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Best beach reads right now

  By Nadja Atwal The beach is calling us all year around and for many this is the place to find the time for a good read, especially since we know how reading books is what successful people do, supposedly. Granted not all readers are leaders but: all leaders are …

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Sleepless in Miami? Or Anywhere? 6 Tips for a Very Common Problem

By Nadja Atwal / Photo by Sergey Mironov – Shutterstock Everyone  has a friend or a family member with sleep issues. And if you yourself are one of the many millions who wished for a more restful night, then please know the issue already starts with the wrong idea of …

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By Nadja Atwal In for the long haul or just a quick trip? Here is how to prepare … I guess we can already predict the words of the year for 2020: “Corona” and “Lockdown” will be in the top 5 for sure, no matter what happens next. Are you …

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UNKNWN and NIKE team up with the talented women of Miami for Super Bowl LIV Weekend in Wynwood

  Mirroring the electricity of Super Bowl LIV as it descends on Miami, FL, UNKNWN debuts a one-of-a-kind experience in partnership with Nike at UNKNWN’s recently opened flagship store in Wynwood. Co-founded by LeBron James, Jaron Kanfer and Frankie Walker Jr., UNKNWN was created to be a platform for the …

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Photocredit: Marcus Brown/MSMOnline Everything health, fitness, fashion and lifestyle with The Retreat By Funksion took place at Paradise Plaza featuring Alala, All Fenix, Bala Bangles, Ernest Leoty, Koral Lanston, Michi, Recess, Splits59, Track and Bliss, The Upside, Urban Savage and Year Of Ours.   Tweet

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The Latest AI-Powered Personal Trainer

Leveraging years of building health and fitness applications, including the world’s leading back pain app, digital therapeutics pioneer Kaia Health is now launching Kaia Personal Trainer, the world’s first full-body virtual personal trainer which tracks exercises, creates personalized fitness plans, counts reps and provides real-time audio feedback.  The app is powered by …

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Do it like Michael Phelps – Detox your mind

By Nadja Atwal Many people all over the world were stunned when Olympian swimmer super star Michael Phelps opened up about his experience with anxiety and depression and how therapy saved his life. It showed that even those who seem to have it all can reach a stage where they feel absolutely hopeless and …

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Hypothyroidism – a dangerous epidemic among women

  Hypothyroidism & Women by Nadja Atwal There are frequent neurologic conditions associated with an under-active thyroid – our recurring guest author , top neurologist Dr.Adam Zuber, explains the commonly encountered symptoms.  Dr. Adam Zuber: The thyroid gland is located below the Adam’s apple in the throat.  Hypothyroidism is a …

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‘Pillow Talk’ With Sleeping Expert Dr. Adam Zuber

A good night sleep is essential to health. So what to blame, if you are not getting the satisfying great rest you deserve? If we believe the latest wave of commercials and articles on that topic: Blame it on your pillow! Sadly the pillow industry is a jungle full of …

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Multitasking Sportswear? Yes Please!

Active wear has become every wear. It is often stylish enough to make it by the velvet rope and if you are serious about working out and looking great, you have plenty of options that slim you down or keep you dry or simply support your exercises.  One of the …