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Transforming Healthcare: An Integrated Strategy for the Treatment of Long COVID and Chronic Diseases

By Nadja Atwal
Worldwide, an estimated 65 million individuals grapple with the persisting consequences of COVID-19, commonly referred to as Long COVID. This figure represents the official count, with the true number presumed to be even greater. Those affected by Long COVID suffer from a variety of incapacitating symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, ongoing cough, muscle soreness or weakness, issues with concentration, disruptions in sleep patterns, and psychological distress, including symptoms of depression and anxiety, which can profoundly affect an individual’s quality of life. Research has unveiled that Long COVID can lead also to brain damage.

Economic Consequences for Companies
A global investigation into Long COVID has shown that many individuals are still unable to return to their full working capacity six months after infection. This scenario poses challenges not just for employees but also for company leaders and entrepreneurs, who are not immune to Long COVID’s
effects, including fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and respiratory issues, potentially diminishing their work performance and decision-making capabilities.

Tackling Long COVID and Related Conditions
The ongoing battle against COVID-19, Long COVID, and Post COVID conditions poses significant hurdles for healthcare systems across the globe. In Florida, close to 17% of the population has been affected by Long COVID, as recent CDC findings suggest, with research continuing until December.
Despite the University of Miami Health System COVID-19 Heart Program being among the few recognized long COVID treatment centers in Florida, it mainly addresses cardiac inflammation and fibrosis.

Cell4Care, a therapeutic facility in Mallorca, is extending its support to individuals worldwide battling Long COVID and a spectrum of chronic ailments. Historically, the medical field has concentrated on
pathogenesis, the origin and development of diseases, frequently overlooking the fundamental causes. Cell4Care, however, pioneers a novel approach, with a team of experts in traditional medicine exploring complementary biological therapies aimed at identifying and treating the root causes of chronic illnesses. This shift from symptom management to root cause resolution signifies a revolutionary change in healthcare practices.

Innovations in Medical Treatment
Cell4Care is keenly aware of these challenges, providing specialized diagnostic evaluations and therapies and has effectively helped patients return to their jobs and improve their life quality. The healthcare team performs thorough diagnostics to determine why certain patients have not recovered from the virus, as explained by Ruth Biallowons, a specialist in general medicine and naturopathy. “To find out exactly what is affecting these people, the cause of why they have not recovered from the
virus, we then have the ability to apply individually tailored concepts. This naturally includes the whole topic of nutrition, gut health, nutrients, inflammation, and so forth. Thus, with the individual concept, we
can precisely say, okay, this person needs this approach.”

Proof of Success
Over a period of five years and through a collaborative, evidence-based approach, Cell4Care has validated its treatment model. The integration of medical therapies with the team’s protocols has been shown to be highly effective, offering lasting benefits from the initial treatment. Such results highlight the critical role of holistic health as a societal asset.

A Comprehensive and Patient-Focused Method
Recognizing that diseases are interconnected with an individual’s overall physical and psychological state, lifestyle, occupational environment, and external conditions, Cell4Care adopts an all-encompassing health strategy. This approach is gaining acknowledgment not only in the medical
community but also among non-medical sectors such as wellness and sports industries, which profit from selling medical devices. Cell4Care advises against the use of therapeutic devices without a proper medical evaluation and oversight to prevent negative health consequences.

Highlight on Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)
Their cautious perspective is exemplified in their application of Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT), a therapy that alternates normal oxygen levels with slight oxygen deficits through simulated altitude
conditions to boost metabolic functions and cellular renewal. Nevertheless, without first addressing the body’s underlying inflammatory processes, such training could be counterproductive. Cell4Care
emphasizes the necessity of medical consultations and diagnostics before engaging in any therapeutic practices.

A Serene Mallorcan Retreat
Aiming to provide top-tier healthcare, Cell4Care has established a peaceful retreat in Mallorca, where patients can receive customized medical care in an environment conducive to physical and mental recovery. With direct flights from major U.S. cities to Palma de Mallorca, the retreat’s location in Calvià, boasting luxury apartments and extensive medical facilities, is easily accessible, making it an ideal choice for recuperation and ongoing health management. The Mallorca Institute for Holistic Health and Wellbeing represents a significant step in their mission, offering a blend of medical assessment, supervised therapy, and wellness activities aimed at promoting recovery and sustaining health.

Expanding Services to Include Cosmetic Surgery
Another frequent complication of Long COVID and chronic illnesses is weight gain, often due to reduced activity or poorer dietary choices. Broadening their range of services, Cell4Care also provides cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Mariana Ostrerova, the clinical director and a plastic reconstructive surgeon, specializes in treating patients with lipedema, a chronic fat distribution disorder. “My task is to help these people. With liposuction, you can remove this pain and alleviate the
suffering that lasts for many years. Because with lipedema, we all know, no matter what you do, whether you exercise a lot or eat healthily, the weight on the arms and legs doesn’t go away, and that’s where I can help with liposuction,” Dr. Ostrerova stated. Incorporating cosmetic surgery emphasizes their dedication to comprehensive well-being, not only addressing internal health issues but also assisting patients in achieving their aesthetic goals. In summary, this medical clinic extends beyond
conventional healthcare, offering an integrated, comprehensive solution for those navigating chronic conditions and seeking to improve their overall health. It merges advanced medical and cosmetic treatments with personalized care within a tranquil setting, thereby establishing new standards for attaining and maintaining optimal wellness.

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