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Miami Means Business and Stephanie Saunders Means Business In Miami

Interview by Nadja Atwal  Stephanie Saunders’ calendar is full. Business meetings, speaking engagements, her own podcast, Charity board Zoom calls, photo shoots and being hands-on with her multiple businesses, of which she runs some together with her husband. It was not the fact that she has been doing so many things and well, but the way she communicates her philosophies and goals on social media that grabbed the attention of Forbes magazine. The result? She was named among the top 10 influencers of 2020 – above, yes, you read correctly –  Elon Musk.  We met Stephanie for an exclusive interview and picked up some influencer tips while learning more about her. First of all congratulations on being named as one of the top influencers by Forbes magazine! What do you think made you stand out from so many other successful Influencers?  To be honest being named on a list of the top 10 influencers for 2020 was a shocking and humbling moment. I really feel the contributor’s message was about using influence for good and that’s what I try to do. You know when an influencer is just selling a product or service or truly trying to help solve a problem by giving you a solution.  You are very strong on LinkedIn, but you also take great care of your instagram and lately have been moderating lots of rooms on Clubhouse. Tell us about your social media strategy.  LinkedIn has been a massive resource for me and my businesses as well as supporting my sales team. The reason LinkedIn has been such a prevalent space for everyday contact and endgame to growth has been so fast for us is because you can literally filter your target audiences by business category and find those that will resonate most with your business tips – and that is a huge when it comes to social media marketing and influence. What I’ve realized since utilizing social media for influencer style marketing though is that – you just be on all platforms. With that said each platform has its own voice. For me LinkedIn is the best over all for our style of business education content related to property, investing, non-profits, and personal business success. But Instagram is wonderful for a visual portrayal of your life where people can find out more about you personally, your interests, your travel spots and of course what you eat – which are important for people to feel more connected to you on a different level. Clubhouse has been a great place to start relationships in real time and then bring these people into your sphere after making connections on a new level with this audio only playground.  What do you say to people who feel social media is not getting them desired results?   I’m quite literally “mind blown” when I hear people speak poorly about those successfully utilizing social media for marketing themselves and their brands. And by brands I’m not referring to products – I’m referring to business empires. People who are unable to understand the importance of having a digital footprint on social media platforms will get left behind as we move into more and more technology friendly lifestyles.. When I changed from consumer to creator I immediately had been doors opening for me and my businesses. If you’re already utilizing social media and not having success, my best recommendation would be to access the platform you’re using and its preferred content style. It’s very possible you’re speaking the wrong content style language and just need to add a layer in the correct direction.   You have several businesses. Tell us about them and how a typical business day in your life looks like:  Yes! I am constantly trying to grow and each business venture is a new layer to my entrepreneurial life. When I was in corporate I represented banks and funds during the foreclosure crisis – at the time consumers were certainly in the loosing seat & investors gained in their positioning. When I left I started an investment fund of my own where I buy and manage Multifamily properties but I also teamed up with a public adjusting firm, United claims specialists, where we help property owners large and small protect their investments – I also married the founder so this will be my life’s passion. I am a real estate fanatic, but my work is deeply routed in servant leadership – I like to help people, which is why I started the Suskind foundation – where we are focused on supporting people and communities who have been affected by natural disasters and economic hardship. I also have a marketing firm founded in 2020 called S2 Marketing where we support founders who are looking to get online to utilize social media marketing the way I do. It is a very straight forward approach of dissecting the brands mission and directive. My days consist of lots of managing my wonderful leaders and Sale’s team’s at United claims specialists and S2 Marketing. Overseeing their community outreach and marketing strategy and continuing Ed program we offer and hosting the s2 show while always looking for places the Suskind foundation can contribute. It can be difficult to wear so many hats.  Philanthropy plays a vital role in your life. Tell us about the charity you are involved in:  In addition to my foundation I am also a Trustee at JWF Broward, which is a Jewish Woman’s Foundation focused on supporting Women and girls in Israel. I’m very passionate about supporting Israel in any way I can. I am also on the broad of directors at Miami Girls foundation – where successful women have a place to support each other and show other women they can achieve anything they desire through the powerful circles available to them. What new ways of fundraising are you exploring ? Clubhouse has been a really amazing place to ignite new forms of recognition. For fundraising we are looking to bring JWF on to the

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On the Rise and Never on the Fence : Cathy Areu

