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VanDutch Yachts: Luxurious Life at Sea

By Angela Betancourt
Photography Courtesy of VanDutch

VanDutch, the Dutch luxury yacht maker, is making waves in the boating world with their new VanDutch 75. As the flagship of their fleet, the new yacht features a large deck, pure lines, and a sleek interior design. The company says it will be the “most majestic member of the VanDutch family.”

Model 8_smThe VanDutch 75 has a high performance engine, can reach a max speed of 28-37 knots, and boasts a very smooth and discreetly quiet ride. Each one comes fully equipped and owners need only worry about what color they want their new yacht to be. The company’s Color Configurator helps make that an easier decision.

The all white interior is spacious and elegant with three full cabins, three full baths, TV’s behind mirrors, and LCD switchable privacy glass in the main cabin. Instead of traditional windows, the VanDutch 75 has OLED screens inside that provide the owners and guests a live stream of their outside surroundings

“It’s the next generation of yachting. We are taking a classic design and modernizing it,” said Nicholas Cardoza, VP of VanDutch Center Miami Beach. “It’s a boat for having fun and arriving in style.”

Providing the ultimate luxury yachting experience is a top priority for this yacht and it’s at the core of the company’s overall success.

“Our approach is not just solely centered on design, engineering and manufacturing,” said Anko Mast, CEO of VanDutch in a recent press release. “It is also centered on creativity, innovation and sustainability.”

Since its founding in 2008, VanDutch has attracted the attention of yacht enthusiasts and celebrities around the world. The company prides itself on their dedication to craftsmanship and their ability to combine the latest technology, speed, and beauty in their designs. Their recreational yachts are now manufactured in the U.S. and are built to provide high performance capabilities, rapid acceleration, and exceptional cornering. Mindful of the environment, VanDutch yachts are created with eco-friendly products and are recognized as being 50% more sustainable than other yachts in the same class.

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