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Unique Experiences with Apexluxe & Aurora Trust Foundation

If you’re seeking for some adventure in your life, or if you consider yourself a flat-out thrill-seeker then Apexluxe has an ideal offer for you! The luxury and logistics company has already made its name in the private transportation world with its charter and executive vehicles services. Now, you can enjoy their Unique Experiences partnered with Aurora Trust Foundation.

SubSea Exlorers Cover Image

Explore ancient 2,000-year old Roman shipwrecks. You will adventure through the shipwrecks accompanied by a three men crew in an air-conditioned C Explorer submarine. Only a privileged few will witness such historical evidence, aside from an archaeologist and professional submarine pilot.


The accommodations include boarding a luxurious yacht and a lovely on-shore villa. This package is best-suited for those interested in explorations with a luxurious twist. The incredible opportunity is only available for a limited time so be sure to book your spot immediately.

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