Interviewed by Nadja Atwal Cathy Areu is one of those people you must like ….even when you disagree with her. She carries herself well with that witty intellect and sassy charm. The daughter of Cuban immigrants grew up in Miami, graduated with honors from Miami Killian High School got her B.A. degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL and received an M.S. in English Education from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. No wonder she landed that gig as a contributing editor for the Washington Post Magazine. The vibrant go-getter is also the founder of CATALINA magazine a top read magazine catering to the Latin demographic. It is also worth noting that she is one of PressReader’s international publishers. She has become a famous liberal commentator on TV – debating even the strongest conservative voices – including Sean Hannity. But as we mentioned, even when one disagrees with her, one can’t help but to like her, as she is okay, if you don’t see things her way. She simply wants to open your eyes to another point of view. On top of that, few Corona experiences were as highly publicized as hers (more in our interview, but we can already reveal, it was no picnic for Cathy). Now she is planning a whole new move: juggling wolves and swimming with sharks – aka…? Just read on. We spoke with her exclusively amid the post-Covid-19 opening of Miami.  You wear many hats. We see you as a passionate liberal political commentator on TV, then you also run a magazine. Tell us about your work.  I’m like most people in the media industry these days. I have to appear on more than one media platform to get my message heard. I started as a staff writer for my college newspaper, The Florida Flambeau, at Florida State University. And, eventually, like most print journalists, I went on to discuss my writing on national cable news channels.In the middle of it all, I made a life-changing decision, sold my car and moved to New York to create a company (catalina) and become an advocate for Latinas in the United States (my own demographic). I wanted to break stereotypes, and I have had to wear many hats to do it. You were to my knowledge the first prominent Floridian face of Corona. A sentence that stuck out to me was when you said “the virus finds your weakness” which is so individual. Tell us more about that and about your experience.   When the pandemic started, I was in South Florida in quarantine with my family, but I was still working. So when COVID 19 hit me, it hit me hard. I was sitting in front of bright stab lights when a painful migraine came out of nowhere. This was followed by the worst five days of my life! Even though my condition was considered mild to moderate, I experienced the worst headaches; my vision turned blurry for days; I couldn’t taste; my throat was sore; and I had chills and stomach and body aches. … All these symptoms are something I’ve experienced before at one point or another in the past, but not as painful and relentless. It’s like Covid gathered up all these weaknesses and threw them on me all at once.  I wasn’t sure if I contracted COVID-19 because, at the time, the only three symptoms listed were fever, cough and shortness of breath — and I experienced none of those! But my doctor here in South Florida broke the news: I was infected with coronavirus. Many weeks later, the CDC finally added some of the symptoms I had to their site, and it looks like the media continues to add new symptoms and findings everyday.  I believe my doctor here in Florida was the first to call it, “My Corona,” and I was the first one to consciously feel and say that coronavirus attacked me in a personal way. It zoned in on my worst weaknesses: migraines and headaches (non stop for 5 straight days). You have asthma but the virus seemed to ignore that…..? Weird, right? This asthmatic didn’t experience shortness of breath until day 5. That’s when my asthma started to bother me a little bit. I panicked  But, It turned out to be the final day of all my symptoms. I was finally able to go outside again for a run a few days after that. So refreshing. You have two daughters who also went through the virus – how have you communicated the whole Corona crises to them and how have they been dealing with it? I’ve been completely honest and transparent with them about it.  They know the media industry, and we talk about news every day. The coronavirus  was just another news topic, and they trusted me with the whole thing. They adjusted to quarantine quicker than I did, so there wasn’t a crisis in the house — it was more of an adjustment period of like three days. Like, creating a solid schedule for both of them and me really made everything about quarantine hassle-free.  But the kids didn’t understand the importance of my self-isolation, so they busted through my bedroom door and wanted to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek to “help me feel better” … so yeah, they got the virus too. Both of them were ill at the same time, with a quick fever, but otherwise, they had different symptoms from me and each other. They may not be indestructible or made of rubber, but my two girls did feel a lot better in just two days. You are in NY and Miami and said you got the virus in Miami. How did it happen? I have offices in South Florida and New York City, so I’m back and forth all the time. I was in Miami when my symptoms started though. But I’ve heard symptoms can appear up to 14 days after being exposed. So, first

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Being Great at Doing Good

  Interviewed by Nadja Atwal / Cover by Sean Pavone – Shutterstock During this unusual time in Miami we have been overwhelmed with new realities and news, of which most were sadly not positive – even though Florida has handled the crises better than most states. Naturally we are gravitating to messages of hope, help and encouragement. And unless we feel totally helpless, we desire to help others and often turn to charities for that matter. In a pool full of selfless service, several organizations stick out during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Blue Card is one of them… one that has earned lots of recognition and media attention lately. We sat down with the Executive Director Masha Pearl for an exclusive interview in order to learn more… You are all over the (good) news right now and your work has gotten the praise of many – including governors; what makes your efforts so remarkable in your view? The mission of The Blue Card is incredibly unique – we are the only national organization in the United States with the sole mission of aiding needy Holocaust survivors. We are a trusted agency with a strong service and operational performance history. In April 2019, we received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest and most-utilized independent evaluator of charities. We are recognized with the Best in America Seal of Excellence from The Independent Charities of America. Furthermore, we are certified by the Better Business Bureau as having met all BBB standards and have been awarded the BBB Charitable Giving Alliance Seal and was named as one of the best Jewish charities since 2012. It is safe to say our work is unduplicated by any other agency and we are always reinventing ourselves to provide financial support through a number of carefully designed programs as survivors’ needs very greatly from person to person. Many people don’t know that there are currently tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors in the United States with a third living either at or below the federal poverty level. Last but not least we cater very much to the places where we are the most needed, like Miami-Dade. What a record! Now, in times like these have you noticed that people are acting less selfish and are motivated more to help others? Yes, tough times bring people together and makes one realize the importance of human connection. Giving back boosts happiness and “feel good” hormones. During such difficult times, those more fortunate want to give back and foster a connection with a Holocaust survivor. Now is a perfect opportunity to improve a survivor’s life and The Blue Card has created the following programs to do so. As an example, to combat isolation, The Blue Card is supporting survivors by undertaking a tribute video message program, giving volunteers the opportunity to submit a brief video to survivors: These videos, family and pet friendly, are a simple, yet meaningful way to remind survivors that they are cared for. We have received an overwhelming response from our support network and countless number of video messages have been distributed to survivors. The increase in for mental health support has been dominating the news as people feel lonely and overwhelmed and yes, we addressed that issue by providing culturally sensitive and language-friendly therapy sessions via telephone. These sessions and other opportunities for connection for our survivors is especially crucial at this time. What are you focusing on? Volunteers have been ordering and delivering groceries, as well as basic essentials for survivors during the crisis. We have come to rely heavily on Amazon, FreshDirect and other providers which allow for quick deliveries with no contact to ensure safety. Andy Cohen hosted your last event. tell us about your collaboration with him? Andy Cohen was a pleasure to work with. He graciously hosted The Blue Card’s 2019 Annual Benefit Gala and was so kind to have made a personal donation and promote us on his Sirius XM radio show and even invited our staff to his show on Bravo network: “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen”. He was very charming and charismatic, and everyone absolutely loved him! At the gala, we honored our Young Professionals and when presented with their awards on stage, Andy was kind enough to take a selfie with the group. Which other celebrities or notable people have supported your efforts ? There is a wide range … from politicians like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer to actors like Michael Douglas, Cynthia Nixon to top journalists and authors like Ronan Farrow and Rita Cosby. How can people in Miami help your efforts best? For the last 5+ years we have been partnering with the JFCS of South Florida to co-sponsor a team to participate in the Miami Marathon. “The Blue Card JFCS” Team participated in a Marathon to raise tens of thousands of dollars to benefit survivors in the Miami-Dade area. This critical funding allows us to provide much needed support through a number of various programs. The Blue Card has many prominent donors and a Board member, Benjamin Jaffe, based in Florida who serve as ambassadors for our time sensitive mission. Social Media: TheBlueCard/ TheBlueCard bluecard1934/

