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Travel Talk with Lea Black

If Miami had a queen, it would be Lea Black. Smart, regal, powerful, classy and (luckily we live in America) stylish! Our favorite renaissance woman shines with IQ and EQ – so obviously we cared for her take on traveling and caught up with her just before she took off on a trip to LA …

Lea Black: 
Travel is usually stressful for most people. Some people love the travel part and others just love the getting there part. I’m the just get there girl. The airports, airplanes, preparation, scheduling, packing, carting the luggage around part is not something I enjoy, in fact I dread it. 

But what is more exciting than being somewhere fabulous on a trip, especially a luxury trip? So, for me I like to keep it simple and basic. Travel light. Take things that are easily interchangeable, mix and match, comfortable yet chic. Items that don’t need a lot of fuss, that would be the ironing or steaming thing. 

So here’s my plan…

For clothes, a little black dress, a pair of black slacks, a pair of jeans, some casually elegant tops and shoes that will go with any of it, like a pair of basic pumps for night, platforms for day and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you have a basic blazer that goes with everything that’s an easy upgrade from a casual look, especially when you add the jewelry and a scarf. Add your undies and pj’s and you’re all set. 

Depending on the length of travel, I may take a couple of extra slacks or tops, but always things that I can mix and match which will make for several outfits. Pack a few scarfs that go with everything, a day handbag and a night handbag, and maybe a clutch. A gorgeous scarf worn in an elegant style will make any outfit highly styled. Sometimes I take or wear a belt. 

For accessories, sunglasses, perhaps a hat that packs well and the entire wardrobe will fit in a carry bag. The night hand bag will fit in the day bag and I carry that on the plane in my tote bag along with any cash or jewelry and identification. If traveling internationally convert a few dollars into local currency in advance so when you arrive you have cab fare, tipping or any miscellaneous items you might want to pick up on the way to the hotel.  Add a stunning pair of sunglasses and you’re all set. 

Don’t laugh, but if I’ve used items I know I won’t use again for the duration, like things that need cleaning or items I’ve purchased along the way, I fold/ pack them nicely and put in a small box I have the concierge at the hotel provide when I check in and the day before I leave I have my pre paid ground Fedex label ready to put on the box and drop it off at the concierge, usually to arrive about two days after I’m home. This lightens my return luggage and allows a little extra space for any last minute purchases. 

I’ve found if I roll items verses fold them in my carry on, they’re far less wrinkled and usually don’t require much steaming. But if they do, the quick easy remedy is to put on a clothes hanger and hang in the bathroom and turn on the hot water in the shower and the wrinkles steam right out.

For jewelry, and yes, I’m an addict. I only take the Fine jewelry that I can wear unless it’s a long trip. And if I do take a few extra small pieces they are usually safety pinned inside my bra or on my person, (I have been known to wear two watches at once on a plane, hidden under long sleeves or a necklace and pearls, hidden under a scarf). But be aware of what might set the security alarm off and if a concern put in a small bag inside your handbag and as soon as I get through security, I head to the restroom with my secret jewelry plan. My jewelry is safer on  me than in my handbag. And if I have to exit in a hurry, I won’t need to try to grab my jewelry while exiting the plane. In addition I usually pack a few pieces of fashion jewelry, depending where I’m going and length of trip I may just wear or carry mostly fashion/ costume pieces. Earrings, necklace or pearls and cuff, is all you need if you wear a ring and keep it on. Never ever take off a ring to wash your hands. Only take it off to put away or to clean. 

And the second I get to the hotel- I lock my good pieces in the room safe unless I’m wearing them. When I book my hotel, I require three things: a no smoking room, a tub, and a secure safe. Other than that I just try to go with the flow. 

Cosmetics and toiletries; 

I have pre packed at all times in a small clear bag the basics, a new unwrapped tooth brush and tooth paste. My daily skin care routine that is about a three – minute regime a night and a one-two minute regime every morning. I of course use the LeaBlackBeauty facial wash every morning and every night. Followed by the LeaBlack serum day and night. I use the LeaBlack Intensive Moisturizer Lotion under my make up in the morning and the Lea Black Beauty Intensive Moisture Creme at night. This keeps my skin completely hydrated and keeps my skin and pores clean. To help keep the pores small and unclogged and my skin buffed and with a glow, I use the LeaBlackBeauty Exfoliator. This is my Miracle Secret that I use two to three times a week to scrub off the old cells and deep cleanse the pores. That’s my daily skincare regime quick and easy – 5 products total. If I’m going to be gone for more than a week or ten days then of course I pack the Sudden Youth non surgical facelift kit/mask for lifting, toning and firming. I’ve been using this lift/mask faithfully for 25 years. Ten masks come in one kit, it’s easy and affordable.  Then I pack the minimum cosmetics, under eye concealer, foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara, two shadows and a shadow brush, lip liner, two colors of lipstick, blush and a blush brush and a lip gloss. That’s it. If you pack in advance, the skincare, cosmetics, toothbrush, and deodorant will all fit in a very small plastic see through bag making it very easy and user friendly.  If needed add a throw away razor or two. 

By being organized and preplanning, I’m able to pack everything in one carry-on roller bag (always light weight with four wheels, which was life altering for me) and my handbag inside a tote bag along with a few magazines and whatever I might want to access during the trip. The tote bag sits on top of the roller bag and is easy to maneuver through the airport and on the plane. 

Think ahead, plan ahead, pack ahead, adjust your basics to the trip. If winter you’ll need a coat and gloves which take up too much luggage space so wear or carry and if a beach get away, hey you can fit a lot of bikinis in the pockets of just one pair of jeans. ✈

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