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My Miami: On Brexit Poll Day, Wall Street Expert Larissa Posner…

Photo by Lars Gerhardt Photography
By Nadja Atwal

On Brexit Poll Day, Wall Street Expert Larissa Posner Was Grateful We Gave Her A Break From Market Prognosis and Instead Picked Her Brain About Miami.

On her last business trip, Larissa Posner visited seven cities in five days, meeting with fund managers, investment advisors, private bankers, and high net worth individuals, often consulting in light of the uncertainty of Brexit and other issues facing the world markets. Guiding asset allocation, both domestically and abroad is her métier. As often the custom, they all wanted to discuss their financial futures over a meal. Fitting thirteen lunches into five days is a highly improbable hat trick, but Larissa states that with flexible schedules, a large appetite and a pair of sneakers it was completely doable and she considers that a slow week.

This high octane, force of nature, has been killing it on Wall Street for nearly decade. Not often does an international fashion model go from the runway to corporate hallways, but Larissa wanted to take control of her earnings and soundly invest without being reliant on others. After studying portfolio construction, quantitative analysis, economic theory, and risk management, Larissa passed her Series 65 and took a job at a large Greenwich, Connecticut Hedge Fund where she quickly assumed a vice-president role in the company. From that point on there’s been no turning back for Larissa. Consulting in Corporate Access for the past four years, Larissa has also found time to create an Investment Advisor firm with feet planted in both ends of the spectrum. With fundamental strategies and analysis, a team devoted to machine learning research, and tax-efficient wealth planning, Larissa’s days go deep into the night.

When she’s not in the office, in transit, or on the phone, Larissa enjoys hosting dinners for friends and family and hanging out in her vegetable garden. In short, this woman is on the move and loves Miami for both business and pleasure. We founded to find out more…

1.) When in Miami you may catch me…

At one of my favorite locales, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The entire place is intricately designed to transport you to another world. When I’m not in the mood for the hustle and bustle of the city, this is my comfort zone. You don’t have to cross the pond to experience 17th and 18th century France and Italy.

2.) The biggest misconception about Miami is…

Miami is only for good for Spring Breakers, partygoers and plastic surgeons. The city is so far from that! Miami is a cultural microcosm teeming with events for all walks of life. From South of Spice to the World Golf Championship and Coconut Grove Arts Festival, the city really does cater to entrepreneurs, socialites and families alike.

3.) The last restaurant I enjoyed in Miami was…
Los Fuegos at Faena Hotel. As someone who cooks myself, I love to discover sophisticated flavors. I wish I could learn Chef Mallman’s secret to the grilled octopus and Kurobuta pork belly there. Scrumptious! The food and decor transport me to Argentina every time.
4.) What surprised me about Miami…

It’s as much a financial hub as it is an epicenter of diversity. A business luncheon at Juvia isn’t “work” when I can talk shop, have an amazing lunch, grab a quick confection at Dylan’s, peruse art at Peter Lik’s and finish the day with a performance at New World Symphony that evening. In Miami, business IS pleasure.

5.) Best reason to return to Miami aside from the weather?

Miami is the place where the crème de la crème of the culinary universe converge. It’s the desired hot spot for extensions of some of my favorite international restaurants–Koya, Zuma, Milos and Hakasan, to name a few. Plus, The Food TV Network’s Wine and Food Festival brings together the “who’s who” of the culinary world to Miami for an unbelievable weekend each February. The city is a chef’s paradise and a virtual dreamland for epicures like myself.

6.) First time I became really curious about Miami was…

When I heard about the Miami City Ballet Company’s Underwater Ballet! If I wasn’t sure Miami was a trendsetter before, I certainly knew after seeing that. Traveling around the world, I’ve seen some beautiful performances, but this one is stellar. It’s an unforgettable experience that had me longing for all the innovative adventures Miami has to offer.

7. ) What happens in Miami stays in Miami…and our magazine. Any secret or funny moment you’d like to share about you and this city?

On one trip to Wynwood, I stopped at a gallery to peruse what was on display. I noticed a black and white still-­life photography exhibit of rocks. I’d say it was “common chic”, if you catch my drift. Anyway, as I walked toward the exit, I saw a framed photo of the most precious, full-­of-­life, happy­-go-­lucky dog. I was staring and smiling at the adorable photo when another viewer approached me and asked what I thought about the exhibit. I replied, “I love it! It’s so cute and full of life; I just want to take that dog home and cuddle with him!” Well, it turned out that the stranger was the actual artist. He glared at me and mumbled through his teeth, “I traveled around the globe with the most technologically-­advanced camera and light equipment and a crew of five assistants, walked through canyons, climbed up mountains and crossed streams to get perfect shots of these magnificent stones…and you stand in awe of my Labrador Retriever photo that I snapped with my iPhone. Thanks.” I felt so bad, but honesty is the best policy, right??

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