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Interview by Nadja Atwal / Cover Photo by Aubrey Chandler When Weronika Rogowska speaks, people pay attention. She is is not just stunningly beautiful, but communicates with a soft voice and great confidence while projecting humbleness and (self-)awareness. She has been modeling since the age of 17 and lived in all the key fashion metropoles from Paris and London to Milan and now New York. This plus her academic backgrounds with her degree in Psychology, make a not just worldly but very educated person to listen to. She has countless stories about the world from experience and anecdotes about people that mix well with her analytical, perceptive mind. While still in love with her model life, she has been able to create a parallel career as a life coach and mostly devices her time between New York and Miami. In New York she keeps expanding her academic horizon while Miami serves more as territory for inspiration. Pair that with her impeccable fashion style and her website plus her Instagram page – two platforms she uses which makes people’s lives better – and voila, you got one extraordinary influencer! When did you realize the desire for female influences that embody the combination of beauty and brains? I think being a female is a power in itself. All woman should realize the importance of developing her own potential. I want to teach women to never give up on their career. Princess Diana said smartly “People think that at the end of the day a man is the only answer. Actually a fulfilling job is better for me”. I love helping others and practicing positive psychology. What makes every woman beautiful is not physical appearance but passion and personality. Do you think the overflow of pretty people just posing has lead to the desire for influencers that have actually something to say? I think it’s a matter of choice. We all have something interesting to share but most of the influencers choose the easy way to exist in social media. They prefer just to pose in designer clothes and overuse photoshop. At the end of the day all of them look the same because there is no deeper philosophy attached to it. I’m trying to deliver value in whatever I’m doing. I believe in contribution and mental stimulation. If I’m able to help or inspire at least one person, then its a success. I’m against shallow, empty culture because I think it doesn’t motivate people but solely makes them more materialistic. Since you offer people guidance that is aligned with your academic background (psychology), what are the typical questions people are asking you ? They ask me about relationship advice, how to maintain positivity, how to accomplish happiness and inner peace. I’m trying to learn as much as I can so I can support people with useful advice. I see big power in team work and enhancing each other’s life. Sharing experiences and giving clues can save time and money. That’s why I’m working on a project that includes a special team of people who can help on a larger scale. As an influencer what is the main goal you have with regards to your impact on people’s choices or behavior? My main goal is to make people believe in themselves and love themselves so they can achieve whatever they want and make a difference in this world. I want to inspire others to be strong enough and brave enough to be who they are. Truth is hard to find in current times. Which people on IG do you follow that inspire and maybe even guide you through their posts and why? I follow motivational speakers, models who promote healthy lifestyle (like Nina Agdal), actors (like Charlize Theron, Reese Whiterspoon, Will Smith). I’m especially impressed by Reese Whiterspoon, as I admire her social activities and fight for woman’s rights. She impressed me with her campaign against domestic violence. People who stand out from the crowd and take action to change reality for the better are the most inspiring to me.

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Miami Swim Week Preview

Cover by Richard Guaty Swim Week 2019 is arriving and not just the fashion shows but also the public Paraiso events are always a highlight.  Here are the dates worth saving. Public Paraiso Events Saturday, July 13th The Paraiso Bungalow, the oceanfront pop-up shop at Collins Park, featuring Resortwear, Beauty, Jewelry and Accessories by: Aloha Collection, Chopard, Olivela and Tropic of C. Hours: 11:00 am  – 8:00 pm Thursday, July 11th – Sunday, July 14th • Culinary Experience by Brad Kilgore on the terrace of the Paraiso Bungalow. Hours: Thursday & Friday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm / Saturday 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm / Sunday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm Saturday, July 13th Beauty + The Beat Sunset Soiree| Brickell City Centre, 4:30 – 7:00 PM |public event, RSVP required Sunday, July 14th  Maaji Takes Over The Streets at Brickell City Centre Fashion Show| Brickell City Centre, 8:30 PM MSM’s Fashion correspondent Karen Huggins chatted with Paraiso founder Aleksandar Stojanovic about what to expect from this year’s Swim Week. Swim Week has become bigger, better and  simply more interesting each year. Mind giving us a few hints for 2019? We’ll have exciting spaces, like multi level tents on the beach where we offer anything from panel discussions to yoga classes to dinners, brunches and after parties for the shows. In addition we take over some hotels where we’ll have shows, like at the Setai, the Delanos and the W.   So lot’s of different venues. Fantastic. What unique features is Miami bringing to the table asa fashion metropole? Well, it’s the crossroad between North and South America, plus many Europeans frequent Miami. Then given that Miami has a summer that pretty much lasts 365 days, swimwear is the dress code here. A lot designers do not just show their collections here at the shows and trade shows but also stay afterwards to shoot their ad campaigns in Miami. This is something that not too many cities can offer.   How many visitors do you expect this year? Somewhere 25.000 to 30.000 people.   Impressive. Will the public also be able to enjoy Swim Week? Yes, we offer a certain amount of seats at shows to the public, so this way they can very much engage. And since we have so many different locations in order to underscore that every designer is unique, every show is very different from the other which makes the whole experience even more exciting.   The press must love it, too…Oh yes, we have media outlets from around the world covering Swim Week, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Russia, Europe, South America… you name it. Like the public the media too appreciates that you have highly diverse shows, you have trade shows, you have outstanding events …there is really something for everybody. From our Editor In Chief, Nadja Atwal… Talk about exciting! As for exciting shows to see, it is safe to say that like last year, Monica Hansen Beachwear will be one of the top show highlights during this Swim Week. Within only 3 years Monica Hansen Beachwear has become an international top-selling swimwear brand, beloved by both the critical fashion media and celebrity world. The success of the brand, founded by Top model Monica Hansen, involves 3 remarkable factors: First there is Monica Hansen’s detailed knowledge of swimwear from her time as a top swimwear model gracing hundreds of magazine covers. Secondly the handcrafted unique cuts combined with Made-in-Italy quality and last but not least the fact that top global media outlets – from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to Vogue – instantly recognized that these bikinis and swimsuits create an outstanding look on every woman who wants to flaunt her curves and welcomes getting (positive) attention for that matter. In 2018 Monica delivered her highly praised show at the Miami Swim Week where she herself graced the catwalk in one of her designs; which resulted not just in a wave of international sales and media coverage but an explosion of instagram posts with Hollywood stars and international supermodels posing in Monica’s designs. Her pieces don’t just look fabulous, they each tell a little story and enable women to show a different side of them whenever they feel like it. And although the swimwear market is so highly competitive, Monica’s designs dominated this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Almost 70% of all the featured swimwear is by Monica Hansen Beachwear! Naturally we felt Monica was the expert to ask about the new trends. “For the current season we are seeing a lot of neon and also animal prints” Monica told us. “There is a 1990’s influence with high cut legs on a lot of the bottoms and a focus on sports bras and one piece suits showing a lot of underboob. There is also the use of plastic clips or buckles as trims.” But what is the one trend we all should embrace? “Animal prints are the big trend, so it’s not surprising that our most popular suit for this current season is the Leopard One Piece Bardot swimsuit. For next season I forsee a continuation of animal prints and early 1990’s inspiration along the lines of Versace with the Victorian prints. Also popular will be some new colors like neon mint green and coral. ” With all this we can not wait for Swim Week 2019 to start. Stay tuned for our continued coverage including all the highlights from Monica’s show on July 13th. Monica Hansen Miami Swim Week 2018 / Monica Hansen Beachwear

