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Tyla Durden on Miami

Tyla Durden is taking the post modern music scene by storm. After MTV Europe started to air her video “SexLoveMusicFashion”, Tyla Durden became an instant sensation. Her new Album TH3 OR1G1N4L is hyped as a masterpiece and her talents are validated in many arenas: she is a highly published photographer with top ad campaigns under her belt, a praised stylist, director, writer, musician and simply a woman with great vision.

Almost the minute the Swiss beauty dropped her new post-modern Album, she got the attention of the US music scene, hence Tyla living a jetset life now between two continents working on her first US tour and several high profile collaborations. We were so happy to learn that Miami was her place of inspiration and wanted to find out more.


When in Miami you  may catch me at….

…the beach or in an art gallery. For example at Daniela Wicki’s Gallery Second Avenue in Wynwood. She’s Swiss Origin as well and I admire her art and influence. Or you may catch me of course at Art Basel… This Art fair has its roots as well in switzerland. You see, Switzerland and miami have a wonderful marriage in some case.

The biggest misconception about Miami is…

…that Miami is just about having a party. It’s much more than that. For me this place means a lot of inspiring emotions.
When i first visit Miami in 2008 I had this warm, pure wanderlust feeling inside of me. Knowing I can reach everything. This creative, openminded and cool place is fullfilled with great ideas and innovative people.

The last restaurant I enjoyed in Miami was….

…at the Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant, Washington Ave. Fresh food, a cozy atmosphere and I must confess – a little European flair – there I feel most comfortable. Portions are also for small European-bellies, like mine and the desserts are divine. You feel like God in France.

What surprised me about Miami was…

…that Miami Beach has the worlds largest Art Deco architecture collection. I always knew there are a lot of beautiful buildings along the beach, but I was surprised how many nice Art Deco photo subjects I would find there. Miami with it’s over 800 Art Deco Buildings represents art, architecture and culture. For me as a Photographer and Filmmaker is this pure inspiration. It’s not surprising that so many movies and songs are about Miami.

Best reason to return to Miami aside from the weather?
Miami is riding a wave of technology and optimism that brings smart and risk-taking heads from other cities and country’s to dare a new business. For example, I heard they would like to make a new Silicon Valley. I am very interested in technology, science, art and music. As head of a private company, I know how much courage it takes to create something. Risk tolerance, courage and a good idea are just the beginning. Lots of patience and determination are the prerequisites. I know Miami is a place where such forward ideas are allowed to grow. This is a great reason to come here again and again, to see what’s new.

First time I became really curious about Miami was …?

Sometime around 2001 I just finished my Art School in Switzerland and started my education as an Advertising Photographer. I started dreaming of Miami – because my Photographer Idol Helmut Newton made stunning pictures there at the beach which exerted a huge influence on me and my art to this day. Then I heard that the Art Basel takes place in Miami now, I also remembered the movies Bad Boys, Scarface, Donnie Brasco and that’s when I knew I had to go there.

What happens in Miami stays in Miami…and  our magazine. Any  secret  or funny moment you ‘d like to share about you and this city?

My funny moment: When I woke up after my first Night in a hotel at Miami Beach on Ocean Drive, I checked out if there is some hidden money behind my ceiling fan. I felt like I live a life in the Scarface movie.

My secret: During the massive volcano eruption 2010 in Iceland, I had to stay in Miami 2 weeks more than planned because we couldn’t fly back. So we stayed after our 2 weeks of vacation 4 weeks total. We rent a hotel apartment in north Miami Beach. It was a spectacular decorated hotel, probably had its best times in the 1970s. We knew there where good parties going on in the good old Cocain Cowboys times. We stayed there and had a good time. Enjoyed the beach, we listened to a lot of music and I had to admit I tried out some drugs. But I never had a desire to do drugs consistently. So it was a onetime adventure. I’m an Artist and a dedicated creative – I like to play hard, but I love to work harder.

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