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Waist Nice, Figur8

By MSM Staff
Photography Credits: Josh Eskridge

Figur8 Shapewear – That is. South Florida native April Alonso and British socialite Olesia VB are taking the latest fashion fascination that is the waist trainer and building a brand that empowers women worldwide to rock their curves and turn heads in any scenario.
MSM: What is waist training?
F8: Waist training, waist cinching, or corset wearing in one definition or another, has been around for centuries. Waist training isn’t about getting “skinny”. When done correctly, waist training offers a safe, effective, and sexy way to rock an hourglass figure and accentuate the beautiful curves women already have, instantly. We’ve taken waist training to a new level by combining the smooth shaping effects of 100% latex, with the posture refining power of steel bones to deliver results that shape the mid-section to give you a figure eight physique you can flaunt at the gym, on the town, or at the office.

MSM: How is Figur8 so different?
F8: We are obsessed with our waist trainers and the women who rock them. At every stage, from design to delivery, our Figur8 Ladies are #1, and there’s a lot of self-reflection at every stage to make sure that happens.  We want our ladies to put on that trainer for the first time, look in the mirror – and say “damn”. But even more importantly, waist training isn’t supposed to be miserable- which is why we use only the best quality materials and communicate one-on-one with our customers to make sure they get the right size to suit their needs and experience with waist training.

Ongoing use of a Figur8 Trainer will have you moving towards that perfect figure eight silhouette in no time. The immediate results go beyond just aesthetic appearances, wearing a waist trainer makes you more conscious of your health habits throughout the day. And since we’re pickier than your Aunt Susie at Christmas time, every Figur8 Waist Trainer is designed to be just as unnoticeable as it is effective and can be worn under clothes without anyone knowing.

MSM: When exactly can I wear one?
F8: We’ve tested this theory in practically every scenario. April is more of the athlete, and wears hers at the gym, cardio, weights, sauna and even hours out horseback riding. Olesia is the socialite and wears hers from office to night out – and even to sleep. Both have two common objectives; discretion and effectiveness. Our range of mild to higher intensity trainers make waist training a possibility any time, whether you want to be discreet or flaunt it. The more you wear it, the sooner you will see results, and nothing feels better than moving on to that next hook. Our Perfect Trainer is ideal for more prolonged use, or during more physical activity, working out, and throughout the day. The High Intensity Waist Trainer provides maximum posture support and waist cinching, this is a great option for days in the office, running errands, or a night out on the town. 

MSM: How often do you recommend wearing one?

F8: As often as you want, or as little as you want. Some women just want the immediate appearance of a smaller waist under their outfit, and others want to use one for the long-term results and wear theirs up to 8 hours a day. Either way, do what your body is comfortable with. 
MSM: Ok, I’m sold! Where can I buy one?
F8: First of all, welcome to the family! You can shop directly online at and by end of summer 2018 you’ll be able to pick up trainers at some of your favorite retailers, so be sure to follow us on Instagram @Figur8s


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