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7 Influencers That RULE Miami

Photography by 313 Films ? @313_Films / Makeup by Daria Marchik @MakeupbyDariia   Miami is progressively making its name in the Fashion Industry.  The Fashion scene has rapidly evolved and continues to do so on a daily basis.    The City is host to several annual fashion and trade show events such as Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami (ATS), Miami Fashion Week (MIAFW) & Miami Swim Week. These events bring together designers, producers, buyers & trade professionals from all around the world, not to mention the thousands of attendees that flock Miami to take part in these events.    There are several epicenters within the city that are helping fuel Miami’s Fashion growth. Places such as Shops at Merrick Park, Brickell City Center, Miami Design District, Wynwood, Aventura Mall & The Shops at Bal Harbor just to name a few.   But aside from the significant events & stylish epicenters, Miami has influencers that are continuously spreading the word on the latest trends and happenings in their own unique way. These influencers are making a difference and contributing to the growth of Miami’s Fashion Scene.   MSM met up with seven influencers that Rule Miami in the world of fashion. Hope you get to see & meet some of these amazing women around town at the upcoming events !     Annie of TheFashionPoet & AnnieTheAlchemist  is a fashion, travel and beauty expert and journalist who has been coined as one of the pioneers of Miami’s fashion blogging community. Accolades: This young entrepreneur was voted Miami’s Top Fashion Blog by The New Times and recently was awarded Best Fashion Content Creator Award at the Hispanicize x Telemundo Awards. Her work has been featured in glossies such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, The New York Times, Life, Refinery 29 and more.  She was the first blogger in Miami to score a major campaign with fashion brand Coach where she produced and starred in a 1 minute commercial for them. Savvy and creative, Vazquez  has gone on to work for several other brands as a spokesperson, model and consultant. Some of these top tier brands include Mercedes Benz USA, Bailey’s, Peroni, Tresmme, Victoria Secret Pink, 7 for All ManKind, Forever 21, H&M, Express, Macy’s, Express, Bloomingdales, TMobile and Sprint. Innovator: Vazquez has produced several events to unify the city’s fashion community. These include setting up educational fashion panels at Soho House, putting together the city’s first “Fashion Blogger’s Night Out at Neiman Marcus and launching the first blogger based event at Miami Swim Week Lounge called “Escape Miami”. Additionally, she cofounded Miami’s first fashion blogger networking event called “Fashion Bloggers Do It Better 1& 2” and to give back to her community, “Fashion for a Cause Campaign to raise funds for breast cancer. Plus, Google asked her to create the first ever Miami Fashion Blogger Page which has over 300K followers. On Camera: Always with her finger on the city’s pulse, Vazquez is often featured on several networks such as NBC, Fox, CBS producing fashion and lifestyle segments. as well as online for Nylon Magazine. At Mercedes Benz Swim Week, she served as ambassador and interviewed celebrities, designers, and guests. Aside from modeling in commercials, Vazquez also believes in the power of film. She produced the first ever fashion blogging documentary called Blogging Behind the Seams” to showcase how the industry works.  Teacher:  One thing Vazquez is passionate about is teaching others. She is often asked to lead fashion blogging and styling workshops at universities like Nova, University of Miami, and The Art Institute as well as for major corporations like Crystal Line Cruises and Soho House. Designer: “Lil Miss Miami” is her first jewelry line to pay homage to the city she grew up in. After a year of research, Vazquez decided to team up with a local jewelry maker and create her first ever capsule collection which has already been featured on the runway of Mercedes Benz Swim Week and was carried at over 9 boutiques in Miami and online. Today, she has her own wellness brand called which consists of positive tees, crystal kits, affirmations, and more.  Follow her on Instagram ? @TheFashionPoet @AnnieTheAlchemist  Karen Huggins is a Venezuelan fashion & travel influencer, stylist, designer and personal shopper based in Miami who spends as much time as possible on her greatest passion: traveling and exploring new things. What she loves most are the people she meets and the way every place expresses fashion. “It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and enjoy the great adventure that life is”. Karen was born in Venezuela, she studied International Foreign Affairs, and she has been living abroad since October 2007, taking a piece of every place in her heart: from Barcelona the beautiful multicultural philosophy, from Madrid the joy, from Argentina the passion, from Miami the sunshine state of mind and from Venezuela the Latin flavor. Karen has collaborated with many brands ranging from high street to high fashion, such as Fendi, Miu Miu, The Outnet by Net-A-Porter, Ann Taylor, Ritz Carlton, Victoria’s Secret, Eggie to name a few. Fashion is her passion and she loves to share her style, travel tips and insights around the world “fashion is for everyone and most importantly, style is all about being effortless chic”. Traveling around the world with her partners in crime David and Teddy (husband and a little mini toy poodle dog), Karen creates visual stories for fashion, beauty and travel inspiring multifaceted and cosmopolitan women with styles that take you from the office to happy hour to date night; sharing her passion for lifestyle and wanderlust with her followers around the world. Follow her on Instagram ? @karenhuggins_blog Erin Nicole is a local fashion blogger and the creator of Erin Nicole TV on YouTube. She started her channel in 2014 while working as the CHANEL Beauty Business Manager in Nashville, Tennessee. Previously, she worked in broadcasting as a local News Anchor in New Orleans, Louisiana which prompted her to pursue her passion for fashion and beauty. Three years ago, she moved to Miami and immediately fell in love with the unique culture and spirit of south Florida. Her blog and YouTube channel are dedicated to luxury

