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Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Brands that I love by Karen Huggins

Garota is an online store based in the heart of Los Angeles and was created to provide women
the latest fashion trends but if we have to describe Garota in one phrase we could say: it is a
dream come true.

Garota was born as Carolina Silvas’ dream. Carolina is an engineer but devoted her life to her
true passion which is Fashion becoming a recognized fashion blogger, entrepreneur and Garota
Co Founder/Creative Director.

The brand was originally born in Venezuela. Carolina started her own business when she was only
20 years old and kept growing it for eight years. She currently has three stores in Miami. Today,
Garota ventures to new projects with the mission to reach people from all over the world
bringing style, good taste, creativity and most of all, work done with love.

If you have a jewelry box full of the latest trends in jewelry you need to check Crystaldust.
Crystaldust is a fun and risky Venezuelan jewelry brand that represents the particular style and
taste of its CEO and designer, Esmeralda C Doganiero. All its pieces are handmade in Colombia
and India with the most select raw materials.

Esmeralda began with her designs as an entrepreneurial project for the university and today
she has positioned herself as one of the most recognized new accessory designers in Venezuela
and Florida.

CrystalDust is admired on social media not only for its designs but also for its way of promoting
the creativity and talent of its followers, always encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting
more and more followers to feel inspired to start their own business.

Esmeralda is passionate about her designs and wants each woman who uses them to feel
special and confident.

Founded in 2014 on a random Thursday night over a few glasses of wine, Cristalina Swimwear
has been successful by understanding the changing and evolving world of swimwear and
meeting the demands of todays’ women by providing a unique, out-of-the-ordinary beach look.

From swimsuits to cover ups, you can find over 75 swimwear and resort brands from all over
the world crafted with love using patterns, textures, and quality fabrics. The roots of their
success stem from being a provider of a variety of accessories and gift items such as bags,
jewelry, and activewear to be able to provide the full look for every special day in the sun, sand,
and water.

Cristalina Swimwear has built an incredible community of women making them feel confident,
feminine and empowered. They partner with brands and fashion influencers to create exclusive
pieces, capsule collections and limited edition styles. 

If we have to talk about an example of perseverance, determination and discipline, let’s talk
about Sharon Ospina. Sharon Ospina is an acclaimed Venezuelan fashion designer, featured in
Vogue British and other iconic industry publications.

The beginning of it for Sharon was not easy but her perseverance always accompanied her,
leading to her success. From an early age (9 years), she learned the basic principles of sewing
with her grandmother, coming from a family dedicated to fashion and entrepreneurship. At the
age of 19, she, Sharon, came to the USA and she began her career in this country participating
in fashion bazaars with casual pieces and she was climbing two years later to haute couture
pieces. Today she is a recognized haute couture designer worldwide making unique pieces created for
the most vibrant, fun, and fearless women.

In 1986 Michele Lopriore opened his first store in Piazza Cadorna in Milan bringing the essence
of a product with highly qualified handcraft and valuable materials, carefully selected to
combine style, elegance and comfort for the cosmopolitan, open and charismatic woman.
Michele Lopriore is a product made entirely in Italy; thirty years of work experience guarantee
the quality and reliability of the brand always maintaining a natural inclination to merge the
trend of the season with class.

Today Michele Lopriore is joined by his son Mike and Giada. Determination and passion have
led Lopriore family to open nine more stores in Lombardy and even beyond national borders
(Brickell City Centre store in Miami is one of them).

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