Wynwood & Aquarella Swimwear


By Katie Jackson

The Wynwood Art District is surely becoming the new epicenter for Miami art and entertainment. Since taking over what used to be a run-down warehouse district, developers and land owners transformed Wynwood into a place that gives artists permission to create fabulous artwork that are showcased on the exterior and interior walls of the buildings within the District. Now with a multitude of art galleries, retails shops, and hot spots for nightlight and the performing arts, Wynwood is the new “it” place in Miami. Visitors can stop at the vegan-friendly Jugofresh or dine at the delicious R House, grab a drink at SHOTS or Wood Tavern all while experiencing some of the most fantastic art displays that Miami has to offer.

DSC_8247 copy

Wynwood has become such a hot commodity that famous celebrities, models, and designers have all made appearances, even going as far as producing photo shoots and commercials. Beyoncé posted multiple photos of her adventures in the art district on her Instagram account while Kim Kardashian famously fell off of a bike while filming a commercial right in front of one of the graffiti-covered walls. It has even become a new favorite spot for Miami fashion bloggers, who use the gorgeous art-covered walls as backdrops for their latest posts.

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The collaboration of Aquarella Swimwear and the Wynwood Art District made perfect sense for a photo shoot. Both on the rise, and having a unique take on art and fashion in expression, the art district and swimwear label have a lot in common. Both embody a new, young, artsy-meets-chic attitude, and exude a confident style that is completely captivating the minds of many, if not all, Miamians.

Photography by HAMID KOOTVAL



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