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Q&A Sarah Raskey Masterpiece with Nadja Atwal

Interviewed by Nadja Atwal/Photos by Erik Marthaler She’s back! A visionary artist, a licensed clinical professional psychotherapist, certified art therapist and a former graduate art therapy/psychology professor at both the school of the Art Institute of Chicago and DePaul University, MSM sits with Sarah Raskey for our latest cover story. You can find her art at her own Sarah Raskey Fine Art Gallery in West Loop, Chicago where she exhibits her work exclusively. Sarah is also the co-founder/owner of Open Avenue Therapy, a Chicago-based private psychotherapy practice since 2008. She has exhibited nationally and internationally since 2000 and had created a prolific volume of work in both residential and commercial settings. Some of her notable works: She has several pieces at the Kimpton Hotel Allegro in Chicago which includes an 8’ x 6’ three-dimensional self portrait adorned with vintage jewelry, as well as 90’ of custom carpeting. Within the last years she has also created an illuminated 16’ x11’ custom art wall for MB Steak restaurant located in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. What made you decide to make art your profession and how did you get started? I have created since as far back as I can remember and art making could easily be considered my first love. Creating felt like this whole secret world I was connected to that held endless possibilities for me to explore and it came as natural to me as breathing.  In high school I began to take college level courses and I attended university with an art scholarship. I double majored in both art and psychology as I was completely fascinated by art as it related to body, mind and spirit which led to getting my masters in art therapy.  I deeply believed then as I do now, that art held the capacity for profound healing and could be looked at even as a planetary resource. After I graduated from college I began to exhibit and sell my work out of the love of being able to share my work and connect with others, while simultaneously working as a full time art therapist at a mental health facility. My commitment to the potentiality of art manifested into my pioneering that facilities first art therapy program servicing at risk youth living with mental illness as well as becoming a graduate professor at the art institute of Chicago. I guess what I am getting at is that art has always been so integrated into the landscape of my personal life, that art being a large part of my professional or career path was never really a decision as much as it was just never a question.  Ironically during a time period when I was physically debilitated by health issues, it was art once again that I turned to and leaned into more than ever to cope and to heal. Working as a full time art therapist at my private practice during that time period proved to be exceptionally energetically challenging after having undergone several surgeries. So I began again to use my art intensely as a tool to work through parts of my emotional and physical reality, when words were not enough. That moment in time was a pivotal catalyst that shifted my focus to more of the commercial art realm.  There was something so fragile about my health and my gift that I made a promise to my art that once I was finally on the mend, I would give my creative life much more of my time and attention. It was a way to honor my artistic journey while I continued to heal and remained deeply moved to share work differently and more robustly however I could. Some artists don’t support the commercializing of art. Others – like Dali – did it successfully and felt it was simply a way to make their art accessible to more people? Where do you stand on that topic? Entering more fully into an art market was never about anything other than my raw, pure, authentic, love of creating. For years I have been deeply driven to connect with others and cultivate meaningful dialogue about art by the sharing of my self expression. I actually see it as an extension of my work as an art therapist.  My creation of highly customized personal work for clients has undoubtedly been another way to encourage people to engage, reflect and flourish in the art realm as it pertains to their own story. It is similar in nature to that of a tattoo artist by creating something for someone else that holds deep meaning for them that they can look at every day. Perhaps I also subconsciously have always perceived the visual arts to be a bit of an unsung hero. My hero. And one I wanted to spend as much time with as possible. So it has always been a top priority of mine to raise as much awareness and accessibility to the potentiality of the visual arts as possible. This means accepting the gravity of being able to reach as many hearts and minds as possible all over our planet.  In my opinion, so long as does not disenfranchise the integrity of the work of an artist, the commercialization of art can be a healthy vehicle for allowing a broader audience to be an active part of the conversation of arts value – not just from a marketplace perspective but the value that art brings to the table in the way of self care and unity. How did the Chicago art scene react to you given that you are a woman and on top stunningly beautiful? If I am being fully transparent, I struggle to answer this. Whether in Chicago or any place else for that matter, I have always been self conscious that my being a woman in general could interfere with how my art was received and valued. That my appearance could be entirely problematic. That no matter what I have done or

