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We All Scream for Freddo’s 8 New Delicious Flavored Ice Creams!

By Justina Coronel

Freddo’s Argentine Premium Helado is debuting eight new desirable ice cream flavors at its Miami Beach location on Lincoln Road. These gelatos are quite unique because they have 0 grams of trans-fat per serving (3.5 oz.) and are lacking preservatives and added vegetable fats.

Not only are you eating the best, but you are also putting those calorie gains to rest.

Creating creamy helados, or ice creams, has been a well-known craft for Freddo since 1969. These ice creams are made from high-quality raw materials and each batch distributed matches that quality consistency. These refreshing ingredients include fresh milk, pure cane sugar, and flavorful fruits.

But, let’s get to the good stuff.

Freddo_Waffle Cone (4)_photo credit South Moon Photograpy

The new savory flavors are a sense of Europe’s signature gluten-free gelatos. These delectable tastes include Italian Mascarpone, which is a partially frozen dessert topped with raspberry purée; Italian Zabaione, a light Italian custard with nuts and rum-infused raisins; Irish Cream, a partial frozen Irish Velvet Liqueur; Brigadeiro, a milk chocolate truffle blended with rich dulce de leche; Dulce de Leche Choco Chip is the original dulce de leche ice cream sprinkled with chocolate flakes; Chocolate Chip the classic and delicious helado, and Mango and Raspberry are both refreshing scoops of sorbet flavors that are made with fresh fruit.


Freddo has more than just your basic cup of ice cream and waffle cone. It has the Freddino, which is a delightful combination of creamy helado blended with coffee. Another feature is the TriFreddo, which is their version of the European triffle blended with three layers of artisanal ice cream smothered with three toppings or syrups. And if you want something a little bit lighter, they also offer refreshing smoothies that merge fruit sorbet with ice cream.

It’s sunny summertime and there is no better time for you to scream for ice cream!

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