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WoW Lens: The Future of Smartphone Cameras

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have completely customized our ways of living. It is now easier for people to pick and choose the content they like and incorporate it into their own profiles, allowing for them to comment and curate as they see necessary.

The outcome? The demand for bloggers to seek new and innovative ways to keep tech savvy visitors interested in both content and visual graphics.

Bloggers have begun to document events, places, items and tutorials in order to form more personal relationships with their audiences and create an open form for communication with their followers.

Smartphone cameras have played a key role in this rapidly growing digital era. It has revolutionized the way photos are viewed and taken and has allowed for bloggers to stay up to date with the news hungry and visually orientated culture we have become. Recent technology has allowed people to capture some impressive shots, but the built-in camera lens is quite limited and not capable of capturing professional quality images. However, the creators at AppBanc, LLC, a Silicon Valley company, have found a way to enhance the photographic capability of mobile devices by creating a smart lens case for phones that can rival the performance of professional cameras and allow bloggers to appeal to their audience.

Wow-lens-Miami-Shoot-Magazine-onlineWoW Lens, the slim yet protective phone case that allows you to switch between lenses has been introduced to the digital world. The carousel technology allows you to choose from five specialty lenses. The Original iPhone Camera Lens uses the built-in camera while still carrying your phone in the protective case. The Macro Lens extends the depth of field of the iPhone’s macro range, which enables the phone to capture amazingly close subject photography. WoW Lens’ Wide-Angle Lens increases the iPhone’s camera view by 30º not just horizontally, but also vertically, providing users with 180º camera view increase. The fun Cameo function isolates the subject of the photograph and adds a smooth vignette around the subject. This feature heightens skin tones, colors and adds an alluring composure to facial features. Lastly the Polarized Neutral Density Lens is extremely high quality. This lens helps tone down bright daytime lighting, reduces glares and adds a blur effect to motion pictures.

WoW Lens is also extremely practical. The carousel is approximately the height of two quarters stacked on top of each other and the case is only a few millimeters taller and wider than the actual phone. The polycarbonate plastic shell ensures that the phone will continue to be lightweight, meaning the phone can still easily fit in your pocket and the days of having to carry cumbersome camera bags and switch between bulky lenses are long gone.

eZoom Logo HiresThe nifty little case is bundled with an innovative app called eZoom. EZoom brings the new concept of lossless zooming to both live image shots and images that are already stored in your library. When you crop and enlarge a photo on eZoom, the clarity remains crisp. This patented technology adds more pixels to the image you cropped. In fact, you can choose how many pixels you want. This means that any photo taken with the WoW Lens and then cropped on eZoom can be enlarged and printed without the fear of an image becoming too pixilated. Most smartphone users tend to employ their phones as their principal photo gallery, and would therefore benefit from eZoom’s made-for-smartphone software.

Inventions such as WoW Lens can help bloggers maintain a steady following. The WoW Lens’ portability allows for bloggers to document events as they are on the go. The high quality and professional looking images captures the attention of readers, who will want to continue to explore and read further into the blog.

For Miami bloggers, WoW Lens can prove to be an essential tool. With so many cultural events and nightlife happenings occurring almost daily, bloggers can engage their readers on an article that is to come by simply snapping a photo and posting it along with a tagline on all social outlets. A simple snapshot could encourage a reader to attend an event, share the post or even start a conversation. The possibilities and challenges with the always evolving technology era we live in are endless, and WoW Lens is one tool that will help us not fall behind.

Compatible with iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 (coming soon)

Available in black, white, magenta, and copper

For more information, please visit

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