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Mosh – The Art of Seduction

  By Nadja Atwal / Glam and Photographed by Troy Jensen @itstroyjensen Around 10 years ago there was a shift in the modeling world. Instead of being eager to fill their model books with high fashion editorials, smart models hired a publicist and focused on building their name. Men’s magazines favored the commercial looking beauty over the skinny catwalk models and eventually no industry could resist that trend. In the recent years another model sector started to boom. Some call it retro modeling, others simply ‘alternative’. Gorgeous girls that flaunt their curves with stunning dresses and make up that remind us  Hollywood’s best days with Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth or Jean Harlow. Brands like Stop Staring!  or Pinup Girl Clothing became trendsetters with the revival of the 40s and 50s dresses.  And again the high fashion world had not choice but to adapt and embrace. One model that has emerged as the new superstar in this new glamorous movement is a stunning talent – and she simply goes by the name MOSH . The petite blonde bombshell bedazzles the masses with her looks, personality and contortion talent. After seeing her latest fashion shoot in the new Harpers Bazaar Mexico issue and all her mind blowing shots on her Instagram, we reached out to Mosh to ask her if she wanted to be our new cover star. Not only was she happy to accommodate, but also chatted with us a bit about, well, just read on … It’s always interesting to find out how it all started, which stepping stone became a turning point in one’s career. In your case it was …? The Model Mayhem website where models took matters into their own hands and networked directly with photographers and expanded their diversity of work. It was a new and unique platform that enabled me to take my career to another level.   Beauty with brains…. Yet especially at that time society didn’t believe much in that concept. The general judgement was and often still is “ If you have the beauty, you can not possibly have the brains”… Still they had to acknowledge female  tycoons like Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, beautiful smart women who built impressive empires.    I’m sure they weren’t exactly friends, right? (laughs) Oh they were the most bitter rivals – even though they never met. One would  hire the staff member  the other had  just fired. I read a great book about their relationship called “ War Pain” .   Sounds “lovely”… Shows that it was pre #MeeToo movement. Well it’s easy to help someone much weaker than you , but strong women looking out for strong women, that’s still a challenge for many today. But #MeToo has indeed united us in a way though that we do not accept anymore when people in power feel they have the upper hand and can use in any way they desire. Those times are over. Next chapter in the book about women must be about us getting generally better at helping each other instead of tearing each other down.   Very true. Well, we love strong women here at Miami Shoot Magazine – and especially multitalented ones! Since you don’t just pose but entertain, what does a show with Mosh look like? You feel like you are diving into different eras via my costumes … Then of course I use my background as a competitive gymnast for the contortion aspect of my show.   So the perfect body with the perfect costumes with the perfect moves and poses. Just divine! Now we women all look at your photos in those high end magazines or instagram and we sigh: “how does she get hair to be like this …? What does she use to make her skin so flawless?”  We need some details here, please. Surely there are some products I recommend. I  use Guerlain lipsticks for their outstanding colors and texture, the jet-black eyeliner, brow pencils from Clinique and to get that matte, even look, I swear by the powder from Caron Paris. When it comes to hair I love how W8less hairspray delivers this combination of a fine mist and strong hold. If you want to try the platin blond look like me, give Phyto shampoo ‘for grey, white and platinblond hair’ a shot. It’s fantastic. But most importantly: you gotta decide to unleash your creativity. Enjoy! Instagram: Officiallymosh / Glam and Photos by Troy Jensen @itstroyjensen    GET THE COVER LOOK:   LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE Ultrawear Flawless Foundation  in Rose Beige   LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL Longwear Colour Corrector in Correcteur Rose   LE SIGNE DU LION Illuminating Powder   POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE Natural Finish Loose Powder in Clair Translucent 1   JOUES CONTRASTE Powder Blush in Rose Glacier   Brows: Dior’s Dior Backstage Brow Palette in Light Palette- Diorshow Brow Styler in 001 Universal Brown, DIORSHOW BOLD BROW Instant volumizing brow mascara in 011 Light.    On Eyes: Jouer Cosmetic’s Jet-Set Eye Bundle includes Essential Jet-Set Matte Eyeshadow Palette   Kitten Liner Liquid Eyeliner    Faux Lashes by Feather Lashes in Style Luna.  Mascara: Dior Diorshow Black Out in 099 Kohl Black.   On lips: Troy Jensen “Starlet Muse” Lipstick Collection. Mosh is wearing “Siren” With Angel Lipgloss on top. Both available at Three Custom.       

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JOANNA KRUPA 2.0  Miami’s Favorite Supermodel Keeps Getting Better

