raising the funds for each reality series or film I am working on – I need to see that my time is valued. I perform at a high standard and expect nothing less.

Do you have any plans for other reality shows in the near future?

Yes, I am working on raising funds for Social Media Stars Reality Series.

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