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Yoga is my passion. The first time I took a yoga class I knew it would change my life. It made me feel invigorated, stress-free, healthy, strong, graceful and feel more beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I continued to practice yoga and every time I discovered more benefits such as weight loss, resolution of my scoliosis, mental clarity and a feeling of unity of my body, mind and spirit. Some of the most common questions that I hear every day as an instructor are; why should I do yoga and what benefits does it bring? The answer is very simple. Yoga induces one’s health on many levels: psychological, physical, biochemical, intellectual and spiritual. If people are healthy they are happy.

Yoga is a great way to escape every day stress for anyone. It is a path through which you can resolve your emotional and psychological problems by meditation, exercising pranayama (deep breath) and asanas (body positions). Everyone expresses different levels of stress over a lifetime, that translates into muscle strain and eventually creates a tension shell over the body. Yoga has a large variety of exercises channeled towards relaxation that can help you unlock that tension shell and prevent future physical and mental stress by creating a stronger willpower, a mental ballast and an ability to enjoy life easily. Moreover, a person who is free of the muscular and psychological tension will experience an improved quality of sleep.

Yoga is also a perfect road to physical well-being. The exercises that are done during a yoga practice help to restore the proper structure of spine, normalize the work of musculoskeletal system and all the internal organs, regulate blood circulation, endocrine system, digestive tract and respiratory system. After every practice you will find yourself feeling limber, relaxed and as light as a snowflake.

In terms of biochemistry, yoga helps to lower the levels of glucose, sodium, cholesterol, white blood cells and increase the levels of hemoglobin, lymphocytes and thyroxine in blood. Hence, it can prevent or regulate existing conditions such as diabetes, obesity, sports injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis and countless others. Everybody can find something in themselves to fix with yoga.

Yoga improves the intellectual abilities by properly regulating hemispheric interactions of the brain which forms wholeness and interconnection of all psychological processes. Furthermore, the practice influences spatial thinking and teaches the brain to develop creative approaches to solving any problem and increases the quality and volume of attention and memory. Do not be surprised to find yourself more successful in your career, social circles and socio-economic standing.

Harmony of soul is another element that is exercised through meditation during a yoga practice. You will learn to balance your life, love the world as it is and ultimately find peace.

Indeed, yoga has a very unique system that enforces development and unification of every component of human psyche and body. You will not find any other activity that offers such a wide range of work on yourself physically, mentally and spiritually all at once.


Polina Ivko is a Yoga instructor in South Florida born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. She got her first taste of exercise as a ballet and traditional dance student at Kiyanochka Choreography Academy at the age of 6. Through out her life she was looking for ways to balance and unite mind, body and heart. Finally, she found herself in yoga. After an extensive training, she became an instructor at the age of 16. Currently, Polina specializes in many formats such as yoga, pilates, cardio training and silver sneakers. For a consultation, please contact her at:

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