  [pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10494″] Hypnotizing lashes by Joanna Krupa Photographer: @MarcinSowa   Hair & Make up: Tony Yates Interviewed by Nadja Atwal Joanna Krupa is one of those few women I have enjoyed having in my life for many many years. One rarely finds people who have a big heart and big personality (and all that wrapped up in stunning looks). What always impressed me most with her was what a quick learner she has always been. I recall a million dollar charity poker tournament she entered many moons ago organized by Trump. She was one of the very few celebrities there who had never played before, but still wanted to do it and simply got a mini crash course on site. Naturally neither Jojo (how many of her friends call her) nor I had any expectations for her to make it even to the 2nd round. Well, … she won the whole damn thing  – for a great cause –  and next thing I know she was playing at the World Series of Poker in Vegas as one of the last celebrities standing. On the contrary, many young models I meet today who not only bore me to tears but also offend me with their I-am-hot-so-gimme attitude, Joanna never had a sense of entitlement just because she was beautiful. She always impressed with a humble, cordial, dependable, hard working personality … unlike many people from LA she is on time! Her family values are profound and rare and most of her friends have been with her for too many years to count. Her love for animals goes way beyond showing up for some charity event – which is really all that most celebs invest. Krupa has put her reputation on the line to make a stand for animals via controversial PETA campaigns or confronting celebrities who make business with selling or wearing fur products.  She would rescue dogs from shelters, keep as many as she could in her house and others she would raise funds for to pay for their needed surgeries and put them with new owners (for that matter I encourage you to check out her charity site Last but not least on the looks front she has become even more beautiful and is busier than ever as a model, host and business woman. Of course, like all of us she has had her fair share of tough life lessons. Her latest one was the divorce from husband Miami Businessman Romain Zago. But while others would have likely used this experience as an excuse to become bitter or drown in self-pity, Joanna simply turned lemons into lemonade. I spoke with her exclusively about life, loss and lessons learned. NA: You had a lot of changes in the last 12 months to put it mildly … JK: Oh yes, my life changed drastically. From being with someone for 10 years to a separation and divorce to being engaged to my new love not even a year later to now planning a family … NA: That is beyond a lot … especially since a divorce always feels a like a loss, as obviously the idea was to stay together forever when you tied the knot … JK: Definitely, I felt initially that my world was falling apart. But shock and sadness quickly turned into gratefulness. I am so grateful to have had such a best friend for so many years, cause that’s what Romain was and we are still close friends today. Our marriage was a great learning experience and made us both better in the end. The divorce also made me look at life differently; it was a wake up call, because while my career was and is important, I needed to be serious about family planning, if I wanted children. So I would have to adjust my life accordingly. And suddenly my biggest fear was: what if I didn’t find the right person to start a family with? Thankfully it was in my stars to meet the right person. And rather quickly!  I followed the very advice that I preach to others: be positive, love yourself, learn from every experience and apply that knowledge.  NA: How is your life now? And have your priorities changed at all? JK: My life is great right now. Overall I have always been a happy person and grateful for what I have. I think I became a better, stronger person though and yes, my priorities have changed … I love my work, but my significant other comes first and I want to be a mother. It helps that my fiancée lives in LA, like I do. During my last marriage we were apart too often and I learned from that to not repeat that long distance relationship model again.  NA: As if being in LA and Miami wasn’t enough, you have created a triangle that involves Poland where you have been the host of Poland ’s Next Top Model for many years. Still going strong? JK: Yes and I’m so very thankful for being the host and a judge on this amazing show. We are now filming the 7th season and I guess it’s one of the highest rated shows in Poland because we always keep it fresh with new challenges for the contestants and we‘ve had lots of international filming. Plus unlike several other talent shows where the contestants don’t get many opportunities afterwards, ours provides the contestants with real opportunities to work in the fashion and entertainment industry. And the audience keeps following the next steps that those contestants take. Our show has real success stories. NA: What other projects are on the horizon ? JK: I’m getting more and more involved in the business side of things that I’m passionate about. The cover shoot is featuring my line of false lashes, for example. I’ll be launching a few more products, one has to do with fitness and another with a very innovative skincare.  Then another project with, of course, animals is coming up. So stay tuned and follow me on social media, as it

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Monica Hansen Endless Summer

One on One with swimwear designer, Monica Hansen By Nadja Atwal / Photos by Cameron Hammond 1.) You went from being a super successful swimwear model to now being the new rising star as a swimwear designer. How did you do it? I have always had passion for design and fashion.  It was a very natural transition for me. I started doing drawings and illustrations at a very young age. I started my swimwear company about 2 years ago, and since then I’ve been a full time designer. 2.) Few markets are as competitive as the swimwear market – what sets your designs apart from the competition? I think there are a few key factors that sets our line apart from others . We manufacture in Italy and all our fabric and trim suppliers are Italian. Most swimwear companies manufacture in China and other countries. The fabric and workmanship that Italy provides is far more higher quality in comparison to other countries when it comes to swimwear. I have also structured the line, so that there is 5-6 options for tops you can mix match with 5-6 options for bottoms. We sell our tops and bottoms separately. We carry sizes XS to XL. We all are built different. Some people are S bottom  large top or vs. Most swimwear companies do not provide you that many options of tops and bottoms to mix match. The other benefit about that is that a customer can by two tops and one bottom, then have two sets of bikinis that looks different. 3.) What are the trends for now and which trends are here to stay in your view? The trends are little bit of 80’s and 90’s vibe. It’s very body and fitness focus cuts and trims. The suits and bottom have more of high waisted cuts, which makes your legs look long. Colors are black, white, nude.. You will see a lot of pastel and also yellow for the coming season. This trend will carry over to the next season. 4.) The supermodels and Hollywood crowd love your designs. Kindly tell us about one of your favorite instagram’s from a celeb in MH and why do you love it so much? I love Beyoncé in our Pineapple suit and also Christie Brinkley. Beyoncé because it’s just her style and it fits her perfectly. Christie Brinkley because she still rocks our smallest suits at 63.. She just amazing!! 5.) Not everyone has perfect curves and your designs are so far more on the revealing side. Can we also expect swim dresses or retro style designs a la Monica Hansen for extra coverage but as much sex appeal? Yes, we are planning to expand our collection starting next season with more ready to wear clothing (dresses, coverups and other clothing) 6.) What is your favorite destination in Miami for playing the beach queen or pool bunny? (name the hotel/resort and why) I love the Edition hotel ! It’s such an amazing hotel. Modern and so cool. They even have an ice skate ring in the basement. It’s so much fun. I had my models last season ice skating with bikinis. Also their pool is a site to see. Something magical about that hotel.

