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Power Up with J.R. Ramirez

By Gisel Habibnejad

From playing a superhero in Arrow to starring as a key person involved in a drug dealing organization in Power, J.R. Ramirez has quite an acting career under his belt. And, it’s only the beginning. The versatile actor, born in Matanzas, Cuba, found his calling in his early twenties after filming several commercials in Tampa, Florida. He then became eager to study theatre, where his passion for acting grew more and more over the years.

For the past year, J.R. has been juggling his roles in Arrow and Power. It was inevitable he would discover a resemblance between the two. “Both characters are similar in that they are very smart and have had an extremely hard upbringing.”

The superhero series, Arrow, follows several DC Comics heroes and villains, with its protagonist being Green Arrow. J.R. was cast as Ted Grant/Wildcat in the TV show last year, making his debut in the third season. Ted Grant entered the series as a former boxer and current gym owner for underprivileged children. As the show progresses, fans have been excited to see hints that lead up to his big reveal as Wildcat, his vigilante persona. Preparing for this role has helped him gain a deeper appreciation for boxing.

Photography Courtesy of STARZ

The second season of the STARZ series, Power, will include a lot more of J.R.’s mysterious character, Julio. The show follows a high profile nightclub owner, Ghost, who also runs an exclusive drug dealing organization on the side. That’s when Julio steps in. Julio becomes Ghost’s right-hand man and second in command. Premiering June 6th, viewers will finally get an in-depth look into his story and find out why he’s one of Ghost’s most trusted confidants. “This year, things really seem to spiral out of control. The stakes are ridiculously high and Julio plays an intricate part in making sure things stay as tight as possible. He also shared his excitement for fans to see how his character manages to twist the plot this season.


J.R. has also enjoyed working with the cast, such as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who plays Ghost’s mentor and is also the show’s executive producer. “50 is a trip!” says the humble actor. “We crack jokes all day. I love how dedicated he is to the growth of his character. I think people are going to be very surprised.”

When J.R. was just a child, he and his family made the big move from Cuba to South Florida. His favorite family traditions include Christmastime back home with his family. “Lots of good Cuban food and salsa dancing – can’t beat that!” Today, he resides in Los Angeles and newly enjoys playing golf. “Now, I just have to stop hitting trees, water, and people and it’ll be perfect!” he playfully remarks. Aside from boxing to prepare for his role, his workout routine consists of
tennis, hiking, and some yoga classes.

Photography by Imani Ogden

With his career on the rise, there’s no telling what heights J.R. will reach. He gushed over his fondness for film and how he would enjoy to be involved in other facets of the industry, stating he will definitely love to direct in the future. He also dishes on some of the many actors he would love to work with. “There are so many great actors out there, but I love the work Mark Ruffalo is doing.”

Presently, J.R. loves all the projects he’s involved in, “I feel like we really stepped up our game for Power’s Season 2, and I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say…I can’t wait for June 6th!”

Power premieres June 6th at 9pm on STARZ
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