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Interview: Miami Power Woman, Lea Black

Interview by Nadja Atwal / Photography by Greg Lotus They say “It takes one to know one.” Therefore, we asked successful business woman and political commentator Nadja Atwal (who made headlines first after she was named sexiest power woman by a top US magazine) to interview one of Miami’s most prominent power women: Lea Black. Power some galore! Black became known to a large audience on the show “The Real House Wives of Miami” where to many she was the stand out class act, the one real lady with smarts and calmness in a pool of vanity and madness. Like our former cover model Joanna Krupa, she was already a success story before she joined the show and has managed to diversify her career by building her brand, becoming a bestselling book author and making her charity one where actual A-listers line up. And all the while making family life work as a devoted mom and wife. 1. Most viewers thought you were the voice of wisdom on The Real Housewives of Miami…What did you take away from your time on the show and the high dosage of female drama? Any new lessons learned? I learned some people will do anything for attention and it’s best to stay away from people that have nothing to lose. Drama and conflict can be interesting when it’s organic and based on fact with good intentions meant for true resolution. But when it gets dark, or it’s fabricated, it’s not interesting or entertaining. 2. Your tag line for Season 2 of RHOM was “I can deal with a lot of things but I can’t deal with stupid.” How did it come to that… too many run ins with incapable people? Yes! I even put it on pillows and a cosmetic bag that we sell at I realized that when dealing with smart people that have something to gain and something to lose you can usually come to agreement or agree to disagree, and at least have stimulating conversations.  But people that think any means justify an end or that are stupid enough to say and do anything not thinking about long term damage are just not worth being around and in their crossfire. Smart people make life easier even when you disagree. Stupid people are short sighted and too stupid to even consider collateral damage and consequences. Trying to reason with stupid is a waste of time. I never want to be the smartest person in the room. I want to be around people smarter than me to learn from them and evolve. 3. As power women we are easily pushed in the corner of  being harsh even dudish and the label “bitch” comes easily into play. Yet you look very feminine, and are a loving mother and wife. Do people feel confused about you and how would you describe yourself? I think for the most part I am misunderstood. People don’t really know me they just think they do. And what I think of myself is far more important to me than what others think of me. I know I’m fair, honest, have integrity, keep my word and try to do the right thing. People can interpret my actions and words however they want to and twist them to suit their preconceived ideas of me but I don’t compromise who I am and what I believe to expose who others are. They usually do a good job of that on their own. I’m a pretty down to earth jeans and tee shirt simple girl that enjoys the good life but I’m not beholden to it or defined by it. I know the difference between being and doing, and that gives me peace of mind.   4. On twitter you are very outspoken about politics. Even though I could not disagree more with you on our president elect, I always enjoy your tweets and applaud you for your outspoken attitude. Now how are you dealing with friends and biz friends who like you very much but also like our newly elected president?  People have different political beliefs for different reasons. I’ve always fought for the underdog. Many times I feel I fight harder for them than they fight for themselves. I don’t believe a guy who has been as self serving as Trump has been for 70 years all of a sudden cares about the underprivileged and middle class. He pushes all of my buttons. Even if I agreed with him on policy his behavior disturbs me and I don’t trust him. He’s said too many things that in my opinion denigrate the office of the President and how we are perceived in the world. I’m truly hoping the people that favor him aren’t disappointed. Many Americans want the same thing and just have different ways of getting there. Then there are the haters and haters are gonna hate. Period the end. So I just ignore them and don’t have them in my life. 5. As a business woman you built a respectable little empire already. Skincare, handbags…how and why did this all start? I started my business in the 1980’s. I created some beauty products that I really believed in and still believe in today. Along with top chemists I created Sudden Youth, a non surgical face lift kit that tones, firms, tightens, lifts and has lasting results. I’ve built a worldwide organization of sales reps that wanted to be able to earn income based on their accomplishments rather than what someone was willing to pay them. Many of them became very high powered business people earning large incomes today based on the training and entrepreneurial skills we taught them over the years. I’ve used Sudden Youth since the first jar and I still use it today along with customers I’ve cultivated over the years. Ten facials for $95 is unquestionably the best skincare for the best price that I’ve ever known of. I now sell it online at along with affordable handbags and fashion jewelry. And we export. It’s a

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Nicole Williams from WAGS on E!

Written by Gisel Habibnejad Cover Photo and Photography by Josh Ryan Makeup Artist by Janelle Faretra Styling by Kat Lozhnikova For anyone who stays up to date with pop culture, it’s no secret Nicole Williams is taking the modeling industry by storm. Never shying away from a busy schedule, she also stars in the hit reality television series WAGS on E! The show follows the lives of Williams and her cast mates through which viewers experience a glimpse into the exclusive lives of wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. Williams has been dating Larry English, an NFL defensive end, for close to five years now. “I think our relationship is very relatable to a lot of people who watch.” Prior to WAGS, Williams had already made a name for herself as a professional model. “My mom used to put me in classes so I could get a better feel for being in front of the cameras and I LOVED it!” Her first big break was her Bonne Bell Cosmetics campaign in Canada. A model on a mission, Williams has struck numerous deals throughout her career—her latest being an ad campaign with PETA. In an effort to raise awareness for animal cruelty, she was honored to team up with PETA for a special cause. “It was amazing working with PETA, honestly a dream come true for me,” shares the vegan. “If I can use this little bit of fame for one thing, it’s to spread awareness all around the world.” The ad campaign hones in on the gruesome reality animals undergo in the leather making process. PETA encourages consumers to opt for vegan leather instead of real leather. Vegan fashion goods can be found at top brands such as Stella McCartney and Free People. The Canadian-born beauty has also been busy modeling for other campaign ads. Earlier this year, Williams posed for the luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur’s Aphrodisiaque perfume ad. Skincare has always been important to Williams, so naturally, partnering up with BodyBlendz was a match made in heaven. The premier natural body scrub brand created a Coffee Scrub inspired by Williams’ own beauty regimens. “I used some of my favorite scents that I use at home, it’s so good for your skin to exfoliate, it gets rid of dry dead skin and keeps your skin radiant and smooth.” Some of the vital ingredients used to make the scrub include coffee beans (great for minimizing the appearance of cellulite) and sea salt (leaves skin feeling soft). In addition, together with BodyBlendz, Williams will be launching a new tropical and beachy mist called Mandarin Mist. Poised to conquer the fashion world, Williams will be launching a swimwear line this summer called Nia Lynn. The collection will consist of three bikinis and three one-pieces, staying true to this summer’s hottest trends like mesh, strappy features, and neutral colors. You can keep up with Williams by watching WAGS Sunday nights at 10:00pm only on E! “You definitely don’t want to miss this season because there’s a few surprises in store for everyone!! It gets really exciting.” You can also follow her on social media (@justtnic), to get sneak peeks of her swimwear line.

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